Thank you so much for your interest in working with me. My biggest passion is being able to help women just like you to love themselves, discover who they are at the core, to rewrite their stories, and take control of their lives through the vehicle of health and fitness.

You’re a woman who understands that nothing in your life can fall into place without your health, your mindset, and your body being in the best it’s ever been. For you, you’re at a point where you’re ready to take control and do it RIGHT this time.

Whether you’re a competitor or not, I have a program level that is perfect for you – and your budget.

Please see the details below for the programs that I offer. To get to know which one is perfect for you a little better, please take a moment to watch the special video presentations I have explaining each.

When you’re ready, set up a time to speak to me so we can get you started!

**Please Note: If you’re ready to create massive change in your body and your life, don’t wait! Take action now. The rates and packages below are subject to change at any time. Lock in our current packages now – and see the details for each below.**

1:1 VIP Online Coaching & Mentorship

Looking for hands-on, deep, personalized help? My VIP Coaching and Mentorship Program is perfect for you. You’ll work closely with me by way of personalized programming and actual daily contact with me.

This is the level also most appropriate for those looking for contest prep.

I work with competitors and non-competitors alike. Please watch the video presentation for more information.

Investment: $397 – $697/Month-to-Month

1:1 In-Person Private Training & Coaching

If you are looking to work with me live, and in person, and you’re in the Los Angeles area, this is the perfect program for you.

I have a 12 week FULLY  hands-on training, nutrition, and in-person mentorship program. This is a full service program that goes WELL beyond just showing up at the gym for a few sessions. This is intended for clients who want SIGNIFICANT changes that will last a lifetime.

Investment: Starting at $2300 for 12-Weeks

Single Private Coaching Consulting Call

Not looking for long-term coaching right now, but really need to sit down and rack my brain for direct assistance? Well this coaching call is perfect for you.

If you have specific questions about your diet and training, and some next steps that you need to take to personally tweak your current plan, then you can get on the phone with me so we can develop your next step. Please fill out an application FIRST, and I will reach out to you to let you know if getting on a call is advantageous for you.

Investment: $150 30-Min Consultation Call; $200 60-Min Consultation Call

Private Posing Session

Ready to step up your presentation for your next show?

If you’re a figure, fitness, women’s physique, bodybuilding, or wellness competitor I can help you to look  your absolute BEST. Get yourself signed up for a private coaching session.

Begin with a 60 minute session that will help you to look like a WINNER right now.

Investment: $115 60-Minute Posing Session

Self-Paced Membership Program

Want to take your training and nutrition to the next level, all while learning the WHY and HOW behind the process?

If you’re the type of woman who really loves to learn, expand her knowledge, and yearns to get a greater grasp on how to take control of your training and nutrition – while doing it at your own pace… My membership program is PERFECT for you.

Not only will you have access to incredible workouts and eCourses to step up your game, but you’ll also be able to get personal help when YOU need it.

Investment: $97/Month-to-Month

Shop eBooks and eCourses

Not looking for coaching right now, but you want to buy eBooks, workouts, and eCourses that you can have access to FOREVER…

My online store is CHOCK full of amazing content to help you to learn how to create your own programs, get unstuck, blast through plateaus, get your focus, improve your mindset, boost your confidence, and MORE.

Get instant access to my top programs available for direct download, right now.

Investment: Starting at $9.97 and up