8 Weeks from today, you can either be THAT much closer to having the best body of your entire life - or exactly as you are today... 

Feeling stuck, miserable, and uncomfortable in your own skin. Don't you think it's time to finally change that? My PROVEN SYSTEM can and will.


RoxStar Fitness Online Coaching

8 Week Total Fitness Lifestyle Transformation & Mentorship Coaching Program

w/ Expert Trainer IFBB Pro Roxie Beckles

  • Who feels like everything she’s done hasn’t worked. 
  • But know that somewhere out there a REAL SOLUTION is waiting for you… 
  • Is desperate for change… 
  • Lost her confidence and her voice… 
  • Wants to change what she sees when she looks in the mirror… 
  • Who KNOWS she has more to give to the world - and can only tap that once she finds her shine again. 
  • She's ready and feels enough is enough… 
  • She's is HUNGRY for a change… 
  • Ready to shift her thinking… 
  • Ready to eliminate limiting beliefs… 
  • Ready to set new goals again… 
  • And ready to finally take control BACK in her life…  
  • To love herself, and find her strength through her health and fitness… 

If this sounds anything like you...

What you're about to read on this page is for the woman that’s almost given up…

Let Me Ask You This Question…

  • How much longer are you willing to put yourself last?
  • How much longer are you willing to feel complacent about being average - or below your own standards?
  • How much longer are you willing to NOT be feel, and function at your best?
  • How much is it worth to you to wake up every single morning and love what you see in the mirror?
  • How much is it worth to you to finally achieve a goal that has been out of your reach for way too long?
  • How much is your LIFE worth the investment - in you?
  • If you knew that there’s a program, a true solution out there that could help you to grasp ALL of the tools you need to finally make PERMANENT changes in your body for life - would you embrace it?
  • If you could take complete control of your diet and your training with a customized, evidence-based, and RESULTS DRIVEN approach - would you commit?

And you are READY to work closely with me as your MENTOR - guiding you to your absolutely best body, best life, and best ever version of you YET.

Are you tired of the bullshit quick fixes, the “Instagram” inexperienced “coaches”, the fads, teas, waist trainers, and gimmicks that simply never worked, will never work - and make you lose money time and again on empty promises?

If You Answered YES To Any Of These, Then You Are READY To Become A Roxstar…

What IS the RoxStar Fitness Transform(Her) Fitness Lifestyle Coaching Program?

If you’ve never met me before, my name is Roxie Beckles.

I’m going to introduce myself to you later, but for now, I’ll tell you that I’ve been a fitness professional for well over 20 years.

There has been a trend that I’ve noticed within the fitness industry over the last few years, that has only grown worse with the expansion of social media…


Everyone in the fitness industry is now a so-called “coach."

You click on any social media profile, any YouTube Channel, or even open any magazine, and you’ll see all kinds of things being thrown at you about how to lose weight, and change your body.

You might have even tried several of these approaches and so-called “coaches” - only to find yourself burned, disappointed in the results (or extreme lack thereof), and invested in programs and protocols that simply DIDN’T WORK.

You see, the work of a coach is FAR DEEPER than these Instagram "coaches" are doing. 

  • A coach's job is to TRANSFORM you in more ways than just one.
  • It is their DUTY and OBLIGATION to help you to reach a higher plane in your fitness and nutrition.
  • It is their complete responsibility to teach you everything you need to know to not only get you to your goal - but to keep you there.
  • A REAL coach will answer ALL of your questions - openly, thoroughly, and honestly.
  • They are not afraid to teach you EVERYTHING they know so you can one day become independent and not need them any longer.
  • A REAL coach's job is to lead a client down a clearer path to their goals, fully support them, destroy limiting beliefs that hold them back, and finally deliver a result that will create a MAJOR SHIFT in the client - forever.

As A Fitness Professional Who Lives Life By Integrity I Personally Got Sick Of It, And Decided To Do Something About It.

I decided that it was time that SOMEONE steps up and starts teaching women EXACTLY what they need to know and to do to start creating permanent changes in their body.

And to do it in a way that promotes a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION on many levels.

You see the problem with most fitness programs is that they only address ONE part of the problem. They focus on telling you that all you need to do to reach your BEST BODY EVER is to simply change your diet and exercise more.

But you know as well as I that if it was that simple, you’d be looking like a superhero by now.

