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You’re ready to FINALLY make some major changes in your body, and more over, in your LIFE.

You know that this process is going to take MORE than being handed a diet and a training program to follow…

You’re FINALLY ready to make the full throated commitment to getting sh-t DONE, and getting to your goals.

If that sounds like you, it will be my honor to serve you.

For me, coaching is about helping a client to truly develop into their best selves. Because my work can greatly impact all of the aspects of your entire life.


Here’s how working with me can change YOU in a major way:

  • Imagine how EMPOWERED you’ll feel once you are finally in a groove that becomes second nature to you.
  • How you’d feel if you started implement an entire way of life that impacts you physically, and leads to tremendous change in your body.
  • How you’d feel looking in the mirror, seeing your hard work manifested before your eyes… Loving the changes.
  • The feeling of being able to wear clothes that you thought you’d never get into again… How would THAT feel?
  • Knowing that your significant other looks at you with awe, and great pride in you being able to change your body – which improves your relationship because you’ve found the love for YOU first.
  • The feeling of putting on years to your life. Leaving behind health issues, joint aches and pains, and hereditary diseases that come by way of your unhealthy life choices.
  • That feeling of being a shining example to your children, or others around you, that this lifestyle is a CHOICE and it can impact you in positive ways well outside of the gym.
  • The confidence you’ll gain from taking control of your body and taking control of your life.
  • Imagine getting on a body building stage for the very first time – if that’s your goal – and finally being able to say… Yeah I f-ckin’ DID THAT!
  • If you compete already, imagine how it would feel knowing you can prep for a show the SANE WAY, and STILL look your absolute most incredible best.
  • That you can do this with a diet and training program that DOES NOT negatively impact your health after the show.
  • Imagine how you would feel as a competitor, finally moving up the ranks, placing higher and better each show.
  • How would you feel if FINALLY you were able to earn your pro card?
  • Imagine how your life can change simply by taking control of your health and your fitness, and having a REAL ACTUAL COACH by your side during the entire process… Pushing you. Encouraging you. Giving you a CLEAR ROAD MAP. And when needed – the tough love to keep you accountable.


THAT is What My Program Is About!

I’m NOT Selling You Simply a Diet and Training Program.

I AM Offering You a Way of LIFE

Coaching Program Offerings & Special Workshops

Follow These Steps to Get Started

The first steps to getting started with me is to first look over the programs that I offer below. Read through the description, and see which one best describes your current situation.

  • Click the link for the program that best interests you.
  • Read through the program information to familiarize yourself with what you can expect, and how I can tremendously impact your life – both in and out of the gym.
  • Get the ball rolling by requesting a complimentary discovery call so we can speak further, talk more about your goals and needs, and finalize the program which will be perfect for you.

12 to 16 Week Inner Circle VIP Coaching Program

Level 1: 12 Week Non-Competitor/Aspiring Competitor/Off-Season Competitor Coaching

Level 2: 16 Week Team RoxStar Contest Prep Coaching

You’re an independent woman! You know your way around the gym, and you are already somewhat on a healthy path. The problem is, you’ve been doing this for so long, and you’ve hit a plateau. Everything you’re trying to do, simply isn’t working. And you’re super frustrated with the process and know you need help.

You could be someone who has no intentions to compete, OR you are a competitor – or aspire to be one day.

If you compete, you’re off-season and looking for a way to make incredible gains during that time. When it’s time to prep, you want to have an option that offers a little more freedom, all while still getting you safely to your goals.

If this sounds like you… You’re the perfect fit for my Inner Circle VIP Coaching Program.

