Are Fear and Anxiety Keeping You From Your Fitness Goals?

You’ve read that right. Are fear and anxiety keeping you from your fitness goals? Seems like everything is going well, you’ve got your program, and you’re doing your best. But there’s this feeling of dread inside of you that you just can’t shake. Will it be different this time? Will you reach your goal? Let’s discuss…

It’s been a minute since I’ve written a post. And honestly, I’ve had a ton going on.

A combination of me being busy, taking care of new clients, taking care of current clients, and doing some slight overhauling on my website.

But, if I can be very honest, there has been something else going on…

Something that I’ve been struggling with that I know some of you might be as well.

And I always feel it’s a priority for me to share my own personal experiences in efforts to help others.

So Today… I Want to Discuss Anxiety With You.

Let me share this photo – and then lead into how it relates to everything…

As of late, I was waking up in the morning with extreme anxiety about some imaginary stressors that I often torture my brain with when things are going well.

Self-sabotage, it’s something we all struggle with.

You see in Aug of 2017, I decided that I wanted to DO SOMETHING.

  • I want to make a major impact on someone else’s life, and do it through my passion- fitness.
  • I want to teach women to unleash the incredible power inside of them, their confidence, and more.
  • And to do it through self-care in the gym, in the kitchen, and in their mindset.

In essence, I feel like I’m really putting forth a new focus and a whole new way online coaching in the fitness realm is done.

And by actually COACHING women to be their best on many levels.

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I closed my business and re-created something better.

I’m Taking a Chance…

I’m using my God-given talents and making a new path – one that’s not utilized by most in the industry.

With that comes deeper work, and of course, me commanding a higher fee.

And I started to hear this voice ask – who do YOU think you are?

The self-doubt and sabotage setting in.


Every single day my clients thank me for being in their lives.

Many had worked with some of the top coaches out there – this experience is far beyond for them.

So, I had to do ONE THING.

Write Down Those Ugly Words and Face Them…

Get to the WHY of those voices, and read them aloud.

It’s only then that I can see how ridiculous they are. And how they are far from reality.

This is an exercise I have clients do as well.

When the voices say, they will fail at their fitness goals once again.

  • I dare them to defy it.
  • Defy the voices.
  • See them for what they are, and continue to move forward in faith.

I encourage you too to try it sometime.

Because even the best of us have doubts.

But those who succeed know how to tackle those limiting beliefs and knock them the Hell out of the way.

Look, if you are sitting here reading this, and you TOTALLY understand what I’m talking about, and you’re ready to DO SOMETHING about it, then I want you to do one thing…

Check Out This FREE 45 Minute Masterclass That Can CHANGE Your Fitness Life…

I created an amazing free masterclass called “Your Best Body Yet” – and I want you to check it out here.

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In this 45 minute class, I go over what limiting beliefs can do to you – and how you can work to overcome them.

Here’s the truth, when you’ve failed at your goals time and again, there comes a point when you have a choice…

  • DO SOMETHING, and change everything to get there.
  • Or do NOTHING and stay exactly as you are today.

What I want to leave you with is a NEW way of working – and a NEW way of approaching your fitness.

2018, you need to decide to do something different.

To take a chance.

Look, I have, and I will tell you that change can be hard.

Doing something you’ve NEVER DONE can be HARD!

But, I promise you…

When you do – and finally start seeing the results of such changes, in action…

You’ll be happy you did.

So go ahead, and click here to get into my FREE masterclass (if you haven’t already).

At the end of the presentation, I have a FREE coaching session available for you to actually get on the phone, and speak to me about your limiting beliefs and current pitfalls in your diet, training, and nutrition.

I’ll help you to come up with ways to get over them, get them out of the way, stuff you can do RIGHT NOW…

And start to see yourself making better strides from all your efforts in the gym.

I hope that today’s message inspired you!

And I look forward to connecting with you again soon.

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