What's Your Life Going To Be Like One Year From Now?
How Amazing Would It FEEL To Create A NEW Chapter, A NEW YOU, and A NEW Lifestyle - From Inside Out...

Become the Woman You've ALWAYS Known You Could Be...
Athletic, Lean, Inspiring, Successful, Beautiful, Fit and Owning HER World

The Power to Take Control of Your Body, Your Fitness, Your Health and Your Life Is In Your Hands. Becoming a RoxStar is the First Step to Your NEW Forever!

Working with Roxie was a completely eye opening experience for me.

I learned so much about MYSELF along the way that I am completely grateful to Roxie forever. Not only did I successfully change my body, but I learned how to appreciate and love myself along the way. My confidence has never been higher, and I finally know exactly what I need to do from here forward to maintain my fitter and healthier body for a very long time to come.

Roxie is one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. Thank you for all you do!

~ Anisa W.

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You’ve come this far, and you’re now ready to find the REAL solution to getting to your goal.

Whether you want to step on a stage, or just simply get into the best shape of your life. I have the perfect solution to help you to take a DEEPER look at what’s going to get you real results that you can achieve right now…

All while giving you the tools to transform your body, maintain your hard work, and change your life – forever.

Reserve your spot to learn more about how my online coaching and mentorship program is like NO OTHER program available. And how it might be the perfect solution if you’re ready to make some serious changes in your mindset, your body, and your entire life.

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Dear Powerful Woman:

Who is living her life right now on autopilot, trying to take a moment to stop and take her breath. Wondering how she got to a point where things feel out of her control, and she’s ready to make BIG MOVES to change that. The Powerful Woman who isn’t happy in her own skin right now, who is frustrated her clothes don’t fit. And who is ready to own the world, own her body, get back in balance, and live in her fullest potential – right now.

Dear Aspiring or Experienced Competitor:

Who is looking for a way to see her stage dreams become her reality. But you understand that this stuff has to fit into your ENTIRE lifestyle. That you have a world OUTSIDE of the gym, OUTSIDE of competing that you want to fulfill. And approaching your stage goals intelligently, healthily, and with balance is incredibly important to you.

I want to take a moment to say congrats to you.

Congrats to you for taking the next steps to finding out what it is that you could be doing better in your life RIGHT NOW to improve your health and fitness.

And if I can be truly honest, you’re one a few people out there who actually takes action by beginning the process of elevating to a higher level. Only time will see if you are an even smaller part of the few who actually DOES something about it – and accepts help.

I know that you’re probably on this page looking to see what my coaching program is all about.

This might be your very first time looking at online coaching, and you are a bit nervous about what I have to offer. It’s all new, and you’re an open book right now. Ready to craft, draft, and rewrite your life story – as it relates to your fitness journey, and the incredible impact that has on your whole life.

Or, you could be a woman who’s done this before.

You’ve done the online coaching thing with another coach. Maybe it was successful. Maybe it wasn’t. But whatever it was, it wasn’t what YOU needed. Thus you’re out looking for another solution.

Well, whoever you are, I want to say welcome. And I want to tell you right now…

Girlfriend, leave your inhibitions at the door. Leave your experiences behind you. And open your mind to something that is going to be crucial in this process of exploration for you in deciding what your next moves should be.

The Power to Transform Your Body, Conquer Your Goals, and Create Your Best Life - In and Out of the Gym is In YOUR Hands...

Let Me Teach You How The Power to Succeed at This is ALREADY WITHIN YOU. And Your Fitness Life is The Key to Unlocking Your Best Potential.

You're Here Reading This Page For A Reason...
Is This You? Which Woman Do YOU Identify With?

As women, the pressure placed on us to strive and succeed in this world is great.

You’re a woman who love to push herself, meet challenges, and feel like she’s on top of the world. Owning her life, owning her story, and owning HER world.

Unfortunately right now, you’re not quite feeling that.

For you, there’s something missing in the puzzle piece of your story. There’s something that you feel is incomplete, and because of that, you feel out of balance with your life, your mindset, and your goals.

Woman #1: Your Fitness Means Everything to You
But Right Now, You Feel Like You Could Be Doing Things Way BETTER...

You’re looking in the mirror right now, and you’re wondering – how the hell did I get here?

“When did my life, my body, my health, and my self-esteem spiral out of control?”

Your clothes aren’t fitting you anymore.

The woman looking back at you in the mirror, well you don’t recognize her anymore because she isn’t you.


You’ve always imagined yourself living your best life.

Loving every moment of it. Loving your career.

And having this amazingly fulfilling life that includes you leading a healthy lifestyle.

Going to the gym, eating well but knowing when to indulge without guilt.

Maybe you saw a life for yourself where you travel, spending time on sandy beaches with a sexy bathing suit, enjoying what life has to offer.

Maybe your fantasy in your head has you dreaming of standing under the lights of a figure or women’s physique contest stage in the BEST shape of your life.

But you can’t even get your life together right now to make ANY OF THIS HAPPEN – and so… You feel completely out of control.

Woman #2: You're Living Your Life Unfulfilled Because
You're Putting Everyone Else's Needs FIRST & Your Body Is Suffering For It

It’s so embarrasing to admit that you can’t handle it all…

Because for you, everyone sees YOU as the strong one. YOU as the “Superwoman” – who can handle and do everything.

But what that leaves you with is less time for you.

Less time for your dreams and goals, and the things you want to do for your life, your body and your health.

You have no healthy boundaries around your fitness, work and personal life.

Therefore, everything you want to accomplish for you gets put on the back burner.

You keep thinking to yourself, if only there was a way that I can just have someone else do things for me…

  • To hold me accountable to me.
  • To remind me to make time for myself and my goals.
  • To guide me how to balance my hectic life with my aspirations to change my body, hit the gym, and treat myself to the gift of better health.
  • To teach me how to put me first in a way to help me to reach my goals.
  • To give ME the tools and the “know how” to be able to take better control of my eating and my training, so I can get unstuck.

Because right now, with the way things are going, you know that you’re either doomed to stay the same as you right now – or be in a worse place by this time next year.

Woman #3: Maybe You Have This Crazy Idea to Compete in Figure, Wellness, Bikini or Women's Physique One Day...

You thought that beginning the journey down the road to better health would lead you right to the stage.

You’ve got this little nagging feeling inside of you with the question of WHAT IF…?

What if you finally got your body together and was able to get lean enough to live out that dream?

What if you actually got your MIND in the right place to stop doubting yourself, stop sabotaging yourself, and finally do what it takes to be able to call yourself a competitor.

Even if you did it just one time in your life… What would happen if you got out of your own way and got on the road to actually turning that dream into a reality?

Or maybe you’ve competed already! You’re a seasoned competitor.

And you want to get BACK onto that stage but do it in a smarter way.

A healthier way.

And definitely in a way to LOOK EVEN BETTER than your last showing. You have a STRONG desire to improve.

What if you became so good at this that you actually turned PRO!?

Woman #4: Things Are Going GENERALLY Ok With You
But There's Something Missing In YOUR Approach Stopping You From Reaching Your Fullest Potential Physically

You don’t get it!

You workout consistently already. You eat relatively healthy. And most of all…

You’ve been on this fitness journey for what seems like FOREVER.

You might have even hired other coaches and trainers in the past, but for whatever reasons – nothing has really clicked.

You look in the mirror and all you can see are the flaws you want to fix.

You want to be stronger, leaner, have more muscle. You want to look like all of the hard work you put into the gym.

And frankly, you’ve had enough and you are ready to DO SOMETHING about it.

But The Goals You Want Aren't Manifesting For You Right Now... No, Right Now You're at a Point Where Your Goals Seem Kind of Far Away Right Now. And You're Ready to Bridge The Gap

You’re completely frustrated and you don’t know how to fix it… You don’t know how to get out of that feeling of being stuck or behind.

It shouldn’t be this hard, right?

I mean, all you have to do is eat less, workout more. Eat clean. Drop carbs, drop fats, don’t eat this or that.

And your body is supposed to change. The weight MAGICALLY falling off…

But that’s not happening for you.

And it gets to the point where now… You feel uninspired. Unmotivated.

Why do all this work when you have nothing to show for?

Whatever Your Goal, What You Know Right Now Is...
What You've Been Doing Is NOT Working - And You're So Done Right Now!

You’ve likely gotten here because you were spending yet another hour looking for the answers online.

You’re trying to do it all yourself.

  • How do I lose weight quickly?
  • How do I lose weight the healthy way?
  • How to create a fat loss diet?
  • How to build muscle quickly?
  • How to get started with competing?

Do one of the questions you have fall in line there?

Are you at a point where you’re just totally confused because everything you find contradicts one another?

Maybe, you’ve hired other coaches and trainers in the past as well… But for some reason, none of them ever worked.

You’ve lost weight on your own, you’ve changed your body, you’ve seen yourself in a way better place than you are right now. But, you couldn’t hold onto ANY of that progress in the long run.

So here you are again. Stuck at square 1.

Let's Cut The Crap
It's Not Just Your Diet and Training That's The Problem.

There May Be Some Other Obstacles Getting in the Way...

Let’s take a step back and talk FOR REAL.

If we can be honest for a second.. That stuff above… Well that’s only just one layer of the problem for you.

Honestly, those are just the SYMPTOMS of the root of the problem.

The real problem that you’re dealing with right now, that’s driving you INSANE and holding you back from living your best life:

  • Your eating is out of control and you feel like you really need a meal plan to get on track.
  • Your training isn’t even inspiring you anymore because you feel like everything you’re doing isn’t working anyway.
  • You’re so tired all of the time – and it makes you not even want to train at all.
  • You keep putting everyone else’s needs FIRST. So there go your workouts, your time for you – GONE.
  • Your life is totally OUT OF BALANCE right now, and it makes you really frustrated just thinking about it.
  • Your body is suffering because you know you’re not doing ANY of the things you need to do to actually get the look you want.
  • Everything is SO overwhelming right now, and you really wish that you had someone else who could take the reigns for you.
  • You know the only thing that will work is having FULL accountability, and a program that is tailored to YOUR needs.
  • And you know if you don’t take action, that you simply will remain THE SAME.

On Top of ALL That, If You're Thinking About Competing
You're Also Dealing With THESE Host of Issues...

  • This stuff is SO confusing, and downright overwhelming that you don’t even know where to begin.
  • Your head feels like it’s going to explode because you have no idea how the sport of bodybuilding even works.
  • Posing and all that stuff… PSSSH! You laugh at yourself because you know that your posing is horrible and wonder if you can actually get it right.
  • You’ve heard SO many scary stories about metabolic damage, terrible coaches, starvation diets, 4 hours of cardio a day – and you don’t want ANY OF THAT.
  • You really want to protect your body hormonally, and want to do things the RIGHT way when you decide to compete.
  • You wish you had a greater understanding of the sport, and you feel like you’d place even better if you did.
  • You want to work with someone who is HONEST with you. Who will tell you what you NEED to hear – respectfully.
  • You want to feel like that person KNOWS and CARES about you, and you’re not just another number on their “team roster”.
  • But most of all, this competing thing is only ONE aspect of your life. You really REQUIRE that your life outside of this is being positively enhanced through your fitness.