The problem with 99% of fitness programs, and what the industry is selling you as a “solution” to your most pressing fitness related issues is that they don’t get to the core of what’s really going on - and what’s really holding you back.

I’ve Mentored Over 1000 Clients From Around The Globe…

  • Women From All Walks of Life
  • 20 Different Countries
  • 4 Different Continents

And the NUMBER ONE THING that has been the major game changer, that has helped them to finally break free of the madness holding them back...

It's taking a look at how our work can shift their mindset, break bad habits, and unlock how FITNESS has the POWER to transform you in more ways than one.

Fitness IS The KEY to Your Total Body, LIFESTYLE, and Personal Growth TRANSFORMATION

  • Dig deep into the reasons why you haven’t seen results
  • Give you a 100 percent crystal clear roadmap to your goals.
  • Eliminate all of the major limiting beliefs that have made you fail time and again
  • Establish new habits that focus on getting you on track - and keeping you there no matter what
  • Shift your focus and mindset to one that zeros in on WINNING at this battle
  • Give you your confidence back so you can feel amazing, and be a force that turns heads everywhere you go
  • Make you feel EMPOWERED, strong, and fully committed to being your best self at all times
  • Give you the tools to be able to not only apply the amazing work and progress you’ll see in your fitness lifestyle - but to the REST of your life outside of the gym as well.

I made it my MISSION to create a program that not only will help you to take your training and nutrition to the next level…

But to fully UNLOCK THE CODE of what YOUR body needs to change for life, and to help you to establish a way of life that not only will get you there but KEEP YOU there in the long term.

In Just 8 Weeks We Are Going To...

What Makes MY Coaching and Mentorship Program The BEST CHOICE For You vs. Other Programs, Online Coaches, & Gym Trainers?

Look, here's the beauty of the times we live in... We ALL have endless options. But the problem with quantity is that it's often at the expense of QUALITY.

In this day and age, anyone can slap on the label of coach onto their name, and then BAM, they are now training clients.

Here's what's going on with these so-called "online coaches"...

  • Oftentimes they lack the experience.
  • Lack the credentials.
  • Many have never even hired a coach themselves, so they don't understand the expectation from a client standpoint.
  • They are trying to get as many clients as they can - in an effort to simply make money.
  • They use cookie cutter programs to accommodate the sheer number of people on their "roster".
  • They only pay close attention to those they feel are doing well - sometimes ignoring some clients who they don't see as their social media poster child.
  • They don't answer your questions, and simply expect you to do as you're told without learning WHY you're being told to do so.
  • They focus on the NOW, and not giving you the tools to not have to rely on them in the long term.
  • Yes, they give you a training program and a meal plan (SOMETIMES), and they tell you to check-in within a week, etc. But they aren't doing ANY of the DEEP work you need to do to see real success, real fat loss, REAL muscle gain, real results.

With In-Gym Personal Trainers...

  • You're a slave to their schedule, you have to show up when they are available.
  • Many lack the knowledge and ability to help you with your nutrition, diet, and meal planning (the MOST CRUCIAL part of this journey).
  • A lot are simply "glorified rep counters" - they just lead you around the gym, count your reps, and talk to you - but aren't REALLY getting the job done.
  • They are really only responsible for one aspect of your journey - your workouts. Everything else you need is up to you.
  • Your time and support with them starts and ends with your training session - but you KNOW you need more than just that.

Here's where BOTH of these options fail you time and again...

  • The reason why you haven't been successful ISN'T just having a diet and training program handed to you - if it was that simple, you'd already be lean, toned, strong, and in the best body of your life.
  • You need continual support, and someone who will hold you to the fire and show up for yourself - 24 HOURS A DAY.
  • You need to be taught not just what's going to GET YOU to your results but KEEP YOU THERE long after you're done.
  • You love to learn, and your coach should ALWAYS be willing to share their knowledge with you. Because the more you know, the better you can execute.
  • These other programs and approaches are MOST IMPORTANTLY not addressing your limiting beliefs, nor are they making you set clear goals PLUS the game plan to getting what you want.

My Mentorship and Coaching Program is DESIGNED With One Single Goal in Mind - YOUR SUCCESS. 

And Giving You Everything in My Power to Ensure 

The Results You Want ARE The Results You Get. PERIOD!

That means that I want you finally to have a PERMANENT SOLUTION that not only GETS YOU TO LOSE WEIGHT - but to do it for good. And have ALL the tools you need to maintain that change forever.

