The Feminine Art of Slowing Down and How It Impacts Your Fitness

The world around us seems to beat like a monotonous drum. Day in and day out that beat drives everything we do. We fall in line, moving to the rhythm. Oftentimes stymieing our own intuition, the beating of our own hearts, the warmth of the fire of our desires. 

The masculine energy world we live in praises a hurried beat. Moving quickly towards the next goal, the next focus… Our limbs flailing around like a wiggly used car lot air dancer. Trying to keep up with the beat of the world. Sometimes losing ourselves along the way.

Personally I was caught in this endless vicious cycle for many years. Until I finally broke free.

And I’ll tell you what… That freedom had a huge impact on so much of my life. From my personal life, to my work life, and even my fitness life.

So today, I want to discuss this art of slowing down…

And exactly how this feminine energy rooted art can greatly impact your fitness in a major way.

But before I dig in, I want to share something I posted on my social media, as it works as an excellent segue into today’s discussion.

The Feminine Art of Slowing Down and How It Impacts Your Fitness:

I just finished an amazing workout and my mind toiled with inspiration to share this with you today. When I started to pay attention to really embracing my feminine energy and allowing it to empower me, a lot of that flowed into my fitness. And has led to amazing changes in my own physique.

I can’t quite explain it, but in my n=1 world, I’ve noticed how my body has shifted to a curvier, softer yet athletic and strong, and very “socially” feminine type of physique that I’ve come to love.

I say that in quotes because we all get to define what femininity is to us. One of the major changes in my life has been the art of slowing down. Being more introspective.

Being more intuitive and purposeful in EVERY facet of my life. From the way that I speak, to even the way I walk. Taking in w/ every step, how I feel, and the complete embodiment in the moment.

I’ve been applying this to how I train as well. Being more INTENTIONAL with my workouts. Going into the gym with a purpose to push myself deeply, but to also take my time in my efforts.

To move with intention and connection with EVERY SINGLE REP. To FEEL each muscle working.

To envision each muscle fiber firing with every contraction. And slowly returning to start while keeping the muscle under tension.

To not focus on simply banging out sets, and solely beating numbers.

That stuff IS important for progress – and resides in the important masculine energy that keeps progress moving forward.

But giving reverence to the feminine aspect and qualities of slowing down and paying FULL attention to how I’m training, what I’m feeling, and what my intention is for every set…

Well that has had an impact on not only my enjoyment and motivation in my workouts, but the outcome I’ve seen as well in the changes physically and my results.

Principles of Feminine Energy and Its Grand Impact on Your Fitness Goals

The first thing I always say before diving into the stuff we’re going to converse about today, is a preface into feminine and masculine energy – and how they relate to your fitness lifestyle at all.

What you need to realize is that feminine and masculine energy have nothing to do with gender.

Think of yin and yang.

These are energy sources that we all experience on the daily basis and can impact us all greatly – no matter who we are.

In our daily lives, we live in a world SO heavily seeped in the masculine.

And it’s even to the point where all experience or the urge to embrace feminine energy is seen as negative.

Let me ask you this… Do you often find yourself feeling:

  • Stressed out day in and day out.
  • Overwhelmed with work and life.
  • A loss of motivation when it comes to the things that matter to you.
  • Exhausted no matter how much sleep you get.
  • Restless even when you attempt to relax.
  • Dealing with high levels of anxiety.
  • Depression in varying degrees.
  • Lack of drive towards your goals.

Well, guess what sister…

These are all major signs that your masculine energy is taking over, and your feminine energy is crying OUT for help.

Look, I’ve been there before, so I know how painful this all can be.

And I’ve also been able to not only successfully pull myself out of it, but been able to even know how to better deal with these situations when they arise at varying points in my life.

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How Tapping Into Feminine Energy and The Art of Slowing Down Saved Me – And How It Can Save You Too

Think of feminine energy as receptive energy.

It relates so directly to the female body and essence in general.

Feminine energy by characteristic is:

  • Warm
  • Inviting
  • Receptive
  • Internal
  • Nurturing
  • Caring
  • Royal

If you’re always in a state of DOING, penetrating, making things happen, being in BOSS mode, and always striving for your best…

Well, those things are housed in your masculine, and although they do have their place (they MUST be present to get anything done), too much of anything is never a good thing.

You can still strive for everything in life you want, but the most important key to actually GETTING those things, truly manifesting them, is through balance. 

Allowing time for you. 

Allowing time for rest.

Allowing time for introspection and taking care of your needs.

Without you being present, how can anyone in your world depend on you? 

Directly Relating This To Your Fitness

So now, we get to the part where this directly impacts your fitness.

Let’s give thought to a radical realization… Everything we’ve been taught about fitness, in many respects, comes from the masculine energy perspective.

  • No pain, no gain.
  • Blood, sweat, and tears.
  • Sweat is fat crying.
  • I’ll stop when I’m dead.
  • Bigger, stronger, faster.
  • Super restrictive diets.
  • Rapid results by any means necessary.