You're Tired of Figuring This Out on Your Own
- And You Want a FINAL Solution!

What I Have to Offer You is Unlike ANY
Online Fitness Coaching Program Available on the Market

What I'm Offering You is The Chance to Fully
Empower and Change Your Entire Life... Both In AND Out of The Gym.

I want to take you on a journey of self-exploration.

I want to take you on a journey that teaches you that the power you need to succeed in this is already within you.

Untapped, and awaiting you to awaken it.

I want to teach you how to take full control of your training, your nutrition, and your ability to change your body like never before. But not only that, I also want to give you ALL of the tools to be able to change your body in the long-term.

I want to open your world to allowing you to step into your own as a woman. To develop the confidence of a million powerful warriors. But to also balance your life through the incredible feminine energy that already lies deep within you.

If your goal is to compete, I want to show you that you CAN do this and still maintain your life in the best way ever. That stepping on a stage doesn’t mean to completely consume your life, harm your body, screw up your hormones, starve yourself, or turn what generally should be a fun process into a nightmare.

I want to teach you about the wonderful aspects of the sport of bodybuilding, and how to do it successfully as a figure or women’s physique competitor.

No matter what your goal… Whether you compete or not. It is MY goal to help you to envision your life, what’s possible for you, get you past hurdles, shift your mindset, and give you the direct road map to YOUR personal definition of success.

And I want to help you do that through empowering you, and writing that incredible story – and do it through your fitness.


Set a compelling fitness lifestyle vision and learn how to get the right things done to achieve not only your best body – but best BALANCED LIFE ever.


Dedicated coaches show you how to apply the strategies, ideas and tools to your unique body and needs. You’ll never feel alone in this process again.


Create your feminine energy, fitness inspired sisterhood. Make connections, get support and build relationships with other like-minded women that last a lifetime.


Gain skills to create the body and life you want, improve your life in all aspects, inspire yourself to keep reaching for your best, and build the confidence you crave to blossom into your fullest potential – as a woman.

All course materials, including workouts, macros/calories calculators, streaming videos, MP3s, transcripts, journal prompts and additional resources are within our online member portal.

In The Process of Transforming Your Body, I Want to Help You to Become the BEST Version of You!

Learn to Love Your Body, See EVERY Goal as Attainable, Be a Powerful Feminine Goddess, and A Become Woman Who INSPIRES Everyone She Knows

  • The women you see above, and the ones sharing their stories below… They all started off just like you.
  • Right now, the world may feel like it’s working against you. Stopping you from truly being great and reaching your goals.
  • You might be in this never ending cycle of researching things online trying to find your own solutions. But with so much information out there, you’re confused and frustrated.
  • You just want to feel like you can do this.
  • You want the support, the accountability, the motivation. And to simply feel not so alone in this process.
  • You want to look in that mirror and just LOVE every inch of the body you see. Every curve. Every line.
  • You want to be able to STOP judging yourself, and to start being that amazingly confident woman that you know lies dormant inside of you.
  • You are ready to invest the time, effort, energy and even the money it is going to take to finally have a TRUE transformation. Once and for all.

This CAN Be Yours and So Much More.
So Keep The Following in Mind as You Explore This Page...

I’m going to BOLDLY say that this program isn’t for everyone. And that I also simply do not accept everyone.

You have to qualify to work with me. And I have been known to turn some folks away who simply are not a good fit.

But this page, and the video presentation I have set up, is to help you to qualify yourself.

Because it is going to be incredibly important that you are in a place right now where you are ready for real change, you desperate to shift your entire life, and you are 100% dedicated to the process and time it will take to truly reach the results you want.

And that’s why I say that this isn’t for everyone.

Not everyone is ready to truly commit themselves not only to themselves or their goals – but to ANYTHING. And in order to succeed in working with me you have to be committed to you.

So the rest of this page is going to layout the program, who it is for, and what you can expect to experience as a part of it.

The video presentation that you need to sign up for on the page, well that is going to begin your journey with me.

If you ARE the type of woman who is serious, committed to herself, ready to be dedicated to her goals and the process to transforming your body and life...

You'll simply take the steps to make that happen - now.

In order to qualify to become a Roxstar, my expectation is that you:

  • Are ready to focus on what you want to accomplish over the next 8 weeks to transform your body and your life.
  • You are open enough to be honest with not only me, but yourself, about what’s holding you back.
  • You are ready to make changes in your life to make your dreams your reality – even if that change is uncomfortable.
  • You are coachable and will listen to what’s being told to you – and you take action to make it happen.
  • You are independent enough to not need hand holding through this process. That with our full support you will implement the program and simply do your best.
  • You are ready to take massive action to make massive change.
  • You are open to learning, and taking full participation in journaling, completing eCourses, and other enrichment materials I have to help you grow.
  • You have the budget to invest in the program and invest in yourself.

So now that we’re on the same page… Let’s discuss who my program is for, and exactly how I can help you.

Who Is My Exclusive VIP Coaching and Mentorship Program Perfect For?

You QUALIFY To Become a RoxStar If...

  • You’re a woman in her 30, 40, 50s (and beyond) who is sick and tired of not seeing the results you want – and you’re READY to make some serious changes.
  • You are absolutely tired of wasting time and money on eBooks or “social media influencers” who sell you bring dreams, without delivering what they’ve promised.
  • You are at a place where you know that you MUST put yourself, your needs, and your goals first – because if you don’t you’re doomed to stay the way you are now forever…
  • You have clothes sitting in the back of your closet that DON’T FIT. And haven’t fit for some time now. And you’re ready to change that.
  • Looking in the mirror really hurts you right now. You feel embarrassed and ashamed of how out of shape you let yourself become. And you’re not willing to feel depressed anymore about it.
  • Maybe you aren’t as down about your body right now, but you know that you simply could be doing things better and smarter. And want to see MORE results than you are right now.
  • (If you want to compete) You have this dream of stepping on a stage, and it’s time to make that goal your reality.
  • (If you’ve competed before) You want to step on stage again, but this time you want to do it the smarter way and the healthiest way possible.
  • (If you NEVER want to compete) You love the look of being super fit and want to push your limits in the gym to see how amazing you can get your body to look.
  • You can’t stand another minute feeling out of control with your life, wishing you could do better, feel better, and really be in control once and for all.
  • You know that the pain right now of you staying the same is so much greater than the short discomfort it might take for you to change – and learn to keep those changes forever.
  • You have a HUNGER to learn the why’s behind the why. Not only do you want me to SHOW YOU how to eat better, how to train better, and how to get your lifestyle back on track… You must learn how to do these things for yourself as well. And you’re ready to absorb all the knowledge I have to share with you.
  • You know that working with someone who is super hands-on, that knows you personally, that cares about you and your goals, and will never let you fail is the absolute most important thing that is going to keep you on track (and accountable) right now.

I work with BOTH Competitors & Non-Competitors

You don’t ever have to want to step on stage to work with me. I work with both competitors (newbie and seasoned) and non-competitor clients alike.

Your programming is detailed and tailored for your needs. Click below to get a little more information about what we’ll focus on based on your personal goals.

New or Experienced Competitors

Want to Step on Stage?

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned athlete, my contest prep and competitor development program is all about bringing out the BEST you on (and off) stage. Let’s create a plan that brings balance, and hard work – TOGETHER. And gets you on that stage looking like, and feeling like, an absolute WINNER. All Science/NO B.S.


Look and FEEL Your Best

If you have no aspirations to step on stage, but you want to get into (and STAY in) the best shape of your life, then I want you to click here. Let me show you how we can transform your body – and your entire life through fitness. And give you the tools for LONG-TERM success. Because it’s not just about GETTING THERE – it’s about STAYING there.

The 4 Types of Clients I Serve Are...

  • The Non-Competitor Female Client Looking for Fat Loss
  • The Non-Competitor Female Client Looking to Build Muscle on Her Smaller Frame
  • The Aspiring Competitor Female Client Looking to Compete for the First Time
  • The Experienced Competitor Female Client Looking to Get Back on Stage Again Bringing Her BEST!

For contest prep, I specifically specialize in working with the following:

  • Master’s Competitors
  • Women looking to compete in bikini, wellness, figure/fitness, and women’s physique.
  • Natural Competitors
  • Vegan/Vegetarian Competitors
  • Pro and Amateur Competitors

Get Started On Your Journey! Discover Exactly How My VIP Coaching Program Can Help You to Become the Strong, Powerful, Feminine, Fit, and HAPPY Woman That Lives in Her Fullest Potential - Every Single Day

Learn More About How YOU TOO Can Become a Roxstar Now...

You’ve come this far, and you’re now ready to find the REAL solution to getting to your goal.

Whether you want to step on a stage, or just simply get into the best shape of your life. I have the perfect solution to help you to take a DEEPER look at what’s going to get you real results that you can achieve right now…

All while giving you the tools to transform your body, maintain your hard work, and change your life – forever.

Reserve your spot to learn more about how my online coaching and mentorship program is like NO OTHER program available. And how it might be the perfect solution if you’re ready to make some serious changes in your mindset, your body, and your entire life.

Enter Your Info to Learn More...

Let's Stop For A Second & Discuss Why
THIS Program is The Answer to Your Prayers

I'm going to make a BOLD move right now, and tell you very bluntly why you absolutely need THIS program to help you to get to your goals.

If you’ve ever been in a situation before where you needed to invest in YOU in order to get better – well this is another opportunity staring you in the face.

What other times in your life required you to step beyond, dig deep and do the work to improve yourself?

  • Your Education
  • Your Career
  • Hobbies that inspire you.
  • Therapy if you’ve ever invested in your mental health.
  • Your Health in General – Doctors and Specialists
  • Professionals who provide services to you (lawyers, accountants, etc)

You’ve spent so much time and money on yourself in so many ways… Why haven’t you taken the time to invest in the biggest asset that MUST be healthy, alive and thriving for ANY of those things to even be a factor…


Your body. Your mind, your sanity. Your confidence.

It’s all directly related to your fitness.

But here you are… Spinning out of control with it.

Not knowing what to eat, HOW to eat, how to train to get the results you want.

How to just get yourself to a place where you feel amazing in your own skin.

This fitness thing is MORE than showing up at the gym and eating clean.

So why is everyone in the fitness industry still selling you the same B.S.?

Other Online Fitness Programs Are Just Scratching The Surface - They're Selling You Band-Aid Solutions!

The reason why you keep finding yourself back at square 1 is because you’re following the same recycled fitness advice.

It’s all put out there to help you to get results – and often, get them quickly.

But it’s not put together in a way to SET YOU FREE.

So you don’t have to rely on coaches and trainers anymore.

They’re designed to get, and keep you stuck!

On top of that, none of these other online fitness coaching programs are scratching the surface to dig deep into what’s at the core of why you’re stuck.

They’re not looking at your mindset, behavior and habits. 

And I’ll tell you right now, unless you start addressing that, nothing is going to ever change. And you’re going to be in the same yo-yo cycle forever.

I know you want and NEED better for yourself.

