RoxStars Shining On Stage This Past Weekend – November 8, 2014

Connie and Karli - Nov 8 2014

Huge Congrats for our RoxStars this weekend. We have a top 10 finish AND a clean sweep at this past weekend’s shows. So proud of their work! Show some love, like/share/comment:

Connie Braaten took the stage in Los Angeles at the NPC Irongames. She worked really hard for this prep, and although it wasn’t the easiest prep for her, she still ruled triumphantly. The judges gave her great accolades on her stage presence and posing. She placed 6th in a competitive line up. We couldn’t be more proud and look forward to her hitting the stage once again in a few weeks at the NPC Ferrigno Legacy in Santa Barbara, CA.

Karli Funk had a goal of competing at the 2014 Eastern USA. Throughout her prep, she set in her mind the goal of winning her class, and winning the overall. She came to us last year right after competing at the 2013 NPC Eastern USA, and started her off season with the focus on improvement.

karli 1 day out before after

We’re happy to report that not only did Karli win her class but she won the Open Figure E Class, the Novice Figure B Class, the Novice Figure Overall, and the Open Figure Overall. So basically, she went in there and cleaned the whole show out! We are so excited and proud of her work, and we look forward to her hitting up the stage once again at the NPC East Coast Championships.

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