Empowering Transformation: Denise’s Journey to the Stage at 61

In a world that often associates age with limitations, there are those who shatter these boundaries, proving that one’s true potential knows no bounds. Meet Denise W., a remarkable woman who embarked on an extraordinary journey with Roxstar Fitness to defy expectations and step onto the stage for the first time at the age of 61. She embodies determination, resilience, and the profound impact of transforming both body and mindset in her story.

Breaking Through Barriers

Denise’s journey began with an honest acknowledgment of the challenges many of us faced during the unprecedented events of 2020. Like many, she found herself struggling to maintain her fitness routine amidst lockdowns and disruptions. Her words encapsulated the struggle: “Not working out is troubling and knowing I need to change my eating habits to support my weight lifting.” The rhythm of meal prepping and dedicated gym sessions had been disrupted. Consequently, she found herself in search of a path back to consistency.

Denise candidly expressed her struggles, sharing, “Having trouble getting my head back in the mindset of working out.” Additionally, a prior attempt at a Keto smoothie diet had led to a sense of being stuck. As a result, she felt ill-equipped to fuel the muscle-building journey she aspired to undertake.

Choosing the Path of Transformation

Denise’s path forward was clear – she chose to partner with Roxstar Fitness. Her decision was underpinned by the alignment she felt with the mindset and training philosophy offered. She resonated with the fact that I, being a former IFBB Pro and accomplished fitness professional, understood the journey intimately. Denise explained, “Most of all I like that you are a female and competed before. Feel you have the knowledge and ability to train and help keep me motivated.”

Her aspirations were bold and vivid – a vision of herself as a lean, confident, and strong individual. She envisioned a future where weight training was not merely a routine, but a source of empowerment. The stage was not just a distant dream, but a tangible goal – to be a “hot, buff little 62 year momma.”

Laying the Foundation for Success

Denise’s journey within the Roxstar Fitness community began with the Inner Circle Group Coaching Program, supplemented by the Meal Planning Add-on. The initial focus was on reestablishing a nourishing relationship with food. Gradually, she adjusted her caloric intake, thoughtfully incorporating essential proteins, healthy fats, and nourishing carbohydrates. This was the crucial fuel that her body needed to thrive during the challenging workouts that awaited.

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She would later move onto our VIP 1:1 Coaching Program to begin her contest prep.

Our Approach To Rocking Out Her RoxStar Training

The training approach was meticulously designed to address her unique needs. It centered on building size and addressing postural imbalances. Denise’s lordosis demanded attention, and her frame held the potential for further muscle growth. The training protocol, carefully crafted across a 5-day cycle, targeted back, shoulders, and legs, each trained twice a week. Cardio was kept intentionally minimal, a reflection of the commitment to sculpting her physique through targeted resistance training.

Remarkable Progress and Triumph

The results were nothing short of astounding, a testament to Denise’s dedication and the effectiveness of the Roxstar Fitness approach. In a matter of months, her progress surpassed expectations, culminating in a sense of readiness for her first show. This transformation was driven by her unwavering commitment and a training regimen that struck the perfect balance.

As the competition date loomed closer, the intensity increased. Workouts were split into two sessions – morning and evening – each tailored to maximize results. The fusion of cardio and strength training formed the core of her routine, and her consistency propelled her forward. The journey from struggle to triumph was a testament to her tenacity and the power of structured, purposeful training.

The Path Forward

And now, as Denise stands on the precipice of her first competition, her journey is poised for an inspiring climax. The remarkable transformation she has achieved, from the challenges of reigniting her fitness journey to the triumph of mastering her physique, is a testament to the infinite potential within us all. Stay connected for the next chapter, where we delve into Denise’s experience as an all-natural figure competitor in her 60s and beyond.

Sample Training Split

As part of her journey, Denise embraced a tailored training split that aligned with her goals. This comprehensive training plan strategically emphasized balance, strength, and the sculpting of her physique to its utmost potential.

Week 1-10: Foundation Building

Back & Biceps – Day 1:

Bent Over Rows
Lat Pulldowns
Seated Rows
Bicep Curls

Shoulders & Triceps – Day 2:

Shoulder Press
Lateral Raises
Front Raises
Tricep Dips

Legs – Day 3:

Leg Press
Romanian Deadlifts

Active Recovery – Day 4:

Light Cardio and Stretching

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Full Body – Day 5:

Compound Movements
Core Exercises

Week 11-20: Contest Prep Intensifies

Back & Cardio – Day 1 & 4:

Focused Back Exercises
Steady-State Cardio

Shoulders & Triceps – Day 2 & 5:

Specific Shoulder Isolation
Tricep Burnout

Legs & HIIT – Day 3 & 6:

High-Intensity Leg Work
High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Active Recovery – Day 7:

Denise’s journey embodies the Roxstar Fitness philosophy – embracing challenges, pushing boundaries, and realizing the potential within. Her story is a living testament to the transformative power of unwavering dedication, ageless determination, and the guidance of a coach who understands the path intimately.

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