So let’s now explore what exactly you can do about it.

It's NOT Just About Getting a New Diet/Training Program!

We Combine Online Fitness Coaching With My Exclusive Approach to Personalized Lifestyle Coaching, Guided Hands-on Mentorship, and MORE...

You know what… Sure! I can have an eBook, an app, a “membership site” to offer like everyone else. But guess what… That stuff DOESN’T WORK. Here’s why…

If you’re on social media in any capacity, you probably follow a ton of fitness folks. And it seems like every single one of them calls themselves a coach.

And of course, everyone has some kind of quick fix instant download solution to “help” you with your goals.

That kind of thing never jived with me because my passion and life’s purpose is about truly impacting lives.

My VIP Coaching and Mentorship program brings world class support, top level personalized service, and a truly personal connection with me as your coach, mentor, and teacher.

Your success is MY success.

And your complete transformation into the woman that you know you are simply destined to be is my top priority.

I’ve had my company, and have been in the online coaching game since 2009. We started WAY before online coaching was even a thing. I’ve been at the forefront of the industry since before the boom of coaches on social media.

What I’ve developed over those years is a program that takes a very PERSONAL approach to connecting with my clients.

It puts mentorship and personal growth at the forefront.

We’re not just about giving you a diet and training program, then telling you to email us your stats a week or so later.

  • You’re going to actually be connecting with me personally.
  • Talking on the phone.
  • Getting your program tweaked as needed.
  • Have a real sense of community by connecting with others like you.
  • Be held accountable to keep showing up for YOURSELF.
  • Feel like your not alone in this process.
  • Finally start to see your body change and respond to your efforts.

The quick fix, the downloads, the apps…. Girlfriend they’re not the solution.

They’re good, don’t get me wrong. But they’re band-aids.

They fail to get to the HEART of what’s going on, what you’ve been doing wrong, what’s truly holding you back, and most importantly… HOW YOU ACTUALLY FIX IT.

This way you can get to your goal – for GOOD. Forever.

And that’s what I want to offer you the amazing chance to experience. Don’t you feel you deserve that? I think you do.

Here’s how working with me can change YOU in a major way:

  • Imagine how EMPOWERED you’ll feel once you are finally in a groove that becomes second nature to you.
  • How you’d feel if you started implementing an entire way of life that impacts you physically, and leads to a tremendous change in your body.
  • How you’d feel looking in the mirror, seeing your hard work manifested before your eyes… Loving the changes.
  • The feeling of being able to wear clothes that you thought you’d never get into again… How would THAT feel?
  • Knowing that your significant other looks at you with awe, and great pride in you being able to change your body – which improves your relationship because you’ve found the love for YOU first.
  • The feeling of putting on years to your life. Leaving behind health issues, joint aches and pains, and hereditary diseases that come by way of your unhealthy life choices.
  • That feeling of being a shining example to your children, or others around you, that this lifestyle is a CHOICE and it can impact you in positive ways well outside of the gym.
  • The confidence you’ll gain from taking control of your body and taking control of your life.
  • Imagine how your life can change simply by taking control of your health and your fitness and having a REAL ACTUAL COACH by your side during the entire process… Pushing you. Encouraging you. Giving you a CLEAR ROADMAP. And when needed – the tough love to keep you accountable.


For Competitors

  • Imagine getting on a bodybuilding stage for the very first time – if that’s your goal – and finally being able to say… Yeah, I f-ckin’ DID THAT!
  • If you compete already, imagine how it would feel knowing you can prep for a show the SANE WAY, and STILL look your absolute most incredible best.
  • That you can do this with a diet and training program that DOES NOT negatively impact your health after the show.
  • Imagine how you would feel as a competitor, finally moving up the ranks, placing higher and better each show.
  • How would you feel if FINALLY, you were able to earn your pro card?

Think of Our Work as a Hybrid Program Between In-Person Personal Training, Online Training, Personalized Lifestyle Coaching, and Mindset/Habit Modification Coaching

Even if you’ve worked with other coaches and trainers in the past, I want you to realize this program is like NO OTHER PROGRAM you’ve ever done before.

  • Our work digs VERY DEEP within your emotional connection to food, how you see yourself, and your reasons WHY you do what you do.
  • We work VERY CLOSELY to establish new habits, and eliminate destructive thoughts and patterns that have held you back in relation to your fitness goals.
  • NOTE: We ARE NOT a counseling program or therapy, so we work within our scope of practice and refer out if needed.
  • My main goal is to ensure that by the time you finish your work with me – be it 6 months, 1 year or beyond, you have ALL the tools you need to be successful in working on your own – but now equipped with the actual skills to transform your body.


This will be an actual LEARNING PROCESS where I will eventually TEACH YOU:

  • How to use journaling and meditation to change your mindset around positivity, and get out of any mental funk.
  • How to set goals in a way that will keep you motivated and inspired – long after our work is done.
  • How to drop the food phobias and issues to help you to stop obsessing and start living.
  • How to train not only to change your body, but feel incredibly powerful and strong.
  • How to create your own meal plan
  • Figure out calories and macros
  • Design your own training and cardio program for your body and goals
  • And most importantly how to gain full control of your fitness while meshing it with your lifestyle.

What Makes Our Program Unlike Anything Offered Anywhere Else?

Where other online coaching programs end, we begin…

One of the things that I realized was missing in the way that most in the fitness industry approach online coaching is by focusing solely on two things:

Your diet.

And your training.

Sure, you might get a weekly check-in (by email) with a coach, but there is a lack of true personal touch. Sometimes you might find it hard to get in touch with that coach at all (I’ve heard the horror stories).

Look, focusing on just your weight/measurements, your diet, and your training is only scratching the surface of what NEEDS to happen if you expect a major transformation. Not to mention, to keep that transformation in the long term.

And I realized many years ago with my own clients, the key to getting that elusive “permanent” change is rooted in adding an entirely new element to their approach and programming:

  • Focusing on shifting your mindset to eliminate limiting beliefs about yourself and what’s possible from holding you back.
  • BEFORE YOU EVEN BEGIN on your program, sitting down with you and talking about what you wish to achieve. Name it. Claim it. Then create the road map to get there.
  • Holding you accountable to YOURSELF through goal setting daily and weekly.
  • Allowing you the opportunity to turn inwards and hold a mirror up to what you REALLY need to work on within yourself to get results – and stay transformed.
  • Teaching you step by step HOW to be independent when it comes to finally learning what work for you, how to create your own meal plans and training programs.
  • Gifting you with the amazing opportunity to grow as a woman, into her body, appreciating who she is, and rewriting your narrative about YOUR life through journaling and meditation.

The program that I offer is not typical.

It takes a lot of work!

On my end as a coach and mentor who cares. And on your end… As someone who understands change doesn’t come easy. And in order to reach your goals, you have to show up, you have to do the work, you have to go deeper than the surface to truly find success.

Meal Planning and Training Programs Custom Tailored
& Designed For YOUR Personal Needs

Your nutrition is at the heart of what drives progress and change in the body.

But, how you’ve been taught to approach your diet is ALL WRONG.

In fact, calling it a diet is a part of the problem because diets begin and they end.

What I want to teach you is a way of life… A way of eating for nourishment.

  • I want to help you to rid yourself of food anxieties.
  • Eliminate mindless snacking.
  • Stop the restrictive eating and starvation diets.
  • Help you to drop the dieting mentality completely.
  • Drop the guilt surrounding eating off plan.
  • And give you a blueprint that allows freedom by way of flexible dieting and food variety.

You want to be strong, athletic, fit – and powerfully feminine.

And I want to teach you exactly HOW to achieve all of this in the gym.

Training should inspire you, and should make you feel amazing. Not be something you dread or want to avoid because it’s not aligned with what motivates you.

When it comes to your workouts, I want to unlock for you:

  • A training schedule that fits with your availability – making it easier for you to stick to.
  • Workouts that not only change you, but challenge you.
  • Your ability to raise the bar every single day in the gym.
  • Watching in awe as your body transforms, gets stronger, and molds into that perfect physique you can only dream of right now.
  • How to train in a way to NOT have to rely on hours upon hours of cardio.
  • Getting your workouts done in 90 mins or less – and seeing amazing transformation in the process.
  • A way of working out that becomes a way of life for you.

Redefine Your Fitness Journey, Get Connected to Your Goals,
& Tap Into The Power of Feminine Energy to Balance Your Life

Our world is highly driven by masculine energy – and it’s killing your life in many ways…

Western society promotes relentless, restless, and hyper-focused drive towards the “what’s next” in life.

It praises women sacrificing everything, including themselves and their sanity, in order to create the life they want, excel in careers, education, personally and more.

And it’s highly touted in the area of fitness.

But what you lose along the way is YOUR sense of self.

And I want to help you to get that back.

One of the most amazing features of my VIP 1:1 Coaching and Mentorship program is that we spend a great deal of time helping you to connect with your inner desires.

We focus on goal setting as the backbone to progress, helping you to keep an eye on the things that matter to you most.

Along the way, we are going to…

  • REWRITE YOUR STORY: It’s time you take control of the narrative of your life. No more feeling unfulfilled or like you’re on the wrong path. Together we are going to dig deep to get you connected with who you are a woman – today. All while we look to create who you are to become over the next 12 months.
  • REDEFINE YOU, YOUR GOALS, AND DESIRES: It’s not often that we actually take a step back to re-evaluate the things that are important to us. Together, I want to help you to really get into touch with those things, and create a way of working that allows you to blossom into your best self.

As Women Our Needs When It Comes to Our Fitness Are Different... Unlock Your Fire From Within to Achieve Your ULTIMATE Fitness Goals - Like Never Before

Feminine Energy has nothing to do with gender – but has EVERYTHING to do with bringing calm, peace, and balance to your life.

If you’re ready to shed your life of overbearing stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and lack of focus, then this work is going to be CRUCIAL to you.

You know that the next thing that needs to happen for you to get back on track again includes…

  • Stepping up and taking your power back!
  • Putting your needs and wants first for a change.
  • Detoxing your mindset, and resetting yourself mentally to be able to live more positively day by day.
  • Making actual lifestyle and habit changes that will allow you to change your body for GOOD – and stop the yo-yo cycle.
  • You need a community of support around you who has your back, guides you, and will never let you fail.
  • Taking action RIGHT NOW towards your goals – because you know it’s now or never.

Tapping into your innate feminine energy and learning how to balance your masculine energy driven world can mean the difference between you finally reaching your goals – or… Failing at those efforts once again.

Learning how to relax, be more receptive in life, to lead by intuition, to approach your training and nutrition from a place of self-love, seeing all of this as true self-care…

These are the things that lay the foundation for PERMANENT CHANGE – and what can 100% be yours.

Our Basic Program Amenities - We Pick Up Where They Left Off...

Unparalleled Support Not Through Just Coaching
But Through True Mentorship

The word “coach” is so flippantly thrown around. Everyone’s a “coach” but nobody’s truly COACHING.

And for that reason, it’s super important to me that we stand out above the rest, and truly provide an environment where clients can THRIVE.

You cannot implement any of the changes required to transform your body and entire life with simply weekly emails.

