Client Case Study: Masters Figure Off Season With Peptide Supplementation

Masters Figure Off Season With Peptide Supplementation 2

Client Case Study Profile: KM’s Natural Masters Figure Off-Season With Peptide Supplementation

Client Focus Cycle Date: 8 Weeks – November 1st to December 31st 2019

I am super excited to kick off this new series on my blog where I give you a behind the curtains look at my process as a coach. And most importantly, how I tackle client problems in REAL TIME, and show you how the solutions we create are changing their bodies… While enhancing their lives.

It’s not too often that you get to see an actual online fitness or contest prep coach be 100% open about their process – until NOW!

So let’s jump right into today’s client case study, and walk the journey to incredible transformation with one of my amazing clients.

Let me introduce you to KM.

Masters Figure Off Season With Peptide Supplementation

She Feared Looking Like She Didn’t Belong Up There – On The Figure Stage

When KM came to me, she was a woman kind of at her whits end.

After several weeks (and months) of dieting, she was SUPER frustrated that the efforts she was putting in with her former coach didn’t seem to be paying off.

With the low calorie meal plan, the hours of training and ALL.THAT.CARDIO, she was expecting to be SHREDDED. And with just a few short weeks looming before her next show, she was in full on panic mode.

KM and I began working with each other mid-prep.

Now, normally I’m a little reluctant to hop into a contest prep with a new client. Particularly because many may be hyper-focused on meeting the deadline for a specific show. But KM had enough time on the clock to do one of two things… Go for it if we started her on the plan after seeing her body respond positively. Or, simply choose another (much later) show.

After a few weeks, we simply thought it best to do a show much later in the summer.

She had a very emotional moment when she revealed to me that her biggest fear was looking like she didn’t belong up there.

This is a very common thing for MANY new competitors. As her coach, it was my job to not only allay her fears, but to make sure to do my best to guide her to feeling completely AMAZING up there.

I think we did an excellent job…

8 Week Case Study: Masters Figure Off Season With Peptide Supplementation

For KM, the initial goal was to do a show later in the year. She had her eyes set on an upcoming show in December.

After getting her nerves out by stepping on the figure stage for the very first time… KM wanted an opportunity to come in even tighter. Even more, KM wanted to improve her placings.

So it was at that time that we decided to head straight into an off-season.

(Check out this video about building a GREAT off-season for natural competitors.)

Reverse Dieting Post Contest Prep

When a competitor steps off the stage, it’s absolutely CRUCIAL to reverse diet. The body is in SUCH a delicate state after a show. Weeks of dieting can wreck havoc on the metabolism, and throw your hormones out of whack.

Immediately, KM and I took precautions against experiencing a rebound. This was one of her biggest concerns.

You see, KM had triumphantly lost over 30 pounds on her own BEFORE beginning her contest prep journey. And she came from a history of battling with her weight all of her life.

This is a hidden mental undercurrent that always plays a bit of a role with her work with me.

And it’s one that has in fact gotten better since we do a TON of mindset shifting work in our coaching.

KM’s diet in the middle of her second prep had her around the following numbers:

After her show, we elevated calories slightly to boost her metabolism. The following macros were where we were at around the time we were focusing on that December show. She had a good 4 months to regroup. This was the reverse diet numbers, and we did a very moderate carb cycle. During prep, her carbs were lower on the “Low Carb Days”.


High Carb Days

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
1920 Per Day 170g 215g 42g

Moderate Carb Days

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
1904 Per Day 170g 174g 61g

Note: Moderate Carbs Days were M/T/Th/F/Sun, High Carb Days were W/Sat


Enter Peptides and Shocking Sub-Optimal Hormone Profiles

After deciding to swing into a solid off-season, with the December show off the table, we began to dig in.

Overall, KM needs to simply put on more size. She has a spectacular structure! But what we REALLY need to do is drop fat and gain muscle.

You see, the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism. And, the easier it will be for you to get hard and shredded come showtime.

As you know, it’s really difficult to focus on these competing goals (gaining muscle WHILE losing fat).

So we decided to take this time to focus on first putting on as much size as we can (naturally). All while keeping body fat gain to a minimum.

The Culprit Behind Her Stalled Fat Loss?

