The Sin of Sloth And How It Damages Your Fitness Motivation

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In today’s podcast, I want to talk about something very interesting that’s going to turn a concept of the seven deadly sins on its head and play within the realm of fitness and where you are right now in your journey.

The Intersection of Faith and Fitness

Now, very recently, two things happened within my church, and I share it with you guys that I am Catholic and I’m very much involved with my church. One of the things I’m involved with is our young adults group, and we had a discussion. We have something called Wisdom and Wine, which is our version of theology on tap, where we have faith conversations about deeper concepts of faith in the modern world. We bring in speakers, and one of our main speakers is always our pastor, Father Ed Benioff of Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills.

The Spiritual Aspect of Sloth

So, we had a discussion for Wisdom and Wine that was rooted in the seven deadly sins. One of the sins he brought up was sloth, which, in Christian tradition, is actually about spiritual apathy, not just general laziness. It’s about ignoring your faith practices, like prayer, meditation, and all the things that enrich you spiritually to bring you closer to God, no matter your religion. It’s essential to maintain that connection because we’re all on a search for what and why, and the source of that is God.

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Spiritual Fitness and the Four Pillars of Fitness

In my fitness business, we talk about the four pillars of fitness, and one of those pillars is spiritual fitness. I’ve seen many clients transform their lives by working on their spiritual fitness aspect, alongside their physical training and diet. This includes practices like meditation, prayer, and reconnecting with their faith, which has made a tremendous difference in their fitness journey.

The Spiritual Battle in Fitness

As a coach, I’ve noticed a constant state of spiritual warfare that many of my clients and people worldwide are going through. The media, ads, and social media bombard us with messages about how we should look, live, and think. It’s easy to get caught up in all of this and feel inadequate because we can’t meet those standards.

Unplugging from the Noise

I had to take a step back and unplug from the noise. I cut my cable, stopped watching television and news, and unfollowed things on social media that were affecting me negatively. Instead, I filled that space with spiritual reading, meditation, prayer, and more time spent in church. This helped me hear my own voice without the noise of the world, allowing me to reconnect with my authentic self and question my purpose in life.

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Overcoming Unrealistic Standards

I see many people, both women and men, struggling mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically because they can’t meet the unrealistic standards imposed by society. The fitness industry is often driven by profit, not empowering individuals with real solutions.

The Connection Between Physical and Spiritual Well-being

To take control of your health, fitness, and mindset, you need to be stronger, smarter, and have a deeper sense of self. You must find a deeper purpose in keeping up with your body, which is your temple and a vessel for the divine. It’s about recognizing that your physical and spiritual well-being are interconnected.


In essence, tackling the sin of sloth in the context of spiritual fitness can lead to profound personal growth and a stronger, more empowered fitness journey.

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