You need a team and a community, a true sisterhood, in your corner.

  • Cheering you on.
  • Supporting you.
  • Reminding you about how resiliant you are.
  • Inspiring you.
  • Reminding you that you are not alone in this journey.

Not only will you be working closely with me DIRECTLY – creating your program, designing every aspect by hand, and giving you my expertise regarding your next moves…

But you’ll also have access to a network of women just like you from around the globe. All working with a common goal of becoming the best versions of themselves.

You’ll have a personally assigned Success Coach to ensure you stay on track with our work together, and there to give you encouragement when you need it.

What we have for you is about MENTORSHIP.

It’s about your personal growth as a woman.

And about giving you the tools to be able to reach your goals over the long-term.

My Promise to You...

  • It’s MY job to take the guesswork OUT of the equation for you so that you can go on AUTOPILOT.
  • I am going to be taking you under my wing for the initial few weeks that we work together, and intensively coach you into bringing out your absolute best.
  • Our main goal and focus – to face your bad habits and pitfalls head-on, to establish some new goals to drive you forward. To give you accountability and responsibility in taking the lead towards your success. And to get some quick results to have you feel EMPOWERED and accomplished along the way.
  • My #1 expectation of you – bring your BEST (not perfection!) every single week!
  • YOU MUST BE READY TO COMMIT TO YOUR GOALS! I do not allow short-term clients who only want to dip a toe in or dabble.
  • You will be REQUIRED to work with me for a minimum of 6 months to 1 year.
  • For competitors, your length of time may vary depending on when your show is, and whether we do off-season together. For many of my competitors we have a longer period of working together – and we can discuss what is right for you.

Coaching vs. Mentorship: There IS a Difference. And It Matters...

So as you can see in the previous video, we go ABOVE AND BEYOND to ensure we put you on the right path to success.

What you’ll find that that what we provide you is an opportunity for massive growth, through massive action. Fitness so happens to be the main catalyst and method in which we deliver that to you.

With SO MANY folks out there calling themselves coaches, it has always been important to me to truly stand out, and boldly stand apart from everyone else. And to not be afraid to say, YEAH that difference MATTERS.

Coaching and mentorship is not one in the same. They are similar, but there is an inherent difference between the two that can mean the difference between you aiming for mediocrity, and you reaching for (and achieving) true success.

Here’s what I mean…

Program Structure and Run Down
- How We'll Deliver Your Transformation

When working with me in my VIP 1:1 Online Coaching and Mentorship Program you’ll immediately see that this isn’t just about getting a new diet and training program.


I developed this program for the woman who simply wants MORE.

She realizes that the old way of approaching her diet and training is not working, and simply does not work.

Putting a band-aid on a gaping wound does not FIX the problem of what been holding you back.

My VIP 1:1 Coaching and Mentorship program is about giving you your power back. Teaching you how to live better through a smarter approach to training and nutrition. And eventually – how to take control of your programming – on your own.

How much further along in this journey would you be if you actually knew how to create your own meal plan, training program, and setting goals to get the body and life you want easily?

How much better would you feel knowing that you have a plan in place that is heart-centered and created for you specifically. With your best interest at the forefront?

Goal Setting & Self-Development With A Side
of Training and Nutrition

The clear road map to your transformation destination is delivered to you in a way that is all encompassing… And allows you to change your body, build your confidence, and impact your life in more ways than one.

Our way of working is rooted in helping you to become crystal clear about your goals.

We get to the deep reasons WHY those goals matter for you, and help you to develop the habits that will never allow you to stumble and fail again.

When you decide to change your body, the results you get should be FOREVER.

And in our approach, we teach you exactly how to not only create the physical changes you so strongly desire, but to also establish the habits and mindset required to become that person who can maintain those changes for good.

Here’s how our program breaks down to achieve exactly that…

Bi-Monthly Road Map Planning Call

Before you even BEGIN on your journey you need a map to guide the way. How can you know the final destination without clearly planning your next moves? Helping clients get to the root of WHY their goals matter and how they get there is a major part of our program. Every 8 weeks, we set new goals and plan the journey to keep you motivated and focused – and impossible to fail.

Flexible Dieting Meal Planning

Flexible Dieting is at the cornerstone to ALL of our meal planning. Whether I’m creating a personalized diet for you, or if you are being guided with your customized macros + My Fitness Pal tracking – allowing you eat what you love while transforming your body is crucial.  We have tools to allow you to swap foods out with ease, and incorporate weekly cheat meals with each plan.

Workouts That Challenge and CHANGE You

With challenge comes great change. And with our science/evidence driven approach to programming, you’re going to see your body finally transform like never before. Get stronger, faster, and leaner. And most of all, shift your focus not on solely changing your body, but also breaking past limits, and reaching your full potential in the gym.

Weekly Goal Setting

What do you wish to conquer week by week? Setting a goal 8-weeks from today is only the beginning. Each week, you’re going to tap into your own willpower and motivate yourself to reach higher heights. Weekly goal setting is an ongoing and important part of our work together to keep you focused on the road ahead, and encouraging you to keep striving.

Daily Guided Meditations

The hardest thing to quiet is the mind – until now… One of the biggest challenges clients have to overcome is being able to stop the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that hold them back. Through our guided daily meditations, you’ll be able to transcend the mind taffy, and start to instill in yourself the mindset of someone who expects and deserves success.

Self-Development Intensives

By the time you leave us, you will be a NEW woman. I am living proof of what the power of journaling has in store for redefining one’s future. And because of this, we’ve implemented journaling as a major component in our work for each client. Unlock your true potential, and become the woman you know lies deep in your heart. Explore yourself and recreate your narrative through you own words.

Massive Action Maximal Results Intensive

Getting SUPER connected to your reasons why is the KEY to success. I want you on the path to never fail again. And the only way that can happen is if you actually know as clear as a bell WHY reaching your goals is important to you. This 8 week intensive is exactly where you get to explore this. Set yourself up for massive success through taking massive action towards your ultimate goals.

RTC Competitor Boot Camp

Master the in’s and out’s of competing – like a pro. As a competitor, the best way to beat this game, to truly win at it… Is to fully understand it. Learn the history of the sport, what the judges look for, how to perfect your look and your posing through expert presentation, select the perfect suit, and take on that stage like a seasoned competitor (even as a newbie). This 8-week intensive teaches you how.

Fit Academy Lifestyle Institute

It’s not enough to have someone give you a plan – you want them to show you the ropes. Client independence is a MAJOR goal for us as your mentor and coaches. And imparting on you the ability to take control of your own programming is even greater. Learn ALL of the science behind nutrition, training, and creating your own plans. Eliminate the need for hiring another coach ever again – should you choose.

Pssst! Competitors Check This Section Out...

If you’re looking to step on a stage, whether you are a complete newbie or seasoned athlete, I can help you to realize those dreams and goals in the smartest way possible.

My competitor mentorship is FULL SERVICE which means you get everything you need in ONE PLACE.

  • Together you and I will sit and plan out your season from start to finish.
  • If you are off-season or a newbie needing to make some major changes before doing a show, we will draft out the time you need, what we need to focus on for your physique, and our journey that will lead you seamlessly into your contest prep.
  • You’ll have access to UNLIMITED group and individual posing sessions throughout our time together.
  • You’ll be fully guided about how to choose the perfect suit for your physique.
  • You’ll enroll in my exclusive RoxStar Fitness Competitor’s Boot Camp which will teach you the in’s and out’s of the sport including areas of nutrition, training protocols, and exactly what the judges are looking for in your division.
  • During your contest prep you’ll have me fully hands-on and walking with you through the entire process.
  • Your peak weak is all spelled out and designed specifically for you to be able to go on autopilot and bring your best.
  • We’ll discuss how your show went, judges’ feedback, and what your moves need to be in a post show phone follow up.
  • You’ll have your diet all spelled out for you for your reverse diet (this takes a period of 4 weeks, so be prepared to stay a month together after the show if you are not doing an off-season with me).

Although I can train and coach any one in ANY division, I specialize in master’s competitors. And I also specialize in all ages/experience level of figure, wellness, women’s physique, and fitness competitors specifically in all classes.

  • Yes I can work with you if you are vegan or vegetarian.
  • Yes I can work with you if you have special dietary restrictions or concerns.
  • I ask that you ensure you have at least 16 weeks before your show to work with me (if you have sooner than that, please request a call so we can discuss things).
  • Yes I do work with bikini competitors.
  • Yes I also specialize in working with 100% natural athletes.

OFF-SEASON COACHING IS AVAILABLE! Please bring this up during our call.

A Look Under The Hood
How We Deliver Your Personal Transformation

Step 1: We'll Begin Your Transformation With Clear Goal Setting & a Road Map to Your Success

It’s amazing to me the number of women who have incredible well-meaning dreams of losing weight, gaining muscle, getting stronger, or even getting on a stage – yet they have no solid game plan.

A goal without a plan is merely a wish.

And I want to give you the game plan for SUCCESS.

Your 8-Week “Claim To Greatness” Road Map

Before we begin your program, the first thing that will happen is you and I sitting down and imagining fully what’s possible for you.

We explore what your deepest desires and main motivators at this part in your journey, and identify tangible goals you will achieve in our initial 8 weeks.

We’ll dig in and get you super connected to your reasons “WHY” this goal is important to you, all while bringing awareness to what’s on the life should you not achieve those goals once again.

We then put you into the driver’s seat towards your destination of incredible success, and a step closer to your dream body by crafting a guided road map towards your goals.

With this crucial first step, you can never fail!

And it’s a part of every single program we offer. We’ve seen it literally transform the bodies and lives of women just like you from around the globe.

Every 8 weeks we repeat this cycle to ensure that throughout your journey with us, your eyes are always on the prize – and you STAY motivated.

Step 2: You'll Embrace a Flexible Approach to Your Nutrition & A Ton of Variety With Personalized Meal Planning

It’s time to FREE YOURSELF from the dieting mentality…

Look, I get it. To lose weight, you have to eat less than your body needs day to day.

You get the basics of that right?

But, the diet industry so far has lied to you!

The starvation diets, the fads, the pills and teas. You know that doesn’t work – and you’re sick of it.


And that’s why it’s SO important to me that every client learns to eat in a way to live.

In a way that blends nicely with their lifestyle. Their family and social circle. And more importantly…

In a way that allows freedom and guilt-free variety as we work intelligently towards your goal.

The RoxStar Fitness approach to nutrition is all about allowing maximal flexibility while allowing you to really apply the perfect set up that simply works for YOUR needs.

  • Your meal plan will be all spelled out for you, no stone will be left unturned.
  • You’ll have the ability to swap foods out whenever you wish, and by way of our amazing food substitution calculator.
  • Weekly free (cheat) meals will allow you to enjoy the foods you love and crave, but to do it in a way that doesn’t cause stress or anxiety.

You’ll finally start to put the pieces in place to be able to enjoy the process of changing your body, all while appreciating how food is your greatest ally in this journey.

Step 3: Next You'll Get Into The Gym to Raise The Bar & Inspiringly Transform Your Body

Your workouts should inspire you to be the best you can be…

Say good-bye to the humdrum approach to training.