If you’ve been watching any of my videos for some time, you know how much I talk about the role of hormones in body transformation.

I’ve talked about it here, and here, and here, aaaaand here as well…

One day, KM came to me and asked me what my thoughts were on peptides. It was important for her to remain natural, but she did want to take advantage to having a bit of an edge to build muscle.

We settled on this being a good choice, particularly given that she is an ADVANCED trainee.

In the process of her research, she found an amazing local hormone replacement therapy clinic who would administer pure products for her. Including compounding it all, and keeping her under close medical supervision in the process.

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When I found out that they would be drawing labs before they began, I asked her to check the following numbers.

Thyroid Hormone: Free T3, Free T4, RT3, TSH, and Thyroid Antibodies

Sex Hormones: Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone

I always suggest clients to keep a close eye on those specific numbers because they can greatly impact fat loss – particularly for women over 35.

The Results Came In – Low Testosterone, Sub-Optimal Thyroid, Low Vitamin D3

One of the things that KM noticed about her own fat loss is that she feels like she REALLY kicks her own butt.

And no matter HOW HARD she works, she feels like it wasn’t fully showing in results.

Yes, we did get some great transformation. But she knew in her gut that something was off.

As with many women, our intuition is key to our success.

The lab results came back to show the following numbers:

  • Body Fat Percentage (InBody Segmental Test): 21.2%
    • 170.3 Weight
    • 134.3 lbs Lean Body Mass
    • 36 lbs Body Fat Mass
  • Vitamin D3 – 38.4 (30-108 Reference Range)
  • Elevated Inflammation Markers
  • Elevated Liver Levels
  • Free T3 – 2.1 (2.0-4.4 Reference Range. Optimal 3.4-4.4)
  • Free T4 – 1.4 (.9-1.7 Reference Range. Optimal 1.1-1.8)
  • TSH – 1.870 (.111-4.910 Reference Range. Optimal .2-2.0)
  • Free Testosterone – .07 (.03-2.56 Reference Range. Optimal 1-4)
  • Estrone – 32.8 (16.6-184.9 Reference Range)

In plain English, the numbers above confirm that hormonally her body is in a place where optimal transformation will be slow.

The main goal is to balance her out, and bring her numbers up to optimal ranges. Once this occurs, it creates the perfect environment for incredible progress.

Her Peptide Prescription and Diet/Training Focus

Armed with this information, myself and her amazing team of doctors have taken action.

KM was prescribed the following peptides. Let’s first breakdown what each are, and how they impact the body.


Insulin-like growth factor is a highly anabolic hormone that is released in the liver and peripheral tissues. IGF1-LR3 works to build new muscle tissue by promoting nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. It’s 3 times more potent than IGF1, and has a longer half life as well (20-30 hours).

Some of the benefits include:

  • Enhanced lean mass
  • Improved strength
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Improved gut health
  • Boost collagen production
  • Builds muscle
  • Supports weight loss
  • Balances blood insulin levels

MK 677 Ibutamoren

MK 677 is a hormone secretion compound that stimulates the body to increase the production of human growth hormone. Ibutamoren is a long-acting, orally active, selective, and non-peptide agonist of the ghrelin receptor. It signals the body to secrete growth hormone, and thus  stimulates the release of the hormone ghrelin.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Increase IGF-1 in a little as TWO WEEKS
  • Longer and deeper REM sleep
  • Increased fat-free muscle mass
  • Decreased body fat percentage
  • Increased nitrogen levels

T3 – Cytomel

Cytomel is a synthetic compound identical to T3, and used to treat hypothyroidism.

T4 – Synthroid

Synthroid is a synthetic compound identical to T4, and used to treat hypothroidism.


Diindolylmethane, also known as DIM, is a compound generated from cruciferous vegetables like kale, cabbage, Brussel sprouts and broccoli, which helps support healthy estrogen metabolism.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is essential for a range of bodily functions. Dietary sources provide some vitamin D, but most comes from exposure to sunlight. After the body takes in vitamin D, it needs to convert it to its active form.

Supplement Prescribed Amount
IGF1-LR3  25 iu – 5 Days/Week in the AM
MK677  12.5 iu -7 Days/Week Before Bed
T3 (Cytomel)  5 mcg Daily in the AM
T4 (Synthroid)  88 mcg Daily in the AM
DIM  200 mg Daily
Vitamin D3  10,000 iu daily for 30 days. Then 5,000 iu daily after.

