Are You Ready to Finally Start Taking Control of Your Life and Create The Body of Your Dreams - and Do It Through A SMARTER Approach to Your Fitness?

Thank you so much for your interest in working with me. My biggest passion is being able to help women just like you to love themselves, discover who they are at the core, to rewrite their stories, and take control of their lives through the vehicle of health and fitness.

You’re a woman who understands that nothing in your life can fall into place without your health, your mindset, and your body being in the best it’s ever been. For you, you’re at a point where you’re ready to take control and do it RIGHT this time.

If you are a woman who has goals that are important to you, and that you know deep in your gut will change your life once you start achieving them – then you’ve found the right person to connect with. I want to see how we can identify what’s most important to you, call out truthfully what’s holding you back, and then give you the perfect solution to getting it out of the damn way!

And it all starts with you following the steps below.

What Do I Do And How Can I Help You To Reach Your Goals?

I am a self-development and lifestyle coach specialized in fitness, weight loss, nutrition, and contest prep.

It is my PASSION to help women to lose weight, build muscle, and to improve their lives through fitness and personal development. I help women to own their feminine energy while becoming the best version of themselves.

But what I do most…

I create fearless, empowered, and confident women who are ready to take on the world, and stand in it like they own it!  And we do it with fitness and health as the driving factor behind ALL change.

How Does This Clarity Call Work?

I don’t “sell” to potential clients. I took the time to be fully transparent about my programming so that you can come to the decision if working with me is a worthy investment for you at this time. Nobody likes to be sold to! And I’m not in the business of that.

Instead, what I want to do by the time I am speaking with you is helpfully guide you as to how I can help you – IF I can help you.

So a clarity call is simply 20 minutes of your time, and it’s geared to getting to the heart of what’s working for you and obviously – what’s NOT working for you.

We will comb through a single issue that you’re struggling with and pull it apart to get a solution to get you over that hurdle.

After the call, I’ll will send you a fully spelled out game plan within 1-2 business days with what your next moves need to be.

Interested In Private Coaching For Weight Loss, Self-Development, Gaining Confidence, Building Muscle, Feeling AMAZING In Your Body, and/or a HEALTHY Approach To Contest Prep (For Competitors)? Our Clarity Call Is The First Step…

If you are looking to work with me for ongoing coaching, speaking to be over a clarity call is the first step in that process.

When we get to the end of the call, if I feel like I can actually TRULY help you, and that I feel we would be a good match to work together… If we feel it will be the best option and next steps to getting started, I will invite you to set up a second call where we will go over the program that’s perfect for you.

That second call will be about 60 minutes of your time – and may be complimentary depending on what direction we choose to go for you.

What Are Some Options To Work Together Beyond This Call?

I like to look at this call as the start to our journey together.

A journey that will bring incredible change to your life – forever.

I offer many ways for women (and some men) to work with me well after this session ends, and for many budgets.

  • Monthly coaching for a minimum 6-12 months in my VIP coaching program – Fit Fine Feminine
  • Group Coaching for a minimum of 6-12 months in my Inner Circle Group Coaching Program – a more budget-friendly option for effective hands-on coaching.
  • Monthly Meal Plan Coaching (without training/workouts) for both contest prep/competitors and non-competitors.

So no matter where you are, and what your needs may be, if we feel we will be a great match to get you to your goal… I’ve got a way to make that happen!

Schedule your clarity call right now to start on that journey.

How Much Does On-Going Month-to-Month Coaching Cost?

I have a number of coaching options for various budgets! Coaching with me starts with $197/month!

This is NOT your run-of-the-mill “online” program. My programs are fully hands-on dedicated COACHING AND MENTORSHIP which requires a ton of work and dedication to YOURSELF to see results.

It also takes a lot of step-by-step guidance and support from me on a near-daily basis.

You will ALWAYS get what you pay for. And if you are ready for a lifestyle change, then this is perfect for you.

My current rates range from $197/month to $697/month depending on the level of personalization, hands-on guidance, and support from our entire team.

So don’t worry, we have a level that will be perfect for you! Let’s determine which one is perfect for you during your clarity call.

Do You Have Options Outside Of Monthly Coaching Beyond This Call?

Absolutely, I do!

Some folks want to be able to work on their own, perhaps sign up for a self-paced course, maybe be able to check in with me once a month or every few weeks or so.

If you’re in that category, then I have plenty of options for you.

  • You can schedule private 30 or 60-minute one time coaching calls as follow ups.
  • You can sign up for one of my many eCourses and intensives that will meet your specific goals and desires.

We can map out that game plan for you, and what the next best steps are according to your goals and budget during our clarity call.

Do You Still Work With Competitors For Contest Prep?


If you wish to work with me for your upcoming contest prep, or you want to start to get on that path well in advance of that goal, please set up a clarity call!

I work with women who are both experienced and brand new.

I love working with competitors of all ages, and across various federations and divisions (bikini, figure, wellness, physique, bodybuilding).

I specialize in working with natural athletes.

Do You Work With Clients Who DON'T Want To Compete?

Yes, Absolutely!

You don’t have to ever want to step on a stage to work with me! Whatever your goal, we can get there together. So set up your call and let’s see what we can do to make that goal your reality.

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