It takes a Hell of a lot more work on both of our ends. But what you are now paying for is YOUR FREEDOM - and YOUR CONTROL!

How much is that worth to you? And what are you willing to sacrifice to make that happen?

Together, we're going to craft for you the PERFECT plan to get you quick results, but results that you can easily maintain.

We're going to do that by taking a look at the pitfalls that are holding you back, and create solutions 1 by 1 to move them CLEAR our of your way.

What you’re missing in your program and approach right now is complete guidance. 

You want to not only eliminate the guesswork of what works, what doesn’t, and what simply works for YOU.

You’re frustrated with the runaround, and the empty promises left unfulfilled by other coaches, trainers, and programs you’ve done in the past.


You may be even sitting here right now, afraid to invest your hard earned dollars once again towards yet another “system” that doesn’t work.

But here’s the thing...

What I have is not only the perfect solution - but a SYSTEM that has helped to transform the bodies and LIVES of women just like you.

My approach and program is rooted in evidence-driven science - and proven results. It’s not simply about giving you a diet and training program and then sending you along your way.


What I am offering you is TOTAL FREEDOM.

A chance to finally take complete control of your training, nutrition, and your entire fitness lifestyle. And not only that…

My goal is to teach you exactly how your efforts, and your success at finally getting off those last few pounds, gaining your confidence, and loving who you are at the core are the amazing benefits of taking complete control of your fitness.

My MAIN Objective and Goal is to Have You FINISHED Working With Me - And FULLY INDEPENDENT 

- in 12 Months or LESS!

Why You Should Work With Me?

It's Simple, and Comes Down To This...

You're TIRED of the Same Ole B.S. and Run Around...

You want someone who ACTUALLY cares, ACTUALLY listens, and is TRULY there FOR YOU.

You need a coach and mentor who sees your goals as important to them as they are to you. 

And, one who simply promises to be there for you to hold you up when you fall down. A mentor and coach that leaves you better than you were before you met.

You understand how hard it is to actually find someone like this...

Who respects you, and knows you deserve to be treated as an individual - an adult.

You want someone who is on YOUR page, and whose knowledge and direction you can fully trust.

This is what I bring to the table for every single client I work with. 

And if these are the qualities that you know your perfect coach "for YOU" needs to have... Then there's no need for you to look any further. 

Who EXACTLY Is This Program For?

And Is It The RIGHT Solution for YOU...?

Understand that what I'm providing you is a 100% FULL SOLUTION to your main problems and issues when it comes to why you cannot get in shape... And why you keep failing on your own time and again.

This Program is PERFECT for You If...

  • You’re a woman in her 30s all the up to 50s+ and you’re looking to take FULL CONTROL of your life back - and it all starts with your fitness 
  • You have tried it all and are ready to make a full commitment to your goals and get REAL change 
  • You are 100% fully ready to make an investment in yourself - and not satisfied with cheap solutions. 
  • You already workout, or have consistently at one point in the past. 
  • You are the type who loves and needs to know the reasons WHY. 
  • You are a seeker of knowledge and want to learn what will work for you once and for all. 
  • You are tired of the run around from other coaches or trainers who don’t know what they’re doing 
  • You are ready to get on board and SERIOUSLY do whatever it takes to get your body where it needs to be 
  • You want more than just a coach - you want an actual MENTOR guiding you, standing by your side, and supporting you. Even when you fall down, even when you make mistakes, even when you know you’re not at your best.
  • You NEED someone to help you to bring out your fullest potential.

I only work with an intimate group of about 30-35 women per year! 

The question is... Will YOU be one of them?



  • You're an absolute beginner. You are better suited to learn your way around the gym, and build a foundation with a hands-on gym personal trainer.
  • You don't see the value in REALLY investing the money, effort and time it will take to get the job done - and do it for good.
  • You're in a place where you cannot fully commit.
  • You're looking for the cheapest, budget or "affordable" way to get to your goals right now.
  • You think all coaches and trainers are pretty much the same.
  • You don't see yourself as worthy as putting in time for yourself.
  • You want to mostly workout at home, and avoid the gym at all costs.
  • You just want someone to give you a diet and training program without the full support that my mentorship program provides.

This is a highly specialized coaching and mentorship opportunity.

It's intended only for women ready to reach their absolute best, and experience what being at their peak is truly like. And not only that, our main focus is creating lifelong change. 

And giving you ALL the tools to not only get to your dream body - but stay there for life.


