How to Lose Weight PERMANENTLY Without Fads

Tired of running around losing and gaining the same weight over and over again?

Well it’s time for you to not only GET the results you want, but to KEEP those changes forever. So today, let’s discuss how to lose weight permanently without fads, gimmicks, and tricks.

How to Lose Weight PERMANENTLY Without Fads

  • When you lose the weight ALL of the issues you had in the past are STILL going to be there
  • If you don’t address those things and FIX the source of the problem, you are doomed to repeat it. Doomed to gain every pound back. Doomed to continue the yo yo cycle until you give up on an actual chance at a healthier you.
  • Step 1: Answer the following questions

    • What’s keeping me up at night when it comes to my goals.
    • What pitfalls am I facing when it comes to 3 crucial areas – diet, training, and mindset.
    • What limiting beliefs do I have around my ability to reach my goals that I feel really hold me back?
  • Step 2: Get Crystal Clear on Your Goals

    • What do you see yourself achieving 8 weeks from today?
    • What do you see yourself achieving one year from today?
    • What’s the outcome of all of this? What do you REALLY want from your fitness efforts – and what will it mean to finally acheive it?
    • What do you stand to lose if you DO NOT reach these goals or you fail at it once again?
  • Step 3: Get onto a training and nutrition program that is not only balanced, but aligns with your needs and goals.

    • You CANNOT starve yourself lean. Eat in a deficit, but keep food variety and flexibility as the cornerstone to your approach.
    • You must EAT to be lean – food is your greatest ally in this process.
    • Your goal is to establish intuitive eating ways of approaching your way of nourishing yourself.
    • With you training, you MUST come from a balanced place.
      • Focusing solely on numbers, solely on linear progress, and going hard at all costs can wreak havoc on your body.
      • Recovery, rest, meditation, flexibility, and mind muscle connection are all crucial parts of long term programming.
    • Understand the whys behind the work you’re doing – and realize that fads and quick fixes will ONLY lead to you gaining every pound back.
  • Step 4: Get SUPER connected to your deep reasons why – and tackle food issues head on.

    • Journaling is an important part of the process.
    • Addressing and getting to the root cause of emotional eating and food issues is CRUCIAL and must not be skipped.
    • Your goal is to establish a new way of approaching your entire fitness – a way of life that will become your LIFESTYLE for maintenance.
    • Meditation is an important part of getting connected to what’s driving you towards your goals.
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