Losing Weight With PCOS – Letisha’s Inspiring Story

You know, a lot of times, I get a woman who comes to me who feels like everything she’s doing to lose weight, change her body, get leaner, etc… Well, it’s just not working.

Now, sometimes the issue is what one would expect. Needing to get a handle on the diet, get super disciplined about what they’re eating, cleaning things up while allowing freedom. Then there’s that layer of needing to get their training together. Stepping up the cardio, getting the weight training down to a science, pushing their limits in every workout – TRACKING every workout (check out this video where I talk about the importance of this).

But honestly, even after doing ALL of that work, crossing all t’s and dotting all i’s, things sometimes STILL don’t work – don’t respond.

And that’s where I need to get into the driver’s seat even more, and dig deep for that client.

Many times, the underlying issue isn’t solely about calories in and out. Sometimes, the issue is rooted in a missing link in your hormones.

Even sub-optimal levels or “low” normal levels can wreck havoc on the body like crazy. And leave you stumped as to why things aren’t working, despite doing EVERYTHING.

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This is exactly what happened to my client Leticia.

​She was fortunate enough to have gotten a diagnosis from her doctor well before I had to help her to get answers. But that didn’t soften the blow of the frustration of not seeing the results she REALLY wanted.

We got to work…

​And with us really getting her diet down pat, getting her training down pat, and most importantly, getting her MINDSET on track helped her to see some amazing results. She EASILY dropped 10 pounds within just 8 weeks, and set herself up for further progress down the line.

So without further ado – take a moment to watch the video above.

I do really hope that you get majorly inspired by her journey – and if you’re dealing with hormonal issues that this gives you incredible hope.

And hey look, let me tell you this… You are NOT alone in this fight!

If you’re reading this right now, you’ve taken a moment to watch Letisha’s video, and you want to know what’s possible for you to get unstuck too… Well then, I want you to DO SOMETHING about it – and stop sitting back and wondering “what if”.

Reach out to me right now – apply to become a Roxstar.

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Fill out an application, then request your call. 30 short minutes of your day can mean a LIFETIME of change. But more importantly, getting you to a point where you are no longer depressed about not seeing the changes you want to see.

The road is long ahead – but I’m here for you.

And I hope you take advantage of seeing how us working together can indeed get you to the next level.

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