We’re not about just giving you a boring training program that you can simply find anywhere on the internet.

Instead, our goal is to challenge you to change you.

And more over, to get you super laser focused in your workouts.

To allow you to do the things you enjoy and love, because it’s more important for you to look forward to every single training session than dread it.

Part of you staying motivated in the gym is about seeing progress for yourself.

Your training program will be spelled out for you in a way that keeps you raising the bar each and every single day.

That allows you to focus on besting your best, and reaping the benefits of training from the standpoint of physiological progress rather than just physical progress.

Depending on your programming level, your workouts will be custom tailored to your needs and goals.

And no matter what level you choose, you have the incredible ability to add unlimited variety to your workouts by way of our database of hundreds (and growing) of fully designed workout programs available to every client on our website.

Step 4: We'll Never Let You Fail With Weekly Check-in's, Accountability & Support

Consistency and accountability will celebrate you when you’re on, and catch you when you fall…

The 1st thing we drive home to every client is to embrace that perfection doesn’t exist.

What we strive for first and foremost are consistency in your efforts, and accountability to show up.

Each and every week, you’ll be submitting an update to your personal success team (myself and your assigned Success Coach).

And together, we are going to work closely by your side, guiding your success.

All changes that we make on your plan is based on biofeedback – how your body responds, and how you feel.

So we’ll never do crazy things like drop your calories just because a week has gone by, or overtrain you by adding more cardio than your body can handle.

Each and every week we comb through your progress, your photos, your stats, and your feedback about how YOU feel things are going for you.

Then from there tweak your plan based upon those needs.

You’ll set weekly goals to keep driving you forward, and get onto a weekly group coaching call to connect with your coaches and support system of clients – just like you!

All reaching towards goals of being better, more confident, stronger, and more mindfully connected women living their best lives through the vehicle of better health and fitness.

Step 5: The Most POWERFUL Part Begins... We Shift Your Mindset With Massive Action

Here is where we begin to stand out from the rest…

Most online fitness coaching programs offer a band-aid solution to the problem.

They don’t get to the heart of the matter as to WHY you keep ending back at square one over and over again.

They’re not addressing the underlying reasons WHY past efforts to change your body simply haven’t worked.

Well, let me tell you – things are about to take a major change for you here.

Once you’re set up on your plan, and you have your diet and training all spelled out – the real work begins.

You’ll enroll in our exclusive “Massive Action Maximal Results” 8-week mentorship intensive.

During this jam-packed 8-week experience, we are going to FIRE UP your motivation, and set your passion for self-improvement ablaze.

  • Each and every week, you’ll unlock a new journal prompt module that allows you a chance to get super connected to your goals.
  • We’ll begin to build your confidence as you start to see that the power you need to change is already within you.
  • You’ll start to feel control over your body, your program, and your life again as we help you to shift into an amazingly positive mindset.
  • You’ll lay the foundation to STOP the self-sabotage, constant self-criticism, and self-doubt that plagues SO MANY women in this journey.
  • And we will begin to start you on a journey to get in touch with the power of your feminine energy, and how that will bring incredible balance to your life.

By the end of this initial 8-week period, you will feel like a totally new woman.

And the best part is, this is only just the first level of the onion we’ll peel to the core of the new you that lies ahead…

Step 6: We'll Get Your Mind Right EVEN MORE With Daily Guided Meditation and Introspective Habit Modification

Mental blocks will melt away through meditation and introspection…

By now, I think you understand and totally realize that simply changing your diet and training isn’t the true key to your success.

Changing your habits isn’t going to be an easy process – but it CAN be done.

It’s going to take deep work on a daily basis, and a commitment to yourself to simply be the best you can be.

We help you with this tremendously by way of our daily guided meditations to help calm and focus you.

And we also have made journaling a major part of our way of transformation which allows each client to turn inward as they instill the necessary steps to enhancing their health and lifestyle.

Journal prompts that we provide in our self-development workshops will allow you to explore your mind and soul, and give you the tools you need to establish long-term ways of success beyond our work together.

Let’s take a look at exactly how this is implemented – and how it’s going to immediately impact your life.

Girlfriend - We're JUST Getting The Party Started
Your REAL Transformation Begins Here...

Self-Development, Self-Love & Personal Growth Intensives Designed to Impact Your Life & Goals

Let’s be honest – it didn’t take you 8-weeks to get to where you are…

So it’s going to take long-term work over time to get you where you’re going. Where you’re meant to be.

To that incredible mountaintop, with the sunshine at the apex where your best self is standing.

Together, we are going to take the journey to climb to the top of that mountain.

And along the way we are going to find YOU.

We are going to rewrite your story, recreate your narrative, and allow you to hold the pen to draft the possibilities of what’s next for you.

Our one of a kind self-paced mentorship eCourses are perfect for any woman who is just begging to come out of her shell, and blossom into the absolute most stunning, vibrant, and confident person she knows she can be…

And if this is your goal, then you’re in for  a real treat.

Here are some of the bonus self-development intensives you’ll immediately unlock when you become a VIP Coaching and Mentorship client.

All of these available for you 24/7 at your fingertips.

Experience Our Bonus Self-Development Intensives and eCourses

Bonus 1: Rediscovering & Redefining You - A Life Purpose Defining Intensive

A 4-week journey to discover your inner voice, reignite your fire, and create your best life – ever…

In this intensive we’re going to take everything you think about yourself and turn it on its head.

And we’ll do that by allowing you to hold a mirror up to who you are now, all while creating  a NEW narrative about who are becoming.

It’s so easy to go through life without taking moments to evaluate your current mental and emotional state.

Each year and decade that goes by, we are totally different women.

Influenced by experiences, both good and bad, that can rock us from the foundation about who we are.

With you being in this new phase of your life where changing your narrative is crucial to your personal growth, I want to walk you through this process to becoming a better and more in-tuned you.

Over an amazingly raw 4-week period, we’ll do just that – and then celebrate as you rise out of the ashes like a phoenix into your new self-aware perspective.

Bonus 2: Defining Standards and Boundaries In Your Fitness Life 21 Day Intensive

A 21-Day Personal Journey to Establish Standards and Boundaries to SUCCEED in Your Fitness Lifestyle and Goals

How many times have you been in a situation where life just gets in the way of your goals?

I mean, to the point where you end up COMPLETELY falling off the wagon.

You get off track, and you stop following through with your fitness efforts completely.

It happens often enough to most women on this quest, and I’ve come up with an amazing way to stop the madness.

In this 21-day intensive, we are going to look at how we can set standards and boundaries around 3 areas of your life:

  • fitness life
  • work life
  • personal life

And allow you to balance all 3 aspects of your daily grind, while giving you the tools you need to stay on the path to your goals…

No matter what life throws at you, or stands in your way.

Bonus 3:
Roxstar Fitness Fit Academy Total Lifestyle Transformation eCourse

Would you like to learn HOW to create your own diet and training programs? Let me unlock the secret…

In my opinion, there’s no reason why every woman who embarks on the journey to better health doesn’t have the blueprint for creating her own personal success.

I’m pretty sure you don’t want to have to rely on a coach or trainer for the rest of your life, right?

Well, in this revolutionary eCourse, I am teaching you EVERYTHING I know about how to create effective meal plans and training programs that can transform your body – any time you wish!

Look, this stuff isn’t rocket science – it’s just science!

And in the process, I’m going to break it all down in ways that are easy to understand and to execute.

Tap into my 21+ years of real world, hands on experience, and THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS worth of education and certification as I teach you the stuff that most trainers never DARE teach their clients.

My main goal is to be able to set you FREE… Not keep you as a client for life.

This is the first step to understanding what your body needs, and how to create the perfect program to make it all happen.

Each month, you’ll unlock a new module that goes into detail about the science behind nutrition, meal planning, macro and calorie setups for YOUR body type, creating pro-like workouts, and how to put these all together for your needs and goals.

Bonus 4:
RoxStar Training Camp (RTC) Competitor's Boot Camp 8-Week Intensive

In 8-Weeks, I’m going to take you on a crash course through the history of bodybuilding and teach you the secrets behind what gets you to look like a winner every show…

It shocks me how many women decide that they want to compete, but have NO idea about the rich history of the sport – or even anything beyond what they see on Instagram.

In order to improve from show to show, you’ve got to understand the business and more specifically – what the judges are looking for.

In this 8-Week intensive, I’m going to take you under my wing and teach you everything I know. 

  • From the amazing history of the women’s side of the sport.
  • Understanding each division, and what genetic body types work best in each.
  • The magic behind great posing and presentation.
  • How to choose the most flattering suit for your physique.
  • The best tan to consider for your stage appearance.
  • And most importantly, how your champion mindset is the biggest muscle that needs to be worked during this whole process.

In addition to this, you’ll be able to get unlimited 1-on-1 and group posing sessions to perfect your presentation.

By the end of this workshop, whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a totally green newbie – you’ll be ready to step on stage looking and feeling like a pro.

Bonus 5:
Conquering Stress Eating For Good Masterclass

It’s time you break the emotional prison that forces you to turn to food to deal with bad feelings…

Look, it’s really hard to admit that you turn to food in times when your emotions become hard to control.

Because that one thing you CAN control is what you put into your mouth.

I want to help you to overcome this crippling emotional crutch, and reliance on food as your solace.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to use the Wheel of Emotion to zero in on what you’re REALLY feeling in the moments you want to eat.

And you’ll establish a step-by-step system of asking yourself important questions to identify exactly what’s going on, what you’re feeling, and better ways to cope with the situation that have nothing to do with food.

By the end of this masterclass, you’ll have the tools you need to get onto the road to higher emotional intelligence, and finding alternatives to deal with stress that don’t hamper your transformation efforts.

Bonus 6:
Tap Into Your Feminine Power Masterclass

As a woman, tapping into your feminine energy can have an amazingly powerful impact on your life – both in and outside of the gym…

A lot of our work is rooted heavily in helping our clients to hone and tap into their innate feminine energy – bringing balance to all aspects of their lives.

In this masterclass you’re going to explore how being in alignment with BOTH your feminine and masculine energy can truly be the game changer you didn’t realize you need.

  • You’ll learn daily rituals to help you shift our of your masculine energy and into your feminine energy after work.
  • How tapping into your creativity can help you to bring wholeness and relaxation to a stressful life.
  • And tips to help you to have better heart-driven and 100% true-to-you communication within all of your social relationships.
  • You’ll also learn how feminine energy can have an incredible impact on your fitness, including helping you to get the results you know you deserve.

Bonus 7:
Redefining Your Personal Style Masterclass

You’ve got this amazing new body, this booming and enchanting presence – now it’s time to step your wardrobe up…

It’s funny how one of the things we don’t think about in this transformation process is how we will dress once our bodies change.

When your confidence shifts, sometimes the stuff sitting in the back of your closet that you once dreamed of getting into… Well, it doesn’t even mesh with who you are in this moment!

So in this masterclass, we’re going to explore how you can really define your personal style, and step up your fashion game so that you can feel as incredible outside, as much as you do inside.

