My Goal Setting Secret Weapon – Try This!


So today, I want to open up to you about the single crucial first step I take with every client to help them to get connected to their reason WHY. I alluded to this in yesterday’s video.

One of the BIGGEST game changers for my clients when they start with me (and even down the line) is helping them to DIG DEEP in ways they never have before. And to get SUPER connected with their reason WHY.

  • Why this goal?
  • What does it mean?

And I ask them 8 VERY SPECIFIC questions that helps them to hash all of that out in a way that means something.

Not only that, it gets them out of mental funks, builds up that motivation, and helps them to have some crystal clear clarity why we CANNOT fail at their goals this time.

So today, I want to explore three of those questions I ask each client, and I hope they can help you to find some clarity. Apply these tips to YOUR plan today!

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Want to work with me? Request  a Complimentary Call!

Look, if anything I’ve said in today’s video speaks to you, moves you, and you really want to take a moment to talk to me about your goals… I’d love to do that over a 30 minute complimentary clarity call.

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During this call we are going to discuss 3 things:

  • What your goals are.
  • What you are looking to accomplish, and if I have a solution for the problems in your program that you face.
  • And what’s been holding you back from reaching your goals up to this point.

At the end of the call, if we feel we are a great match to work together, we’ll move onto the next steps to making that happen for you.

Click here right now to set up your free call.

I cannot wait to connect with you!

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