Book a Posing Session w/ Roxie

Perfect Your Posing w/ a Private 1:1 Online Posing Session via Skype

Looking to work with me on your posing? I offer online posing sessions for figure, fitness and women’s physique competitors!

You can book your appointment with me to work closely with you on what you need to do to bring your absolute best to the stage. I offer both group and private sessions. But in order to qualify for our group sessions, you must first book a private 1:1 session.

Current 1:1 Online Coaching Rate: $125

This is for a 60 minute session.

Once we have this session, you have the option of booking future 60-min, 30-min, or group coaching sessions.


Step 1: Purchase Your Session (Opens in a New Window)

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Before we set your appointment time, I need you to first pay for your session. Once you do, you’ll be all set with a credit on your account.

PLEASE NOTE: All session expire in 30 days – NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • We have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy.
  • If you do not cancel before 24 hours (meaning your appt is at 8am, you MUST cancel by 8am the previous day – not 8:25, 8:30, or later) you will lose that session.
  • There are NO refunds for sessions. All sales are final.
  • You may reschedule your appointment within a 7 day period if you need to cancel due to an emergency if you cancel within the 24 hour window.

Step 2: Please Fill Out the Posing Intake Form Below AFTER You've Made Your Purchase