What we do is a way of life - a true transformation, and the catalyst for you to finally become your best self and do it through fitness.

This Program is 100% NOT for You If...

How My Transform(Her) Total Transformation 

8 Week Total Fitness Lifestyle Transformation & Mentorship Coaching Program Works...

Week 1 is going to explore your reasons WHY. I often feel people get lost along the way, and hung up on the things that DON’T MATTER in the journey towards their goals. However, if we got into the habit of reminding ourselves WHY we’re doing all of this in the first place, we’ll be able to have a better time at staying on track.

Step 1: Getting Crystal Clear on Your Goals and EXACTLY What You Want to Accomplish in Our First 8 Weeks.

Week 4: Reflection, Reward, and Moving Forward

Before you’re sent your plan, and well before I even begin to design your customized program for you, you and I will sit and have a deep and serious conversation about what you want.

It’s not enough to get a plan sent to you without you being crystal clear on what the outcome will be, and exactly how we will get there.

So you and I will get on the phone, and have a personal conversation that digs DEEPLY into your goals, and identify exactly what you want to accomplish in our first 8 weeks together.

We'll identify 1 to 2 major pitfalls in 3 crucial areas that are currently holding you back:

  • Diet and Nutrition Pitfalls
  • Training Pitfalls
  • Mindset and Behavior Pitfalls

We will then come up with specific solutions to help you to take full control of your program and OWN the outcome. Making it 100% foolproof for you to be able to reach your ultimate goals.

My Massive Action/Maximal Results Intensive Will Do Exactly That For You.

Step 2: Tell Me Exactly What Your Perfect Program Would Be Like

If you are feeling a little down right now because the excitement of the initial push for you is now getting routine, this is going to be a crucial lesson for you to be able to grasp what’s important. It will help you to find some clarity and focus on your reasons WHY you’re doing this stuff in the first place. And serve as a means to bringing you back to one of the things you said would motivate you along the way. 

Once we've decided on a clear pathway to getting what you want out of your program, and your expected outcome - it's time for ME to get down to work.

You'll fill out a client questionnaire form which is going to lay out exactly what your needs are. 

  • You tell ME about your schedule and when you can hit up the gym.
  • Spell out EXACTLY what your food preferences are from your likes/dislikes/sensitivities/allergies. From there I will design a custom meal plan tailored to YOUR needs.
  • Let me know if there are any special considerations you need when it comes to your program - from injuries, concerns and more.
  • Give me ALL of the details and concerns on your mind so that I can make sure your plan is tailored to exactly what YOUR body needs to have the most success.

Week 8: The Sky Is The Limit - Where You're Going From Here

Step 3: Execute Your Program and Establish Your Foundation

Week 2: Facing Detrimental Habits and Mind Taffy

Once I send you your plan, you're all set and ready to go!

It's time to execute your game plan - as a team. You and I will work closely together through your first week on the program. 

  • Making sure your meal plan is perfectly set for your needs. 
  • Ensuring you head into the gym with confidence and the focus ready to kill your workouts.
  • Getting your head in the game and prepared to conquer any new challenges that come your way.

It's at this point that we keep a VERY close eye on you as you embark on your new way of life.

2 or 3 days after getting your plan, you'll get back on the phone with me so that I can answer any questions you have, and give you FULL SUPPORT as you master your new program.

Our main focus at this point is to establish a foundation for you that will carry you through the rest of our work together - and the exact way you will get your desired results... AND keep them for a lifetime.

We live in a world, and in an existence whereby the time we can cognitively recognize ourselves as individuals, we’ve already written the story about who we are at the core. And over the years, that sense of who we are – and what we perceive OURSELVES to be – can be shifted and molded due to experience and circumstance. Week 3 is about getting back to the foundation of YOU. To either build or REbuild that foundation. And give you the true clarity and motivation behind what we are doing, and why!  

Step 4: Begin Our Massive Action Maximal Results Workshop

Week 6: Owning Up - And What Are You STILL Struggling With?

Now, as we've discussed in great detail earlier...

The biggest problem you have isn't simply fixed by giving you a training and diet program to follow.

Instead, we need to - no, we MUST - get to the bottom of the limiting beliefs you have about your journey, and get them out of your way.

And as we do this, we need to get DEEPLY CONNECTED with your REASONS WHY you're doing this stuff in the first place. We need to make sure that you are deeply connected EMOTIONALLY to your efforts - so this way you NEVER QUIT.

