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You’re ready to FINALLY make some major changes in your body, and moreover, in your LIFE.

You know that this process is going to take MORE than being handed a diet and a training program to follow…

You’re FINALLY ready to make the full throated commitment to getting sh-t DONE, and getting to your goals.

If that sounds like you, it will be my honor to serve you.

For me, coaching is about helping a client to truly develop into their best selves. Because my work can greatly impact all of the aspects of your entire life.

I Provide a Hybrid MENTORSHIP Program Between In-Person Personal Training, Online Training, and Life Coaching

Here’s how working with me can change YOU in a major way:

  • Imagine how EMPOWERED you’ll feel once you are finally in a groove that becomes second nature to you.
  • How you’d feel if you started implementing an entire way of life that impacts you physically, and leads to a tremendous change in your body.
  • How you’d feel looking in the mirror, seeing your hard work manifested before your eyes… Loving the changes.
  • The feeling of being able to wear clothes that you thought you’d never get into again… How would THAT feel?
  • Knowing that your significant other looks at you with awe, and great pride in you being able to change your body – which improves your relationship because you’ve found the love for YOU first.
  • The feeling of putting on years to your life. Leaving behind health issues, joint aches and pains, and hereditary diseases that come by way of your unhealthy life choices.
  • That feeling of being a shining example to your children, or others around you, that this lifestyle is a CHOICE and it can impact you in positive ways well outside of the gym.
  • The confidence you’ll gain from taking control of your body and taking control of your life.
  • Imagine how your life can change simply by taking control of your health and your fitness and having a REAL ACTUAL COACH by your side during the entire process… Pushing you. Encouraging you. Giving you a CLEAR ROADMAP. And when needed – the tough love to keep you accountable.


For Competitors

  • Imagine getting on a bodybuilding stage for the very first time – if that’s your goal – and finally being able to say… Yeah, I f-ckin’ DID THAT!
  • If you compete already, imagine how it would feel knowing you can prep for a show the SANE WAY, and STILL look your absolute most incredible best.
  • That you can do this with a diet and training program that DOES NOT negatively impact your health after the show.
  • Imagine how you would feel as a competitor, finally moving up the ranks, placing higher and better each show.
  • How would you feel if FINALLY, you were able to earn your pro card?

I work with BOTH Competitors & Non-Competitors

You don’t ever have to want to step on stage to work with me. I work with both competitors (newbie and seasoned) and non-competitor clients alike.

Your programming is detailed and tailored for your needs. Click below to get a little more information about what we’ll focus on based on your personal goals.

New or Experienced Competitors

Want to Step on Stage?

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned athlete, my contest prep and competitor development program is all about bringing out the BEST you on (and off) stage. Let’s create a plan that brings balance, and hard work – TOGETHER. And gets you on that stage looking like, and feeling like, an absolute WINNER. All Science/NO B.S.


Look and FEEL Your Best

If you have no aspirations to step on stage, but you want to get into (and STAY in) the best shape of your life, then I want you to click here. Let me show you how we can transform your body – and your entire life through fitness. And give you the tools for LONG-TERM success. Because it’s not just about GETTING THERE – it’s about STAYING there.

Follow These Steps to Get Started

The first step to getting started with me is to first learn more about the programs that I offer below. Before you get on the phone with me, I want you to really feel like this is the right fit for you – and that you’re ready to invest in YOU. I want you to feel like all we need to do is hash out the details, and see which coaching level works for you.


  • Step 1: Click the button below to sign up for a special video presentation where I go over WHO my program is for, and how I can help solve your most nagging problem when it comes to what’s holding you back with your fitness goals.
    • Choose a time that works for you, presentations begin every 5 minutes OR you can schedule yourself in the next available event later in the day.


  • Step 2: Follow through with the next few emails I send to give you more details about my programming, so you can really feel in your gut if this going to be the PERFECT solution for you.


  • Step 3: SIGN UP FOR A FREE 30 MINUTE COMPLIMENTARY CALL: Get the ball rolling by requesting a complimentary clarity call so we can speak further, talk more about your goals and needs, and finalize the program which will be perfect for you.


  • Step 4: After you set your appointment, KEEP YOUR EYES OUT FOR A TEXT MESSAGE FROM ME CONFIRMING YOUR CALL. Once you set your call time, I will text you directly to make sure that your number is correct and to just connect with you right away. Your call will not occur if you don’t reply to the text.

Step 1: Watch This Video Presentation to Learn More About My Coaching & Mentorship Program

Let’s get you started on your path to possibly becoming a RoxStar now! Click the button below to sign up for our next video presentation so you can see exactly why our program is like no other you’ve done before. And can be that final solution you need to get you to your fitness goals – ALL SCIENCE/NO BS.