Who We Are

RoxStar Fitness is a brand re-founded with a new mission in 2019.

What started as a dream, the company opened doors in 2009 and has evolved into an expert coaching and mentorship company led by former IFBB Pro and 2014 Olympia Competitor, Roxie Beckles.

Our main goal is to enlighten women about the powerful resources and abilities they have already within themselves to reshape their bodies, to build their self confidence, and to create the life that they want. And to do it all inspired by their incredible journey to better health and fitness.

We inspire women of all ages and backgrounds to increase their awareness when it comes to HOW their bodies work, WHAT their bodies need to see results, and WHY reaching that goal has to mean everything to them.

We’ve made it our mission to be able to give women the tools they need to not only change their bodies and reach their highest fitness goals, but to be able to have all the knowledge and intuition to be able to maintain their transformation over the long term.

We accomplish this by not only educating women with our “All-Science/NO B.S.” approach to fitness and nutrition advice, but also by incorporating goal setting, habit modification, mindset shifting as a major part of our message in helping them to create their best lives.

We are a lifestyle brand that is rooted in the health, fitness, and wellness sphere.

We are major advocates for teaching women about the incredible power of feminine energy, and its place in their fitness, their personal, and their professional lives. And more importantly, we guide women about how to tap into their feminine energy to bring incredible balance and fulfillment to their lives.

Our work is rooted in what we call the 4 Pillars of Fitness.

What Are The 4 Pillars of Fitness?

The 4 Pillars of Fitness is the brainchild of founder Roxie Beckles.

And it is based on the belief that fitness is way beyond the gym.

Fitness is far greater than simply starting on a diet and training program.

In fact, in order to find TRUE success a woman must dig deeper into her mindset and take a wholistic approach to transforming her body AND changing her life.

In order to do so successfully, she must approach her fitness on 4 levels.

  • Physical Fitness – which encompasses all aspects of your health, diet, training and physical transformation.
  • Mental Fitness – which brings focus to your mental health and your ability to think clearly and consciously about your goals.
  • Emotional Fitness – which shines a light on allowing you to be intuitive, and master your emotions in a way to keep you empowered in your true feminine nature.
  • Spiritual Fitness – which brings an element of knowing that you are greater than self. Helping you to use your spirituality as a guide and drive in your fitness and your life as a whole.

What we don’t realize is that a true FITNESS journey must allow you to train all 4 pillars for your ultimate success.

Here at RoxStar Fitness, we constantly strive to elevate your body, your mind, and your LIFE through a more encompassing approach to self-improvement and personal development.