For Week 7, I want to pass an important gift to you that I feel is crucial in the process of getting to your best body yet… And that’s the ability to keep positive, and view YOURSELF positively in the process. Even as you see the things you want to change about you. Even as you accept that there are still some flaws you want to correct. It’s important to appreciate where you are in the here and now – all while working towards your best self.

By this point, you should feel like I’m speaking directly to you! 

And if so, I know you want to know how everything works, and exactly how I can deliver your fitness success DIRECTLY to you.

Let me show you how things work, and what you can expect once we get you up and started.

Check Out The Details of Each Week of My 

Massive Action/Maximal Results Workshop:

Step 5: Send Your Updates Weekly For Feedback

Week 1: Name and Claim Your Purpose

Personal feedback and accountability is the CORNERSTONE of our work together.

To ensure that you ALWAYS stay on track, and ahead of the game, you are required to send an update to me each and every week.

  • For your update, you'll submit your pics, weight, and measurements so we can keep a pulse on your physical changes.
  • You'll answer detailed feedback questions so we consider how you are getting through each week from a mental and emotional standpoint.
  • You'll set new weekly goals to keep you focused on the road ahead.

In return, I'll go closely comb over your update, and give you detailed feedback and advice via a special MP3 recording created specifically for you.

And in this way, you'll always have me literally IN YOUR EAR, coaching you every step of the way. By your side, and rooting for your best.

Week 2 is focused on helping you to find your focus, and inner peace in this process. We are going to identify habits that have historically thrown you off your game up to this point, and then identify ways to get over them/avoid them (if possible). Or at the VERY LEAST, equip you to be better prepared to deal with difficult situations, confidently, as they arise.

Step 6: Talk to Me Bi-Weekly in Our Group Coaching Calls

Week 3: Establishing New Habits and Positive Thinking

Support is one of the most important aspects of staying on your personal transformation journey.

And as I say to every single client I work with - I am just ONE person out of billions on this planet.

Although, yes, I am an expert at what I do, we have an amazing network of RoxStars from AROUND THE WORLD. 

Each of them has a story to tell. Triumphs to share, and obstacles to overcome.

What's amazing for you is that you get to tap DIRECTLY into this network.

You get to learn from, and be inspired by others - just like you.

Every other week, you'll get onto an intimate group coaching call with myself and a small number of our RoxStar Fitness clients. During that call, you'll have an opportunity to reflect upon and celebrate breakthroughs and triumphs you made during the week.

And to keep you on track, you'll be able to discuss what obstacles and pitfalls are currently holding you back. I'll then help you to create solutions to get them out of your way, so that you can continue to see progress - and avoid needless plateaus.

Having gratitude is the KEY to success when it comes to your goals.  We are going to take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come, and exactly what you feel you’ve accomplished by way of this workshop. Next we are going to take a step into the future to set your next round of goals for next month in our program. You’ll feel accomplished, rewarded, and on top of the world when you realize how much you’re winning at this game – right now.

Week 5: Goal Reassessment and Where Are You NOW?

Step 7: Determine Your Next Moves Towards Your Forever

What Happens After My 8 Weeks is Done - Can I Continue Coaching?

Every single RoxStar begins working with me in my 8 Week Transform(Her) program - regardless of her goals.

But the truth of the matter is that 8 weeks is only the beginning of our work - and we may not be fully done yet.

Once you complete your 8 weeks, we will sit together and plan out the rest of your path towards your goals.

For many of my clients, that means transitioning into my longer-term ongoing coaching and mentorship program.  This program allows us to work closely together for a period of 6 to 12 months.

For others, that may mean taking a look at the possibilities of doing a contest prep - and getting ready to step on a stage. Your personal timeline will be determined by us both.

Whatever that is FOR YOU - we'll determine that move at that point, and make sure that you NEVER skip a beat in getting to the next level. 

And more importantly, establishing all the tools you need to get to your dream body, to continue to transform your lifestyle, and to get there FOR GOOD.

Week 6 of our intensive is about going over something I told you I wanted you to do when you started… Taking ownership of your progress.  

Here’s the thing. It’s easy to get complacent. It’s easy to start to see things going your way, or even to FEEL like you’re doing all you can – but there’s still more you can give. And it’s when complacency starts setting in that you lose motivation. You lose interest, and you lose that fire you had when you started on your journey. 

So this week, I want to take a look at giving you a reminder of what’s important right now… And exactly where the responsibility for your success along this journey lies.