Bonus 8:
Cheat Meal Anxiety Release Masterclass

It’s time you DROP the anxiety around cheat meals – and shift your mind around free meals and their magic…

The diet industry probably has you going absolutely insane every time you put something into your mouth.

The truth of the matter is that cheat meals (or FREE meals as we call them in our practice) are an integral part of the body transformation process.

Not only do they have a positive impact on your metabolism, but they also help to keep food cravings under control.

In this masterclass, we are going to get to the bottom of the whys, hows, and when of cheat meals. And more specifically, how you can use them to get to your goals with freedom without fear.

Bonus 9:
Define Your Value Through Emotional Intelligence Masterclass

Get connected with your deepest emotions, and learn your value by honoring your instincts…

How many times in your life have you stifled your own voice, just to let someone else shine?

When was the last time you just let yourself have a good cry, and be ok with it?

If you’re the woman that everyone sees as “the strong one,” chances are that you have become way out of touch with your emotions over time.

And you know that deep inside, it’s eating you alive.

In this masterclass, we are going to use the powerful “Wheel of Emotion” to help you to tap into and identify those natural instincts and feelings you keep hidden.

  • You’re going to learn key aspects of how to appreciate your perceived flaws, and turn them into your most powerful assets.
  • You’ll unlock tools to find ways of meeting your OWN needs, without relying on others to make you feel whole.
  • And unveil the superpower within you to feel incredibly centered and whole in your own life – day by day, so nothing can shake you.

Unparalleled Support & Built In Sisterhood

Listen, you CANNOT walk this journey alone! You need full on, all hands on deck…

One thing I promise you is that I will never let you fall!

I will never let you fail.

And if you bring your A-game, and show up ready to completely transform into the most powerful, centered, feminine, and present version of you…

Then our amazing community will be there to walk this journey with you all the way.

Not only will you have me personally guiding you, and standing by your side, but you will also have a team behind you.

  • Every client works directly with me along the way to their best yet.
  • You’ll have a personally assigned Success Coach to mentor you through our masterclasses and intensives, and to motivate you along the way.
  • You’ll also have access to our PRIVATE social network (hosted on our very own site) to connect with women from around the globe all on a common ground towards incredible change.

Even if you don’t feel like you have support right now – you have NOTHING to worry about.

Our built in network will allow you the opportunity to know that you now have a family to turn to who is there to motivate you, support you, keep you on the path, and celebrate each milestone and triumph you conquer along the way.

Get Started On Your Journey! Discover Exactly How My VIP Coaching Program Can Help You to Become the Strong, Powerful, Feminine, Fit, and HAPPY Woman That Lives in Her Fullest Potential - Every Single Day

Learn More About How YOU TOO Can Become a Roxstar Now...

You’ve come this far, and you’re now ready to find the REAL solution to getting to your goal.

Whether you want to step on a stage, or just simply get into the best shape of your life. I have the perfect solution to help you to take a DEEPER look at what’s going to get you real results that you can achieve right now…

All while giving you the tools to transform your body, maintain your hard work, and change your life – forever.

Reserve your spot to learn more about how my online coaching and mentorship program is like NO OTHER program available. And how it might be the perfect solution if you’re ready to make some serious changes in your mindset, your body, and your entire life.

Enter Your Info to Learn More...

What's in it For You?
What Kind of Results Should You Expect by The End of This Experience?

Here’s the truth…

If you’re on this page, you’ve probably been at this for a very long time. On this journey try to achieve your goals, change your body, lose the weight, gain that muscle, and just overall feel really good about yourself.

Each RoxStar has her own goals, purpose, and dreams about what she wants in her fitness life, what she wants in her life, and what she wants her body to look like. And she understand that getting that means taking a long term approach to progress.

You’re Going to Take a Personal Journey Over the Next 12 Months That Will Leave You a TOTALLY Changed Woman…

If getting to your goals and STAYING there means everything to you, you absolutely must get started on this journey with us by your side.

I want to see you owning the world around with with an incredible confidence, your head high, shoulders back, and feeling like you own the planet.

I want you to see that anything you want to achieve is possible. It just takes ONE action to set all of this in motion.

You’re going to walk away from this experience knowing your time, effort, and investment was well spent.

You’re going to walk away knowing exactly what it is that YOU need to do to change your body without the guesswork and confusion you’re dealing with right now.

You’re going graduate from my coaching practice knowing how to overcome obstacles that stand in your way. Never again easily throwing in the towel when life throws you lemons.

You are going to finally know what it feels like to love your body – and love yourself – on an incredibly deep level.

You’ll finally end the cycles of self-sabotage, doubt, and fear that have plagued you when it comes to your efforts in and out of the gym.

But most importantly, you are going to emerge from the experience as a brand new woman.

One who has such incredible clarity in her goals, in her purpose, and her desires, that nothing can ever stop you again from achieving the goals, the body, and even the incredible fitness driven lifestyle that you’ve always wanted.

This can all be yours – just like it’s done for many of my RoxStars who have graduated from our program.

Don’t you deserve to win? Let’s get you started…

I offer 3 different coaching levels, depending on how much customization is preferred by you, and your current budget as well.

Keep in mind, what I offer is a FULL-SERVICE hands-on experience, even at our budget-conscious level.

You and I will discuss which level is perfect for your needs via a complimentary clarity call.

  • 1:1 Personalized 100% Customized Coaching starts at $597-$697/month.

    • This is the coaching level that is best suited for contest prep.
    • This is also the MOST comprehensive level for non-competitors who are looking to work with me EXTREMELY closely, and truly have me fully under their wing.
    • This is also the best level for competitors who are looking for off-season coaching in their improvement season.
    • There are no time limits as to how long you stay in this program. We finish when we reach your goal! Everyone’s journey is unique.
  • Group Coaching starts at $397/month.

    • This is a coaching level for women looking to make some serious changes in their lives, but to do it alongside women with a common goal.
    • You’ll work closely with me as we tackle your limiting beliefs head-on, and give you the tools you need to transform your body & lifestyle – for good.
    • This level has a pre-designed setup vs personalized 1:1, but is fully customizable for your needs.
  • Self-Paced & Guided Mentorship Program at $97/month.

    • This level is perfect for my budget conscious clients who really want to work closely with me, but have some financial constraints.
    • This is also the perfect level for those who feel they are in a pretty good place, and just want some general help and guidance to getting on track with their fitness needs and goals.
    • Like my Personalized Coaching level, clients can remain on this level of coaching for as long as they wish.

Get on the phone with me now to determine which coaching level is BEST for your needs.​

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve signed up for other online fitness courses or 1:1 coaching with poor results. What makes this one different?

Unlike other online coaching programs that focus on only on diet and training, we give you everything you need by focusing on the top areas every woman needs to develop in her life to become the absolute best version of herself, all while achieving the body of her dreams. In addition, our program is intensive and lasts for a full year (and beyond for some clients who choose) — providing you with the powerful, ongoing and transformative support you need to make a lasting, positive change and get the results you dream of in your fitness life. You literally get it all- powerful teachings, live coaching calls, community support and sisterhood through our amazing network of clients.

Wow, this is a lot to invest! Why does it cost so much more vs other online coaching programs I've seen?

You’ve got to think… When you work with a specialist, let’s say a doctor or other highly skilled professional, you expect to pay more for higher quality and more pinpointed work, right?

Well, coaching is exactly the same.

I’ve been doing online coaching SPECIFICALLY since 2008. This was WAY before anyone else in the industry was even online. The industry has come a LONG way, and unfortunately has become super saturated with subpar so-called “online coaches”. Many of whom are simply not delivering results.

When you work with us, we’re 100% dedicated to your success. We are giving you literally ALL the tools you need to get to your goals. All you have to do is show up and do the work. The other thing you must realize is that we’re not just selling you a diet and training program. That’s where many other programs fall short. We’re offering you an entire training and nutrition system, personalized HANDS-ON mentorship and coaching, specialty eCourses and learning modules to give you the freedom to eventually work on your own (teaching you everything I’ve learned over the years), and an opportunity to grow as a woman like never before.

You’ll also have TWO amazing coaches working with you, myself and one of my hand picked Success Coaches (former clients and fitness professionals who understand our methods and culture as a brand).

That with our amazing network of clients whom you can relate to, directly over the phone, voice to voice. This is truly like no other program out there and worth your time and financial investment in many ways.

I literally feel like I've tried everything and nothing is working. I'm so frustrated! Can you REALLY help someone like me?

My heart truly goes out to you. And that’s a great questions. OF COURSE WE CAN!

We don’t look at any client as hopeless. Instead we look at getting to the ROOT cause of what’s going on with you, and try to put you in a position to win.

For some clients, that might mean being open to working closely with us and your doctor as we explore if there are any underlying hormonal issues or things OUTSIDE of diet and training holding you back.

For others, it might mean really taking the time and the patience to overhaul your entire lifestyle. Setting you up for greater success, all while assuring you to trust the process along the way.

No one is “hopeless” or “helpless” to us. We’ll do the best we can to get the results you know you deserve.

How do I know which level is perfect for my needs?

Absolutely great question! Please make sure to sign up for the next available video presentation where I go over the 4 types of women I work with, and help you to figure out if this is indeed the right program for you.

From there, you and I will get on the phone and discuss your needs and goals. I’ll be able to tell you which program will suit your needs best, and ensure that you are at the right level to realistically reach your goals.

I'm nervous about getting locked into a long term contract due to bad experiences... What if I have to stop, what happens?

As you’ve seen above, my goal is to work with women who really have a long term goal in mind. The changes you want to make are not going to happen overnight. But you can move mountains over time.

However, we all know things come up, life happens, and you might need to unexpectedly step back.

That’s totally fine, and we honor that! Please keep in mind that all sales are final – and we do not offer refunds under any circumstance (due to the digital nature of our work).

You may cancel at any time for any reason.

To weed out those who are simply not serious about doing the work and changing their body for good, we do adhere to a strict no-exceptions cancellation policy. If you cancel before 6 months, there is a $297 fee. If you cancel between 7 to 12 months, there is a $197 fee. If you cancel after you’ve completed 1 full year on the program, there is no cancellation fee.

I'm afraid to invest because I've been burned before, or I've never invested this much in myself. I KNOW this is what I need though! What kind of guarantee do you offer?

We take your investment and trust in us very seriously and our content is some of the very best out there — we did our homework on this. Even though we offer you amazing content, guidance and support, ultimately, the success of our program depends on each student’s commitment to the process and their willingness to consistently apply what they learn. We can guarantee you will receive the most incredible tools and powerful teachings, and of course- our unwavering support!

I'm a beginner, can I do this program?

No, this program is not intended for beginners. You need to be familiar with and confident in the gym – particularly in the weight room. It’s best if you have at least 1-2 years of experience in the gym.

I'm a vegetarian/vegan/keto/gluten sensitive/lactose intollerant/__etc__. Can this program work for me?

Absolutely. I have a ton of experience creating meal plans for all kinds of clients and special needs.

If you have a fully designed meal plan, it will be created in a way to consider your preferences and sensitivities.

