Some Quick Thoughts Regarding Carbs – An Example Of My Meals

I posted this on Facebook yesterday and I wanted to share it with you guys here on my blog to keep the dialog open. I have the good fortune to speak to both men and women on a daily basis on topics relating to diet and nutrition, and what they’re doing in that moment to change their physiques. Usually these people are ones seeking my services for coaching, or sometimes even random conversations in the gym. It amazes me how much misinformation is out there regarding nutrition, and what people continue to believe. One of the biggest myths that still seems to permeate our fitness culture today is this fear of carbs. I always say to these same folks that carbs are not the enemy – no single food group is. And in fact, their removal of carbs from their diet can actually be hindering progress – particularly when we’re talking trying to put on lean muscle and increase strength.

So as an “ode to carbohydrates”, I was inspired to talk about my diet on this particular day and my thoughts regarding the ideals above.

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What are your thoughts? Do you have a fear of carbohydrates in your diet? And if you once did, how did you work to overcome that?

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