Week 7: What Can You Appreciate About You?

Each week, for our initial 8 weeks of work together, I'll be sending you easy to complete assignments. These assignments are going to challenge you to take a deeper look at your fitness journey.

  • Together, we'll set weekly and daily goals.
  • We'll stop and appreciate the things you notice about your accomplishments in the HERE AND NOW.
  • You'll take pride in your progress as we celebrate every inch lost, every pound lost, and every new physical triumph you achieve along the way.
  • You will challenge yourself every week by taking yourself outside of your comfort zone.
  • You'll be amazed how every single week you'll achieve new PR's in the gym, and see your strength improve from inside out.

The point of our Massive Action/Maximal Results Workshop is to give you MORE. 

To make sure you are always raising the bar, and being completely responsible and proactive in your full body and fitness lifestyle transformation.

For Week 8, we are finally bringing our foundational work to a close. And I really hope that this intensive has helped you to grow, and gave you the tools you need to see some amazing changes in your body thus far. But guess what… The journey is ONLY JUST BEGINNING. There is so much more for you to achieve. In our final week, we'll explore some of that, and allow you to plant the seeds to reaching the apex of your own desires when it comes to your fitness, and how it impacts your life.

Here's What A Few of My Clients Have to Say...

Are You Ready to INVEST In You?

Now, I have to warn you...

In order for you to take part in this total transformation program, and to change your ENTIRE LIFE, your body, lifestyle and health FOR GOOD is going to require you to invest in yourself.

This is not a program for those who DO NOT value a high level of service.

How Much Does My Program Cost?

Payment Option #1 - 1 EZ Payment

The real question is, how much are you ready to invest in you and YOUR goals?

I bet up to this point you’ve been spending your money on so-called coaches and/or trainers who have led you to ZERO results, but were cheap. Here’s the thing…

You will ALWAYS get what you pay for.

What I need you to understand is this…

  • My program is a fully hands-on COACHING program where you will be working personally with me
  • My program is a TRANSFORMATIONAL program that not only gives you a game plan for success with your training and nutrition but also addresses the big elephant in the room – all that mind taffy and negative self-sabotaging talk that gets you down each-and-every-day
  • My program is ONLY for serious clients looking for real results who are tired of the bullshit everyone else is dishing
  • My program is NOT for those looking for the cheapest way to get in shape, and are unwilling to invest in themselves.

You will need to feel comfortable investing in a high-level premium program (if you’ve never done this before). I offer installment payments for all programs I offer, and you can expect to pay (after an initial deposit) about $600 to $700 per month to complete your installments. 

My ongoing coaching options are for 6 to 12 months, and moves to a simple month to month payment thereafter should you decide to continue past our initial 8 week foundation building time frame.

Also realize, what I offer is FAR BEYOND, the run of the mill coaching programs out there. These are NOT coaching programs, they are simple online training arrangements where you get a program, a diet, and email feedback with a fitness professional. Cheaper programs are 100% NOT ON PAR with what I offer. So they cannot be compared equally.

If you are ready and willing to invest, put some skin in the game so you can show up, and really do a program that can quite possibly be the LAST online coaching program you’ll ever need (should you choose) then we definitely need to speak. And, you’ll be happy to get what you pay for.

$997 Down

$697 x 2 EZ Installments

8 Week Transform(Her) Mentorship and Coaching Program - $2700

$597 Down

$697 x 3 EZ Installments

Payment Option #2 - 3 EZ Installment Payments


  • Pay $997 Down to start your program, then schedule 2 EZ payments of $697 set at 2-week intervals - usually the 1st and 15th of the month.
  • If you need to adjust those dates, we can discuss this.
  • Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, and AMEX accepted through my company's merchant account.
  • After 8 weeks, continual coaching is $600-$700 per month (month to month)
  • Save an IMMEDIATE $700 if you pay with 1 EZ Payment upfront.
  • Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, and AMEX accepted through my company's merchant account.
  • After 8 weeks, continual coaching is $600-$700 per month (month to month)

Payment Option #3 - 4 EZ Installment Payments

Enrolling in this program means you are buying into your FREEDOM. You are finally going to accomplish a goal that once seemed impossible. And you'll be investing in becoming the truly amazing woman on the outside you've always known you were deep inside...

What VALUE do you place on that? How much are YOU worth to you?

