Time, Patience, Consistency, And Dedication… The Four Keys To A Successful Body Transformation Journey

What does it REALLY take to get results?  I get asked this question almost on a daily basis.  And as with anything, my answer has evolved and has become more and more detailed as the years have gone by.  But here is where I seemed to have settled when it comes to the mindset of those who succeed in this body transformation game.

There are 4 qualities that are crucial when it comes to changing your body, no matter what your goal.  Time, patience, dedication, and consistency.  Your work in (and out) of the gym and the results you seek is all about the CUMULATIVE effects of your efforts.  This is me back in 2010, August.  Right before my first ever figure show.

From right before my first show ever (figure) to my PROFESSIONAL DEBUT as an IFBB Women's Physique Pro.

From right before my first show ever (figure) to my PROFESSIONAL DEBUT as an IFBB Women’s Physique Pro.

To tell you the truth, I really had no idea of what I was doing, but I was determined to challenge myself physically and mentally and simply see where the path would lead.  Fast forward 3 years later, 2013, August.  Making my pro debut at the 2013 Dallas Europa.  Almost 3 years to the very day of the first photo.  Sure along the way I had some self doubt, I had moments where I’ve wanted to quit, SEVERAL TIMES, especially this year – mentally it was the toughest season for me to date.  But all I knew is that the girl on the left would tell the chick on the right….  “Keep pushing… You’re there, and you’ve come this far”.

You never know what the future “you” holds, but what you can always count on is that if you decide to make the choice of making this about the long term, if you make the choice that even during those times where you don’t feel like pushing anymore – you still do, if you can truly “see it” BEFORE you “see it” and allow TIME for it to unfold….  You’ll never lose.

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You must always allow the TIME for your journey to unfold.  You must have the PATIENCE to grow and change to levels you may never have even reached before, or returning back to once again.  You must have the DEDICATION to know that you will never stop, even when it seems the world is against you.  And you must always be CONSISTENT because at the end of the day, it’s always a marathon and never a sprint…  Train smart folks.

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