Cortisol and Fat Loss – Is It Making You Gain Weight?

Today’s video is part 2 in our hormonal series where I’m teaching you all about what’s going on inside of your body, and hopefully shedding some light upon why things are stalled. And today, we are going to discuss cortisol and fat loss. In particular, how this hormone (which actually isn’t a BAD one) can get out of control and thwart your progress. But not only that, today we’ll also take a look at what you can do to correct it.

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Cortisol is a CRUCIAL Hormone When It Comes to Fat Loss

  • High levels of cortisol can have a negative impact on fat loss – and muscle building.
  • High levels of cortisol can have an impact on raising estrogen by way of lowering progesterone.
  • High levels of cortisol can impact the adrenals and cause adrenal fatigue and insufficiency.
  • It can cause water retention in the body-masking any progress you might otherwise be seeing.
  • You can bet that if Cortisol is high DHEA is low, and that can add a host of other issues to the equation.


What is Cortisol’s Main Function in the Body?

  • Mainly released in times of stress.
    • The body can interpret stress as being many things – actual mental stress, physical stress such as exercise, injury or trauma to the body, decreased sleep, etc.
  • It’s a flight or fight hormone that surges when the body/mind senses it is in a place of danger – this is the physiological action of it. Particularly before we became a modern society.
  • It’s produced by the adrenal glands. And is derived from the hormone pregnenolone (which we will discuss later)


What Causes High Levels of Cortisol

  • Constant stress in life – from your job, home, or even mental stress you place on yourself.
  • Decreased levels of sleep, and not allowing yourself to full recover day after day.
  • Overtraining can cause high cortisol as too much activity is just as bad as none at all – especially with little recovery.
  • Decreased levels of DHEA in the body which will naturally downregulate as we age. Particularly after the age of 30.
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High Cortisol Manifests Itself in the Following Ways

  • Weight gain, particularly in the abdomen area.
  • Increased estrogen levels due to the downregulation of progesterone.
    • The body produces a hormone called pregnenolone, and that converts to two things cortisol or progesterone.
    • In times of high stress, cortisol is more readily converted from pregnenolone vs progesterone.
    • This can throw off hormone levels in women, causing an elevation of estrogen and can lead to estrogen dominance.
    • When this occurs women often will see more water retention, lowered energy levels, and stubborn fat in the legs, hips, and butt.
  • Increased fatigue, often feeling like you’re crashing midday.


Ways to Combat This and Improve Your Levels

  • Checking your levels through SALIVA testing.
  • Once you see your levels, including supplementation to aid in lowering cortisol.
    • Integrative Nutrition Cortisol Manager.
    • Now Stress Management Supplements.
    • Increasing Vitamin C as that further depletes with high cortisol. Taken at about 1000mg a day.
    • If low progesterone is found, taking a bio-identical hormonal cream is a great option to bring that back into balance. A smarter and safer approach than synthetic birth control.
    • Taking a DHEA Supplement – 5 to 25mg a day depending on what your body needs.
  • You MUST change your lifestyle.

    • Prioritizing SLEEP and recovery.
    • Getting at least 7-10 hours of sleep a night.
    • Finding ways to destress throughout the day. And better ways of handling stress.
    • You need to correct your diet.
      • High cortisol can lead to high blood sugar, and lead to insulin resistance to a great degree.
      • Getting onto a plan that is balanced FOR YOU, and goal specific is going to be CRUCIAL if you are looking to take better control of things.
      • Blood sugar needs to be kept more constant, and how that set up is for you is an individual process.
    • You need to correct your training.

      • Overtraining is a direct pathway to high cortisol.
      • More isn’t better, it’s simply more.
      • Reducing training to about 5 days a week, with adequate rest days are important.
      • In the initial phases of getting cortisol back to normal, you should limit training sessions to 1 hour. As you improve you can increase the time.
      • Training needs to focus on intensity and not duration.
      • Again recovery is king.
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