  • Pay $597 Down, then schedule 3 EZ payments of $697 set at 2-week intervals - usually the 1st and 15th of the month.
  • You will get your program in hand AFTER the payment of $597 AND your 1st payment of $697. You set the dates for this, and we'll make it happen!
  • Making your 1st payment of $597 will begin the process for us to work together. We'll schedule your goal setting call, and get you everything you need to fill out so I can start to design your perfect program. Your program will be released to you via email once you make your 1st installment of $697.
  • Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, and AMEX accepted through my company's merchant account.
  • After 8 weeks, continual coaching is $600-$700 per month (month to month)

HOLD UP - Wait... Before You Say No

Let's Honestly Discuss Fears & Objections

You most certainly can. And in fact I invite you to.

The one thing you won't find is THIS program and this SPECIFC solution.

  • THIS level of detail.
  • THIS degree of expertise.
  • THIS degree of care.
  • THIS degree of support.
  • THIS degree of customization.
  • THIS degree of clarity, motivation and hands-on interaction.
  • THIS degree of assurance for long-term results.
  • THIS approach focused on your FREEDOM and getting you to a point of independence.

When coaches charge less, understand you will get what you pay for.

  • Mediocrity
  • Cookie-cutter
  • Disregard
  • Temporary results

You don't go shopping at Ross or Dress Barn, and expect to get Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue quality or service.

Coaching is the same thing.

Consider this...

How many coaches or trainers have you already worked with up to this point? 

What's the TOTAL you've spent working with that person (or people) you hired? Now, consider all of that wasted money on programs that were simply BAND-AID SOLUTIONS.

With all that you've probably spent, you should be at your goal already!

So let's correct that now. And get you what you need the first time, right now, and the right way.

You've already been running around in the same circles for months, maybe even years now. 

While you're sitting around "thinking about it," here's exactly what's going to happen next...

  • Your waistline is getting bigger.
  • Your body isn't changing - at all.
  • You could be putting on even more body fat.
  • You'll keep seeing the scale either stall or continue to go up.
  • You'll still feel uncomfortable in your own skin and loathe your reflection.
  • You'll be unhappy, fed up, and you might even just give up.
  • You'll sit on an opportunity to change your life when you KNOW you need to just shut up, get up, and commit.


I'm going to call you out.

For you to say you'll "think about it" simply proves you're not really that serious about getting to your goals. And you don't mind just being ok with feeling miserable deep down inside.

Your burning desire to TRANSFORM YOUR BODY AND YOUR LIFE has to be strong enough for you to put your foot down and say - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

You thinking about it is simply an excuse for you to use your logical mind to talk yourself out of the decision to DO SOMETHING.

Thinking about it means you are trying to justify why you should stay the same.

Look! Whatever isn't growing and changing is DEAD.

You still have a lot of living to do... And you need to live your days to the FULLEST - before the end of your days arrives.

So stop THINKING, and start DOING... Trust your gut and what's in your HEART.

This means everything to you.

So let's team up and change your body, and entire life today.

Objection #1 - I Can't Afford It

I've taken the time to lay everything out for you because I want you to make the absolute MOST informed decision before moving forward.

By the time you get onto the phone with me, I know you're halfway into making your decision. All that's left is to determine that we are indeed the perfect match, and WE BOTH decide that - YES, we wish to move forward.

What I want you to do BEFORE setting your appointment up with me is to discuss your decision with your significant other.

If you have someone by your side who has a say in your financial moves, then out of respect, I want you to disclose your choices openly with them. And to also make sure you are both on the same page.

If this person may be an obstacle to you moving forward, and you're afraid they may talk you out of it, then see if they are available to jump onto the last 20 mins of our call where I can break down how everything works. I can also use that time to answer both of your questions.

I know you're serious about what you want, so let's make sure that no one is there to stop you from getting that. Especially if you know that you doing this can significantly impact and improve your relationship with your partner as well.

Here's the truth, with the exception of those who are TRULY in a financial bind, for many of us, we afford what we want to afford

We've all been in a position where we know that we want something that means something to us. Owning it, or experiencing it, will enhance our lives in some way. So we find a way to MAKE US ABLE to afford it.

Many of my clients will look at what temporary things they can give up or sacrafice (that don't impeded on the neccessities of life) in order to buy their way into FREEDOM. To invest in their goals - and doing it right the first time.

Keep this in mind, you will ALWAYS PAY FOR HIGH QUALITY.