Current Diet Protocol – Flying High Over 2100 Calories Per Day

As of today’s post, KM is feeling INCREDIBLE.

She’s already reported increased energy, focus, and overall strength.

In her most recent update, and during our phone call, she told me that even at 170 pounds she LOOKS differently now than she has previously at this weight.

This can definitely attributed to the excellent body compositional changes she’s achieved up to this point.

My main focus with her diet is to OPTIMIZE HER METABOLISM – and to put her in a surplus to gain muscle.

To accomplish this goal, we have a two-day meal plan set up. Higher Carb Day Plan 1, her training day macros/calories. And Moderate Carb Day Plan 2, her off-day macros/calories.

Higher Carb Meal Plan 1 – Training Day Calories and Macros

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
2288 Per Day 193g 254g 56g

Moderate Carb Meal Plan 2 – Off Day Calories and Macros

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
2074 Per Day 183g 169g 76g

She enjoys being able to use our exclusive food substitution calculator to swap out foods on her meal for variety. She is also enjoying 1 cheat meal a week, and the freedom to enjoy two smaller treats of her choice during the week.

So far, KM is absolutely loving the freedom and enjoying the process of lean building.

Current Training Protocol – Full Body Hypertrophy w/ a Focus on the Legs

I want to bring a deeper focus to building her entire body overall.

Therefore, over the next 8 weeks, we are going to really pushing every part of her body to the limit. But most importantly, I want to really build her legs.

Once KM’s legs come up a bit, and she is carrying more muscle in the lower half vs body fat, her shape will be absolutely sick.

Here is her current set up.

Strength Training OFF Legs Back OFF Chest Legs Glutes Hams Quads Shoulders Biceps Triceps Strength
Cardio After Your PM Workout OFF 20 Mins HIIT Cardio
Treadmill Run
30s FULL OUT Sprint
1m Recovery Jog
20 Mins HIIT Cardio
Treadmill Run
30s FULL OUT Sprint
1m Recovery Jog
NONE 30 Mins Intervals
1 Min Recover
Any Method/Machine
30 Mins SS Cardio Keeping HR Above 80% 20 Mins HIIT Cardio
Treadmill Run
30s FULL OUT Sprint
1m Recovery Jog
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As you can see, we are pushing legs twice a week. The first workout of the week is strength focused, heavier training. And the second workout is focused more on plyometric/power training.

We’ve got her throwing weights around, beating her numbers, setting new PR’s and really getting her mind/muscle connection going.

Her feedback this week regarding her training was:

Steadily adding weight and stamina is improving. Training back and legs are my favorite body parts however, chest needs improvement. Need to focus more on bench press technique and increase strength.

One of the things I love is how clients continually self-regulate. The fact that she’s aware of a weak area she wants to work on allows me to be able to guide her on how to better do this.

We will likely bring a little more chest and upper body in as a focus during our next 8 week cycle.

Right now, our specialization training is in the lower half.

When it comes to cardio, I generally like to keep it on the lower end during off-season. I like to look at cardio as not only an opportunity to burn fat, but to also keep the heart and lungs strong.

For that reason, we’ll be doing shorter durations focused mostly on intensity and power.

What’s Next For KM?

Every client has an 8 week cycle where we focus on specific goals.

KM’s 8-Week Goal Setting Focus Is:

A. Emotionally, I want to achieve more self- actualization. Specifically, I want to set aside any more doubts that my “self worth” is not less than anyone else.
B. Physical improvements I’d like to see is overall muscular development by lean building. Specifically, bringing in my lower half with more quad development and glute/ ham tie- in.
C. Promote a better “well- being” by optimizing and re- balances identified hormonal imbalances.
[D]. I want to look at myself in the mirror and admire what I see- physically and spiritually.

As her coach, it’s now my opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat and guide her directly down this path.

It will be a very interesting twist of events to see exactly where she’ll be in a few short weeks. I’m excited to walk this journey with her – and I hope you are too.

Be sure to get onto my email list so you don’t miss a single step along the way in her process.

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