The Next Chapter for RoxStar Fitness – It’s About Your Glow Up..

Life is moving fast all around us. And as Ferris Bueller said, “If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”.

That’s exactly where I feel like I’m at right now. I have decided to hop OFF of this fast-moving roller coaster ride called Life… And take the scenic route to start appreciating the journey I’m on.

As I’m writing this I had a thought. We were put onto this planet by the grace of God and given this ONE opportunity to experience life itself.

The fact that any one of us is here is a miracle. So to not allow yourself a chance to just enjoy it, well that’s a complete waste of your time on this Earth.

I realize I say this from a point of privilege. My struggles aren’t as burdensome as some. But I still have them, and even still… I choose joy.

So today, it’s a new page, it’s a new day, it’s a new dawn…

And I am rising up to present you with a new chapter and shift in how I share my little corner of fitness with the world.


Let’s Go Back To The Beginning

I started this whole blog thing, in fact let me back up… My BUSINESS and everything I have started on the pages of a blog.

And… Started on a small channel on YouTube.

You’ve followed my story. We’ve bonded, we’ve grown… Together. And like everything in life evolution is imminent.

What started as a journey alongside my adventures as a competitor became a platform to help others wanting a similar experience.

You watched me go from a complete newbie to turning pro, to getting to the Olympia. You celebrated all of my joys with me and comforted me in my sorrows.

But here I am before you to say…

I’ve changed.

And I can no longer deny what’s going on, and how things will be evolving at this point in my journey of life.

So let’s begin (again), shall we…

Next Chapter Pt 1 – Why I Stopped Competing

I keep getting a lot of DMs about this, so I wanted to address and share it.

I retired from competing in 2015.

The writing was on the wall for me, “I didn’t sign up for this,” what was what ran through my head backstage of my final pro show.

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I looked around and saw girls SHREDDED to the bone. More muscle than I ever wanted to carry.

I nearly passed out again on stage.

Depleted, over-dieted, dehydrated. Second time I nearly blacked out on a stage.

And honestly, I NEVER felt ok as a pro competing. My body went through hell trying to keep up with the division and keep my lines in the sand. When I realized that I would have to cross them and do more than I already experimented with to success, I had to simply say no.

My femininity as “I” defined it was important to me. My health was even more so.

You know, the fibroid issue I had was directly related to experimenting with IGF1 LR3 as I tried to find alternatives to steroids to put on muscle. It grew RAPIDLY with that. Fibroids have a high number of IGF1 receptors.

I made it to the top of the sport. Competed at the 2014 Olympia and I looked back and saw…

Nothing changes.

I thought I had to have all these things to be successful in the industry…


Turn pro.

Compete at the Olympia.

Win shows.

Be top 5.

But guess what, nobody cares.

Especially OUTSIDE of the sport. How many Olympia winners or competitors do you know? What are they doing now?

Many of the top fitness influencers have never competed. I realized that my destiny was in my own hands.

I was at one point going to try doing pro figure. But I honestly don’t want that look for my body. Nor my health. I encourage other women to do what is best for them. I do not regret my choices.

In fact I am PROUD of having competed. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. But for my future, it’s not in the cards.

And it’s from this admission that I can start on the next leg of my journey.

Next Chapter Pt 2 – Roxstar Fitness As A Total Fitness #GlowUp Lifestyle Brand


So what’s next you ask…

Well. Now that I got ALL of that out of me it’s time for a new beginning.

So my social media, my blog, my YouTube, it’s all going to take a look at fitness from a different perspective.

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A more mature perspective.

A story that unfolds with you in my world once again…

A woman with a new purpose and a new voice. Sharing a lifestyle of fitness through my eyes.

That includes training smarter, eating better, redefining who you are, getting connected to your why, and letting that drive you (and me) to be better versions of ourselves.

So stay tuned.

Don’t worry, I’m still going to talk about prep and competing…

But I’m going to address it from the standpoint of doing it better, smarter, letting you guys learn from my mistakes, and most of all…

Help those of you ready to move on to find that balance again. And what it means to train and live your life without a stage, deadlines, and judging panels to drive you.

Hold on for the ride… I am excited to have you on board.


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