If you are doing our Silver level which is rooted in IIFYM meal planning (macros and calories), you will be guided personally to be able to pick the best foods for your needs.

I don't compete, can you work with me? If so which program is best for me?

Absolutely, I can! I work with both competitors and non-comepetitors alike.

We can determine which program level is perfect for you once we have our phone consultation. Please sign up for the video presentation here on the page, and then follow the instructions after viewing it about how you can set up your call.

I do compete! And I have a show in mind. How soon out should I contact you?

Awesome! I can help you to bring your best to the stage.

Contest prep will require you to work with me in my all inclusive Platinum Level. I like to have as much time as possible to prep a client for their show. Ideally, I’d like to start with you around 20 weeks out. 16 weeks out is great timing too.

I will occasionally work with clients who come to me and have 12 weeks out. But if it’s any closer please let me know when you set up your phone consultation (after watching the video presentation). We can discuss your options and what the smartest next moves will be for you.

I want to do my off-season with you, or I haven't competed yet and need to do some work before I start to prep. Can I work with you?

Yes you sure can! I love working with clients in the off season since that sets us up for a rocking prep season. Whether you are completely new at this or not, we will sit together and meticulously plan out (literally) what your next moves need to be.

We’ll take a look at where you currently are physically, and put in place the perfect program set up to improve your shape, master your presentation, and make you look like an absolute ROXSTAR on that stage.

Watch the video presentation on this page to find out more, and set up an appointment to discuss your goals with me.

Let's Discuss The COST of Coaching...
How Much Is Your Success Worth To You?

What Are You Willing to Invest in Changing Your Body, Your Health, and YOUR LIFE Forever?

My mentorship program is going to require you to put some skin in the game.

This is not going to be your typical “online coaching program” that doesn’t give you everything you need to ACTUALLY be successful.

It’s not “cheap” – and it will never be.

This is because in order for myself and my team to be our best, we have to work with clients who expect the best from us – and are 100% willing and ready to bring their best to the table. And, that costs money.

That means you must invest in YOU.


Too many coaches and trainers are charging super low rates – all while promising you the world… And falling SHORT.


Yet, you are actually wanting, needing, and expecting MORE from these same folks, even though you’re paying for FAR LESS… Does that make sense to you?

You fully understand that anything worth having is going to cost you money. So we need to shift your mind around how to make investing in YOU means that you have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone – and be willing to spend more ON YOU.

  • When you INVEST in yourself you show up dedicated and ready to work.
  • It’s not a cheap program – and that’s a benefit because it weeds out those who are simply not serious or don’t want to really change – the question, is that you?
  • But IT IS affordable in that I allow you to have some flexible payment options that can work within your budget.
  • Look at this as an INVESTMENT and NOT A PURCHASE.
    • Other training programs and coaching programs are purchases – they get you a result (sometimes), but the benefit ends after you stop working with that trainer. You learn nothing long term, and sometimes feel you’ve lost what you put in – especially if you can’t keep the changes.


MY MENTORSHIP PROGRAM is an investment in YOU – your needs, your dreams, your goals, your body, your life… Why?


  • Because you are going to get out way more than you put in.
  • The changes we make are going to shift your mindset and entire approach, making it easier for you to get long term results.
  • You’re going to walk away with a new “way of working” that you can continue successfully on your own to repeat the results you get whenever you wish.
  • You’re going to actually work closely on eliminating your bad habits, and spend an entire 8 weeks to establish new ones.
    • They say it takes 30 days to establish new habits, so imagine the permanence of doing the right things over and over for 60 days, and beyond.
  • Because it is focused on total transformation – not only in your way of eating but in the way you train, learning how to do both even better than you do now. And even more, will leave you with a confidence in yourself that can only be had when you do the deep work to get there.

Stop Wasting Money Working w/ That Coach or Trainer Who ISN'T Getting You Results! Spend Your Money SMARTER AND BETTER...

I want to leave a few things for you to think about if you are currently working with another coach or trainer…

We sometimes grow an attachment to those who we are working with when it comes to trainers, or get into a situation where you MIGHT THINK leaving that relationship isn’t possible.

I always say that disparaging other fitness professionals is beneath me – even the ones out there failing their clients time and again…


What I will say to YOU is that YOU DESERVE TO HAVE SUCCESS!


And you simply being here on my page, on my site, looking at my program is proof enough that you aren’t getting what you need from your current coaching or training situation.

The money you are spending on that training program can be put to EVEN BETTER USE when you come over to us – and become a Roxstar.

Your current trainer or coach may have gotten you as far as their knowledge and expertise can – but you need something MORE… And you shouldn’t feel bad about admitting that.

Keep in mind that you will always get what you pay for, and expert advice will require you to step outside of your comfort zone, come out of pocket more, and be willing to do what’s right FOR YOU at the end of the day.

If you aren’t getting what you need from your current coaching or training situation, but you decide that you will stay there then realize this…

  • You are accepting that mediocrity is ok with you, and you don’t deserve to see results.
  • You are ok with not seeing your goals become your reality – or feel that deep inside you can’t get results (not realizing it’s your trainer/coach who is failing you, NOT YOU).
  • You are too worried about hurting someone’s feelings vs looking out for yourself (which you probably do often).


If you are in a long-term contract with them, and you can’t get out of it – let me tell you that YOU CAN!


Remember, the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution abolished slavery, lol. And in other countries I’m sure it’s outlawed lol.

So yes, you might have to pay an exit fee for your freedom, or simply end a long-term contract that’s not fulfilling you. But it’s YOUR body, YOUR sanity, YOUR goals, YOUR confidence, and YOUR money that’s on the line.

Sometimes you have to chock it up to a loss and move on.


If you are concerned about “affordability”…


The REAL question is – can you AFFORD to stay the same? To stay exactly where you are today, this minute, while reading this page?

For some of you, I know you’ve likely never paid real money out of pocket to work with a fitness professional.

It’s not your fault.

Too many fitness professionals are horrible at business, so even many of the good ones are undercharging for their work and focused on charging cheap rates to get more clients.

We aren’t like that.

We would rather create coaching packages that actually GET RESULTS, TRANSFORMS YOUR BODY AND LIFE, and allows us to be compensated fairly as a business. In this way, WE ALWAYS BRING OUR BEST WITHOUT RESENTMENT.

And interestingly…

You show up EVEN MORE because you understand the value of a dollar.

And when you invest more in you, you show up, you do the work, and you get the best out of what you have decided to participate in.

So when you consider cost – keep in mind the immense VALUE you’re getting out of this, and how much of a price tag you put on actually reaching your goals FOR GOOD. All while having the tools you need to be successful forever…

You are worth every penny.

RoxStar Fitness Success Stories
- What My Clients Have to Share With You...

My Clients Are Walking Billboards For The Success of Our Program

Look, I am not into tooting my own horn.

I firmly believe that my work with clients speaks for itself. My number 1 goal is to simply inspire my clients to unlock their best selves.

  • To reach their fullest potential.
  • To walk away from our coaching upon completion, and feel like they can TRULY maintain the changes we’ve made for the longterm.
  • To understand the why’s behind what works for them.
  • To get them to a point where they eliminate limiting beliefs that have held them back in the past, and give them the tools to instill a positive mindset that will influence them for years to come.

And in that way, I want you to hear from a few of my mentees who have worked closely with me as their coach, mentor, and biggest support.

Allow them to share their experiences as you decide whether you becoming a RoxStar is the smartest decision for YOU and your goals…

Ghabi Hernandez shares her experience with being a RoxStar and seeing her dreams of competing the SMART way become her reality...


Since this recording, Ghabi has made even more strides with us as a Team RoxStar figure competitor.

She’s gone through a robust competitor development off-season, and has even gone into a very successful contest prep period as well.

Ghabi recently had the privilege of competing at the Arnold Amateur where she placed 6th in Masters Figure on a competitive international stage!

I would say if you want to lose weight, learn to eat healthier, and gain confidence - you need to work with Roxie...

ChrissyBeforeAfter1I worked with Roxie for over 3 months. And within that time, I expected to lose about 30 pounds.

She totally met my expectations and more!

I never had a trainer in person before and I was very apprehensive about working with an online trainer/coach.  Considering this was my first experience it has been the best experience! I felt as if the plan was made specifically for me and no one else. I have transformed my body in ways I never thought I could. Roxie took my likes and dislikes and created a schedule that fits my lifestyle.

I would totally recommend her to anyone!

My training has been a fantastic journey. Not only did I lose weight and sculpt my body but I learned how to make healthier choices in life. I feel confident enough to go in the gym and know exactly what to do.  Our training has taught me practices that I can use for a lifetime.

I would say if you want to lose weight, learn to eat healthier, and gain confidence you need to train with Roxie.

If you have the drive and discipline to succeed,  Roxie gives you all the tools and information you need to make the change – but it’s up to the person to comply with the plan. Roxie can’t make you exercise or eat the proper food.  The individual has to want it enough to make sacrifices, but once you see the end result it will all be worth it!  TRUST ME!*

Kauisha Smith is finding her strength and getting on track to gaining control of her body, and her future goals...

Safely my body transformed into way more than I expected...


I was trying to pursue getting on stage for a bikini competition and felt like I was in a rut.

I had a lot of experience in fitness and am a certified personal trainer but that did not stop me from feeling baffled by the process.

Every website told me something different, every magazine had some new workout and diet to try, everyone at my gym had their own opinions on what it took to stage ready–I was lost.

I decided to work with Roxie based on the reviews I had heard about her and what appeared to be a very balanced approach to getting competition ready.

I was not disappointed!!!

The plans that I got covered every aspect of my training from what to eat after a work out to how many beats in each rep of an exercise.

Each day I had a specific plan of what to eat and how to train; I worked out in ways I never had before.  Every plan comes with links to exercises so I never feel lost.

Any questions or concerns that I have had Roxie is quick to respond–sometimes within minutes.

Safely my body transformed into way more than I expected when I started and I did not have to do anything crazy to get there.  Roxie even helped with posing, suit selection, and how to wear my hair.

I could not recommend her more.  When I finally got off the stage I continued to work with her; she is just that good!!!*

Megan Patrick enrolled in our RTC Competitor Development and Contest Prep program and has made MAJOR strides in her physique and placings...

I learned to honor my body, knowing.. It would work for me, not against me...

I saw Roxie on YouTube; I was fishing around for videos of figure competitors, learning as much as I could about posing and training without having to pay a fortune for training services.

I saw Roxie on stage and I loved her presentation; she flowed, like the ballerina she is; it oozed from her and I knew immediately that theatrically I appreciated her talent. I also saw an interview with her after one of her shows, as well as other videos she had posted both pre and post competition.

I admired Roxie’s willingness to “put herself out there” to help other competitors and also to challenge herself.

I admired the way she posted videos of her progress, religiously, and talked about her progress, her deficiencies, and her strengths. There was an air of confidence about her, a respect for her body and its limitations, and a willingness to maintain a genuine expression of hope and assurance that her body would shift and do, over time, precisely what she needed it to do.

I think this quality, this learned and honed patience of Roxie’s, is what I gained most in working with her.