  • Non-Competitor & Competitors
  • Intermediate to Advanced Trainees
  • Go Getter: Can work pretty independently under guidance
  • You want ongoing coaching with an open ended goal to go at your own pace (without a time limit)
  • You are already pretty disciplined and don’t need your hand held
  • You’re near enough to your goals that it’s not a desperate situation – in your heart you know you just need that extra boost
  • You may have just completed my 8 Week RoxStar Training Camp Transformation Program and looking to continue the work we’ve established in a more independent environment
  • You want to have your goals spelled out and have the accountability that you need to truly be success at your goals.
  • If you’re considering contest prep, you want to have things all spelled out, and you want to be able to work with me at an investment that’s a bit more friendly to your budget

Team RoxStar 16 Week PLATINUM Contest Prep & Off-Season Competitor Development Program

For VERY SERIOUS and Dedicated Current Competitors or Aspiring/New Competitors who want MORE. Super hands on, all 100% customized programming. This is my HIGHEST level of contest prep and competitor off-season programming.

You love bodybuilding. It’s been a dream of yours for YEARS, and nothing makes you feel more amazing than stepping on stage in a beautiful suit, showing off your hard work.

A SMART contest prep means everything to you. You’re not one of those “whatever it takes” (meaning compromising your health) type of women. For you, prep has to train you HARD (yes, you know this), but it also has to take into consideration that you have a life, a family, and yourself outside of this sport to take care of.

You want to do this the RIGHT WAY. You need hands on help that is 1000% customized to your personal needs and goals. You don’t want to have to think. You want a coach who will spell it all out for you so you can go on autopilot and kill it. Plus having a program that includes EVERYTHING from your diet, your training, cardio, posing/presentation, constant contact with your coach, and full support is CRUCIAL to you.

If this sounds like you… You’re the perfect fit for my Team Roxstar 16 Week Platinum Contest Prep & Competitor Development Program

  • Seasoned or newbie competitors
  • Want to have a fully hands on experience
  • Looking to improve placings, or head to the national level, or you want to turn pro
  • You want to work with me to help you to become a top level athlete, or simply bring a look that can WIN shows
  • Want to do an off season that will get you on the FASTEST track to improvement from extremely detailed and personalized coaching

RoxStar Training Camp: 8 Week Total Transformation Intensive

You are REALLY (REALLY) at your witts end. You’re depressed about where you are right now, to the point where you feel like giving up.

It seems like everything you’ve TRIED has failed.

You’ve been disciplined in the past, but this time, it’s different. You can’t get ahead, your motivation is low, and you keep self-sabotaging your efforts by making unhealthy choices, and simply bad habits.

You know things HAVE TO change. And they HAVE TO CHANGE NOW. You’re gaining weight, and you feel completely hopeless. This is your last straw (you say to yourself). But then you think, how can you ever let yourself actually live the entire rest of your life uncomfortable in your own skin.

You need, DESPERATELY NEED, an emergency situation. You need hands on help. You need a coach who is literally going to be there by your side day in and day out, until you get back on your feet.

You need someone to help you to unlearn bad habits, and completely re-establish your lifestyle. Heck, you NEED to establish a foundation for a healthy lifestyle – point blank. This is NOT you. This CANNOT be you. This WILL NOT be you. Because you’re ready to take control and do the work required to be better, to love yourself, and to finally live.

And you know your health and fitness play a MAJOR role in that.

You’ve been doing your research, and you know in your heart that us working together would be one unstoppable pair – that can help you to conquer the whole damn world if you wish.

If this sounds like you… You’re the perfect fit for my RoxStar Training Camp 8 Week Total Transformation Program.

  • Designed for women who are in the most desperate need for help
  • This is for those who know that having a little freedom and working on their own right now is NOT going to be the answer
  • You need full support, accountability, and someone that’s going to be FULLY HANDS ON
  • You need everything spelled out for you so that you don’t have to even think. You follow your plan, you leave the tweaking to me, and you focus on the more important things like adjusting your lifestyle, preparing your day/week, and doing the things that solidify long term change
  • You refuse to be complacent anymore and need a program that will kick you into high gear QUICKLY
  • You know your way around the gym, and have been working out for more than 2 years (even if it’s not consistent – you’re not a beginner)
  • You are willing to get yourself to the gym to train, and make the complete lifestyle overhaul and deep work we need to make this baby happen

New Clients Will Be Accepted Starting October 1st, 2017. For more info email me directly at