The more individualized and detailed the program, the more you have to put skin in the game. When you have skin in the game - YOU SHOW UP AND GET THE WORK DONE.

You're invested and failing isn't an option. For me to lowball you either proves that my program isn't as great as I promise it is, or that my main focus is to enroll as many as possible to make money - regardless of who gets results.

After considering your budget, and you know this is something that you want - and can get resourceful to make happen... 

Get on the phone with me and let's discuss your options for payment.

I offer easy payment plans that can be adjusted for any budget and concern - as long as you decide that you want to move forward and make this happen - for you.

Now, I know for some, you heart sank a little because you are concerned and wondering if you can "afford" to work with me.

This might well be the biggest investment you've EVER made in your health, your fitness, and your goals (so you THINK - we'll break this down in a bit). And you may have some trepidations about moving forward.

You might even be a little fearful to invest in my solution (even if you feel it's perfect for you) because other methods may have failed you in the past.

So let's take a moment to address some common fears and objections - and help you to see why this is one of the best investments in YOU that you will ever make.

Objection #2 - How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?

Objection #4 - I Need To Talk To My Significant Other First

Once again, I have to be quite frank with you. I cannot guarantee you results.

Your results are contingent upon your participation and full compliance in my program. It's dependent upon you stepping up to the plate and CHOOSING to do something different. Something way more than ever before.

What I do know is that I will do EVERYTHING in my power to ensure you have an amazing experience, and that we aim for getting you real results.

I am willing to listen to your concerns, to watch your progress closely, and to make the adjustments neccessary to keep you moving forward. 

My only requirement, you show up, you do the work. You put in 100% and you get the job done. 

Objection #5 - I Need To Think About It...

Objection #3 - I Can Find Another Coach Who Charges Less



Now It's YOUR TURN to Make a Move


If you're ready to take the next moves, and finally get to the body of your dreams, then you need to set an appointment with me RIGHT NOW.

In 60 minutes, you and I will discuss your goals and your needs thoroughly. During our call, we'll identify exactly what's going on with your current program, and zero in on what's missing, and stopping you from seeing results.


The ball is now in your court...

  • How much longer are you willing to stay exactly the same?
  • How much longer are you willing to look at yourself in the mirror and loathe what you see?
  • How much longer are you willing to feel uncomfortable in your own skin?
  • Don't you think that you DESERVE to finally start seeing some REAL RESULTS?
  • Don't you think it's about time for you to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY?
  • Are you willing to put off your happiness another second, minute, day, month, year?
  • Are you willing to allow this opportunity to FINALLY get your body to the shape and size that you want it to pass you by?
  • Is taking control of your life, and your health not that important to you?

Your Time is NOW! And It's Now or Never...

You Cannot Afford to NOT Take Action

Or To Talk Yourself Out of a Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

Here's one thing I will tell you...

You can search all over the internet for a program like mine - and try to find it at a cheaper rate, or with another coach... But you'll fail miserably at finding any comparison.


Because this program is specially made from the heart. From my mind, my drive, my passion for the fitness industry, and my dedication to seeing every single client succeed.

For some, investing $1997 into their fitness endeavors is a new thing. And you may be a bit worried to do so.

  • How can you GUARANTEE this will work?
  • How can you be sure that it's not like the other worthless coach or trainer you may have hired?
  • How can you be sure that you'll get results.

Here's what I want you to understand...

When you actually INVEST in you - your goals, your hopes and your dreams - it forces you to step up like never before.

When you have enough skin in the game, you do EVERYTHING in your power to get the job done, you show up and give it your all. 

And it's through this level of dedication, consistency, accountability, and taking our work seriously that solidifies your results.



Just because you want to work with me - it doesn't mean you can or will...

Here's the other thing...

I'm not here to collect a huge client list. And I'm not here to make a ton of money off of cookie cutter programming and just taking anyone on.

I dedicate myself to only working with the BEST clients on the planet.

Even more, I only surround myself and my current clients with those who want to be the best they've ever been. To evolve into the woman they've always wanted to be...

And most of all, clients who are desperate for permanent change that they are willing to work for no matter what.

So this 60 minute phone call is an opportunity for BOTH YOU AND I to decide if we wish to move forward and work together.

You might say no, or I might say no...

But if we both agree that it's a definitive YES - then you can feel rest assured, and be prepared to completely change your fitness life - and entire lifestyle - forever.

Let's Discuss Your Options - Get On The Phone With Me NOW - 100% For FREE!

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