All of these things rooted in the masculine by way of focusing on the DOING, the more aggressive side we all have innately.

Focusing on the result, without honing into the process.

And again, this stuff of course comes into play for sure within the fitness arena, but it shouldn’t be ALL of it.

What this can lead to, and actually DOES as I see it in many women who come to seek my help, is massive burn out!

Overtraining to the point of exhaustion and loss of motivation.

A woman’s super frustration with not seeing the results she wants, as quickly as she wants.

Eventually, all of it leading to her downfall – and yet another failed attempt at changing her body and reaching her goals.

The Art of Slowing Down – Putting Feminine Energy in Action Within Your Fitness NOW

Ah, so now, let’s discuss how you can actually balance your feminine and masculine energy, and apply it to the principle of your fitness.

What I promise you is that no matter what your goal, it can have a major positive impact on everything you wish to achieve along the way.

1. In Your Workouts Be Mindful of HOW You Are Lifting – Not Just How Much

Hey, I admit it. 

In my very own quest to change my body, I, at one point was hyper-focused on solely lifting heavy and beating numbers.

I taught this to my clients, I shared this with you in my content, and to be honest, it still IS a great part of what I believe.

But I now advocate for it in a smarter and more balanced way.

Strength is a relative term. And you have to define what that means for you in every workout.

What’s heavy for one may not be heavy for another. Which is why it’s far more important to focus on HOW your lifts FEEL in the process of training.

You’ve got to shift your mind a bit away from looking at always simply constantly beating your numbers.

I mean, slamming out 600 pounds on the leg press is impressive when you see it in writing.

But if you’re executing that with jerky motions, partial reps, and barely lifting that weight up without a struggle – then the question is, what for?

What’s it even doing, and what’s the benefit – besides the fact that you can injure yourself?!

Instead, focusing on hitting an exercise that IS heavy for you, maybe even gets you to failure sooner than you like, and working to MASTER that exercise is far better.

With our leg press example, if that means doing 300 pounds at 12 reps that you can feel firing every muscle, deep down to the bone…

And not only that, but with FULL range of motion, and control…

Well guess what, THAT kind of work will get you far greater results than lifting heavy for vanity. And I encourage you to try it.

2. In Your Efforts to Reach Your Goals Use Journaling to Further Connect With Your Why

Over the last year or so, we’ve become FAR entrenched in the act of journaling within our coaching practice and methods.

Journaling is very much influenced by feminine energy in that it is rooted in creativity (writing), and forcing you to turn inward.

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And I’ve really seen the lives of the amazing women I work with TURN AROUND due to our heavy reliance on journaling in their process of fat loss.

I encourage clients to spend at least 15 to 30 mins a day, reflecting on their lives, thoughts, and emotions by writing them down.

And I encourage you to do the same. 

Not only will you begin to have a deeper sense of purpose on the way towards your goals, but you’ll also be able to see patterns of thoughts and habits that can potentially be holding you back.

And it’s through that introspection that you can address these issues head on, and find a solution to getting them out of your way.

3. Include Methods of Training That Inspire and Motivate You to Do This Stuff Forever

As a woman on this journey to better health, I’m sure what you’re attempting to do is eventually live a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.

And if it isn’t, it should be – or at least you should consider it.

I’ve been through SO many phases of exercise and training over the years.

And as a fitness professional who is less than 1 year shy of her 40th birthday, I’ll tell you this…


(I don’t like to cuss anymore, so you get my satirical misspellings.)

I mean really!

If it gets your goat to do yoga on Monday, spin on Tuesday, rock climb on Wednesday, run the hills on Thursdays, and do your weights Friday and Saturday…

Girl do it!

As long as you love it, it inspires you, and it allows you to embrace a lifestyle that is LIFETIME. You’re always going to win.

I think so many times, the fitness industry has us thinking that there’s really only one way to do things.

But I want to encourage you that that’s simply not true.

Do what you love.

Do what makes you move.

And to the things that you know work for you to get the results you’re working so hard for.

4. Take a Step Back to APPRECIATE and ACCEPT You – Even as You Work to Transform

The final thing I want to leave you with today is all about the act of embracing and accepting.

Both, qualities that are rooted in the feminine.

The media has us hating our bodies.

Social media has us judging our own sanity, let alone the reflection we see in the mirror.

Maybe, it’s time for you to detox from that, and disconnect if it doesn’t healthily serve you.

But I will say that no matter what, at some point, you’ve got to step back and simply appreciate who you are in the NOW. 

And to do this even as you work to become the woman you know you are in her best.

When you come at your fitness from the standpoint of NURTURING your body, your mind, and your process in this journey…

BOY does the whole outcome you get from it all change.

In a very positive way.

What I want you to do right now is appreciate who you are. In the moment. 

Tell yourself that you ARE on the right track, and that everything you desire can be yours.

And from there, put the steps AND ACTION in place to make it all come to pass.

By the way… That’s where your healthy masculine energy can step in.

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