Yes, Roxie was highly responsive, incredibly knowledgeable about supplements, the sport, and fitness in general, but when I think of what I gained by working with Roxie, I think about how I learned to honor my body, patiently, knowing that if I work with it, with great care, it would work for me, not against me. I had to learn first how to work with it and Roxie taught me that both in word and through her own training and results.


Roxie continued to keep me focused and reminded me that time is essential; that I could not expect my body to do things in 13 weeks or less, that perhaps my body requires more time.

She encouraged me to focus on honoring food and to not disrespect my body by requiring it to operate under a timetable.

She encouraged me to not set my sights so much on a show date, but to allow my body to show me which show date best worked for me.

As a result, I decided to move show dates and I was most pleased and rewarded by my decision.

Roxie is dedicated to the sport and she is also dedicated to people’s success in a way that promotes well being, total well being, not just physical.

I recommend Roxie to anyone who is thinking of competing.

I also recommend her to anyone who needs some guidance on how to respect and love your body as I believe Roxie knows that once an individual does that, the world is her/his oyster, so to speak. I believe this is her mantra and I believe this is why her business and her training are both so successful.

Erica Sparrow has learned how to set the bar, be patient with her journey, and focus on the overall LIFESTYLE to get to her goals...

I would tell anyone that is considering Roxie as a coach that you can't go wrong with her in your corner.

When I found Roxie Beckles, I had 1 competition under my belt.

It was at the end of the summer and I had let myself get a little soft, I knew I wanted to compete again but wanted to do it the right way, the safe way.

I occasionally went on industry message boards and Roxie always seemed so real and knowledgeable, so I shot her and email and within 24 hours we were on the phone chatting it up and talking about my goals.

She is funny, kind and very understanding and I love her tell it like it is demeanor. She was understanding of how life can get in the way, relationship wise and financially.


Back to competition, we started dieting in January and my body responded tremendously because we put in a lot of work during my offseason.

I was getting compliments all the time on how my body was changing.  I stepped on stage feeling very confident, not only with my physique but also in the stage presence department.

I placed 2nd, and had a great time.

I’m taking some time off to enjoy life and my son, with Roxie supporting my decision :).

I would tell anyone that is considering Roxie as a coach that you can’t go wrong with her in your corner. She is fast, efficient, and very organized with how her plans are laid out. Thanks Rox!!!

Akilah came on board to lose the new mom baby fat... In a few short weeks she dropped 14 pounds - and gained her confidence...

I am a stay at home mother of 2 boys so I had to work ME time in!! She was so easy to work with... (And this client lost 12 pounds in 10 weeks!)


I found Roxie through a friend of a friend.

I needed an extra push to get my butt in gear after having my second child.

I started working with Roxie about 8 months after having my son. I lost most of the baby weight on my own except for the last 10lbs.  I wanted to train with someone who wouldn’t push supplements down my throat or starve me.

I told Roxie what kind of schedule I had to work with.

I am a stay at home mother of 2 boys so I had to work ME time in!!

She was so easy to work with. Answered all my questions and always pushed me harder.

I hardly ever felt hungry. I not only cleaned up my diet but also my husbands and kids diets as well!! When I started working with Roxie I was in a size 10.

After 10 short weeks, I dropped 12lbs and can now wear all my pre-pregnancy jeans!!

I am now in a size 5!

I loved my workouts! I looked forward to each and every one of them! I feel so much stronger and love lifting the heavy weights!!

I have seen muscles I haven’t seen in years!!

Working with Roxie exceeded my expectations! Her coaching and support is amazing! I would recommend Roxie to anyone looking to get in their best physical health!!*

I not only came in with the best physique I ever brought to the stage, I also had the most amazing experience with prep...

I started off this prep with so much expectation, for my body and for the experience.

I had decided after last years contest season, that things NEEDED to be different. I was interested in trying new techniques, less drastic techniques. I KNEW there had to be another way.

I initially started working with another well known and very knowledgeable trainer.

That started me off to a great beginning to what I was hoping would bring me to my best physique EVER. As things turned out, at about 9-10 weeks out, things weren’t working out, and I made a huge and most difficult decision to break with that trainer.

I was scared and worried.

“Would I be able to, on my own, bring my body to the place I knew it could go?”

Let me say, I have done my own diet for years. Since, I pretty much started competing 6 years ago.

I know how to diet, and I know how to train.

But in the end, making decisions for myself is one of the hardest things I struggle with. I need support. That decision-making part in my prep is HUGE!

Here comes Roxie!!

I met Roxie in person at Team Universe. I have followed her personal training and prep journal online and I knew how knowledgeable she was in regards to not only diet, but also training.

She really seemed to know her stuff and she was training and dieting in a way that was consistent to what I wanted this prep.

After talking with her at length I made the decision to hire her to help me with my last 9 weeks till my first show and the remaining 12 till my last show of the season.

She more than exceeded my expectations!

I not only came in with the best physique I ever brought to the stage, I also had the most amazing experience with prep, I think I can honestly say I ever had in the entire 6 years of doing this crazy sport.

After this experience, I can say, I will NEVER prep any other way.*


Long gone are the hours upon hours on the cardio machine, doing multiple sessions a day.

Elimination of multiple food groups and dietary fats from my diet is a thing of the past.

I would say that by contest time, I am usually depleted, tired, and I feel my hair is starting to fall out. This year, not only did the latter NOT happen, but, I felt amazing! So good in fact, I could’ve continued to diet for so much longer had I wanted to.

Roxie also brings to the table, and incredible personality.

She is so very supportive.

She was always there for me at a moments notice if I was struggling. I had conversations not only via email, but telephone, which was a HUGE plus for me.

Roxie is a great person, and a true COACH, not just a “trainer” who spits out a diet and training regimen. She embodies all that I think a good coach should be.

Roxie is of course, also extremely inspirational in her own right.

As a fellow women’s physique competitor, she portrays all that I hope to be one day.

I would definitely work with her again in the future, without question.

Other than my family, she was my rock during prep, and someone I couldn’t have made it through without.*

Roxie has helped me overcome many health obstacles...


Roxie is by far one of the greatest trainers that I’ve worked with.

She is very knowledgeable when it comes to training and nutrition; she will not only provide you with the plans but will tell you WHY you’re doing what you’re doing.

Roxie has helped me overcome many health obstacles during our training time and has been beyond patient with it all, she tailored every cycle to my personal needs; no cookie cutter plans!

She has been a huge motivator for me and a great example for new trainers, I recommend her to everyone!*

This Working Mother of 2 Took Control of Her Life and Her Body... Then Lost 30 Pounds!

How much is progress worth to you?

Whether you’re a busy parent, working professional, or a stay at home spouse taking care of the family, seeing progress is a matter of true dedication and work – along with the patience to boot.

Dionna came to me looking to take her body to the next level. She was tired of carrying around excess body fat, and wanted to see what her body can do if she were to push it to the limits (safely of course) all while managing her family and a busy life as a school teacher.  

Well, I can proudly say that with her, we had an EXTREME FAT LOSS TRANSFORMATION. Check out her journey in her own words:

When I came to Roxie, I was a 36-year-old mother of two (16 and 12). I worked full-time. I enjoyed working out and coaching volleyball. I love cooking especially baking. I lived a super typical life.

The crazy thing is I have been off and on training since around 2009. I had a YMCA membership and trained hard there. I loved the heavy lifting but my body did not change. It looked exactly the same months and months after training.

I was discouraged because I couldn’t understand why I looked the same.

My eating was the same. Super poor choices. Drinking, eating out frequently and midnight snacks…I really did not want to believe that nutrition played a huge role. I wanted to eat whatever and go hard in the gym and see a change!

I’ve always been unhappy with my belly.

I gained 75 pounds during my first pregnancy and the skin that stretched is still there. I had been working out for a while and kinda changed my diet but I still had this damn belly.

I was considering a tummy tuck (SERIOUSLY)!

But then I thought maybe a personal trainer could help me with food and workouts. It would be much cheaper in the long run.

My mind was right.

I knew I needed an overhaul. I researched and researched and came across Roxie.

What was the biggest motivating factor that made me decide to finally step up my game in the gym?

I know it sounds superficial but I don’t care. I wanted to look good in a bikini and be able to fit anything I wanted in the store.

I didn’t want to be the typical overweight Black mom with 2 kids justifying my weight because of my race. I thought if other women my age with kids can look good why can’t I.

I also have high blood pressure controlled by medication and wanted to see if the weight loss would help get off the meds (nope…genetics).

I found Roxie on Youtube…and Google.

I followed a couple of the youtube workouts and advice she shared, and when I finally decided that I was going to hire a personal trainer, Roxie was the first and only that I called.

My training was SO DIFFERENT than what I was doing before.

Jeez, not only do I get specific eating plans and workouts to fit my needs and goal I get a life coach and coach who is always accessible.

When I feel discouraged about my progress she keeps it real with me, if I want to eat off plan she gives me the pros and cons but is never condescending.

I am held accountable with progress updates. The changes I have seen because I am compliant are remarkable.

I would never have thought about competing and seeing my abs/obliques/back, quad and hamstring muscles two years ago.

Her approach to online coaching is perfect.

I have access to Roxie through emails and the closed client facebook page and so anytime I have questions and concerns she is there.

I do not have to be at the gym at a certain time.

I go when it fits in my schedule and as a busy mom sometimes it fluctuates. I don’t know if I would have that kind of access to a one-on-one personal trainer after our session is over. I had a one-on-one personal trainer and did not make the kind of progress I have made with Roxie.

As for my diet – SO FLEXIBLE.

I love food!!! So almost anything that is not on plan is my favorite. I’ve learned to adjust my favorite cheat meals into more compliant versions.

At the time of this writing, I am eating about 1800 calories. 5 meals and carbs and protein at almost every meal. So a typical training day is: Meal 1 turkey breast, avocado  and toast, Meal 2 chicken breast, yams and veggies, Meal 3 PWO protein shake and carb, Meal 4 Tuna, toast and veggies and Meal 5 chicken breast and veggies. Lots of food!!!

If you ask me what are the biggest changes I’ve noticed in my body since starting with Roxie’s program?

Man where do I start…

I have leaned out a great deal. I thin i’ve lost over 30 pounds. I have visible back, shoulder, tricep, bicep muscles.

I have a scar from a hysterectomy I had done about 7 years ago that I could not see unless I lifted my stomach. About 2 weeks ago I noticed that I could semi see the scar without lifting my stomach…MIRACLE!!!

I almost shed a tear.

Honestly, if I had to talk to my former self, before starting with Roxie, the only thing I would say stop 2nd guessing your choice. Make the call and do it!

So if I can share any advice if you may be thinking about working with Roxie, but you’re on the fence…

Do it.

It has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Not only is Roxie’s whole program a tool to get you fit, it is a tool to keep you fit on this journey.

I have learned so much about how to eat which was always my downfall.

I have been able to stick with it this long not because Roxie gives me a diet plan but because she shows me how to work within the diet plan.

I came to her as a person who just wanted to look good but I stuck with her because she motivates, inspires and teaches me how to navigate on this journey called health and fitness.

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