What Are YOU Willing to Put on the Line for Your Fitness Goals?

Here’s something to ponder… Thoughts always become things. And what you see in your future can be manifested in the here and now. RIGHT NOW. And this is a CRUCIAL part of your fitness success.

Goal setting is a phrase that gets thrown around so easily. But how many times have you set a goal, and hadn’t met it? Hadn’t made it come to pass despite all of the intentions you had to succeed.

But I’m going to tell you something that I tell every client… When you set a goal, that goal has to MEAN SOMETHING to you. It has to be so important to you that to fail at it means you’ve failed yourself.

Let’s put this into a perspective that you can understand…

So you make the choice to lose X amount of pounds… That X could be 10 pounds, 20, 100… Whatever that number is for YOU.

But the next step that is the missing link for most – is the most crucial. Identifying your WHY.

  • WHY is this important to you?
  • WHY do you need to do this?
  • WHY that number?

And until you identify your why, honey… You’re going to get NOWHERE.

BUT, I have something else that’s an even GREATER thing to ask yourself.

A few more questions to ask yourself that’s going to dig deeper, and connect you to your goals. And, when you get CRYSTAL CLEAR with this next set of questions… You’ll unlock the code that you need to not only get to where you want – but to stay there too…

  • What will my life be like once I achieve this?
  • What am I willing to sacrifice to have it?
  • What do I stand to LOSE if I don’t get there? If I fail at this once again.
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What Are YOU Willing to Put on the LINE For Your Fitness Goals?

You see, in order to achieve anything you want, there has to be a consequence. You have to be willing to put ALL OF YOU on the line. To go ALL IN. Or as Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook aptly says… You have to be willing to LEAN IN.

Go all the way.

And go after what you want with full focus, and intention. These rules apply even to your fitness goals. And if you’re not raising the bar high enough… You’re never going to get “there”.

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