Transform Your Body, Build Your Confidence, and Connect With Your Inner Feminine Energy Through An Empowering Approach to Fitness

Empowered Feminine Fitness is a COMPLETE training system that is developed to take a "whollistic" approach to your fitness. Going BEYOND just giving you a diet and training program by helping you to connect deeply to your reasons WHY. And give you the tools you need to achieve the body of your dreams for life.

Are you a woman in her 30’s, 40’s or fabulous 50’s who is looking to not only reshape her body, but to finally feel like you have complete control over your results?

To FINALLY feel like you understand what works for YOU…

Are you at a point in your life where you know that there’s something MORE to all of this? That you’re not just showing up in the gym to simply look good…


For you, it’s about building your confidence and embracing and loving yourself like never before – and finally setting yourself mentally free to love what you see in the mirror.

Do you feel like there’s something missing for you in your life, and you really want to tap into the incredible power of owning your femininity and inner strength as a woman?

And you know how much of a powerful impact this will have on you as you transform your body – and improve your entire life…

Are YOU Ready To Go From Dreaming To LIVING Your Best Life With A Body You Love, And The Level of Confidence in Your Own Skin Like Never Ever Before?

If you’re saying YES to any of this, then lovely, you need to give yourself a fighting chance at being successful with your fitness goals once and for all.

It’s time you balance your life, rewrite your personal story, and take back your power to move through this world confidently, unabashedly, and on your terms. And moreover, to do it through the beautiful vehicle of your health and fitness.

The power is in your hands to start loving what you see in the mirror…

And it all starts right here – right now, for you.

I KNOW That This Is Possible - Because I'm Living Proof...

And I’ve been able to help women just like you to achieve that same level of success.

Since 1997, I’ve worked closely with women from all around the globe in helping them to get out of the pain, shame and frustration of not seeing results – even though they’ve done EVERYTHING to try to change their bodies. I’ve helped them to get unstuck, to get things moving, and to find their motivation and fire again.

Even further, I take great pride in the fact that my approach to fitness is all about TEACHING YOU how to reach your best body EVER. And, to give you the tools you need to maintain those changes in the long-term.

And what I’m happy to share with you now is the incredible opportunity to look BEYOND just the training and nutrition aspects of results – but also tapping into your mindset, and helping you to become a more empowered, ultra-feminine, and fiercely strong woman in the process.

There Was a Time When My Life Was COMPLETELY Out of Balance...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… And I can tell you what’s behind those eyes.

It was 2015 when I shed all of my titles…

  • Roxie the professional dancerretired
  • Roxie the talented actressretired
  • Roxie the accomplished physique competitorretired

It’s funny how who we are at the core is rooted in and defined by what we DO. That so many of us are walking this earth not even connected to our greater purpose. Listen here, I WASN’T.

I was always someone who was striving to be THE best.

  • I was driven to always win.
  • I was driven to always do.
  • I was driven to always make stuff happen.
  • I was driven towards perfection (at EVERYTHING)
  • I was driven by a desire to be on top – to be a BOSS at everything.

All of these are amazing qualities to have!

But as women especially, what this sets us up for is to live this existence that is COMPLETELY driven by our masculine energy. We lose the ability to truly live in our feminine energy as well. 

  • That nurturing side (even if that is self-nurturing)
  • That self-care side that makes sure that WE are ok.
  • That communal side that enjoys time with those we care about.
  • That creative side that allows us to explore our deep emotions and how we express ourselves.
  • That side that allows us to get into our bodies and feel amazing taking full responsibility and ownership in staying healthy, fit, and free.

That was that the HOLE I dug myself into, and it had a dire impact on my life…

What Happened When My Masculine Energy Took Over...

I can remember the day it all came crashing down…

You know that feeling when the world around you just feels like it’s hopeless?

Where the motivation you once had to succeed at life, to smash your goals, to get into the gym and “train insane”, to eat healthy and do the things that make you feel good – well it just ceases to exist.

So instead, you turn into this drone. Going into your day by day on autopilot. Feeling disconnected from everything.

Wondering if you can or if you will, EVER, get back to what you once were?

That hit me like a TON of bricks in 2015. And it sent me on this pathway to some major depression.

I didn’t know how to get out of it, so I figured to just keep WILLING myself.



As if that would all suddenly magically fall into place.

I got more productive, but it wasn’t helping at all.

I thought that by DOING all of the things I needed to do would be enough.

What I ignored was that healing from within, and tapping into my feminine energy would be the greatest road to my salvation.

You see, for the LONGEST time – during this period especially, I was constantly acting and existing heavily in my masculine energy.

  • I was constantly on the go.
  • Never giving myself a moment to slow down.
  • Always trying to be the “fix it” or “I can do it myself” chick.
  • I was a task master, and I never stopped to take a breath.
  • I was always hyper focused in the gym on going beast mode 24/7/365.
  • I had NO balance in my life. I was all work, no play, no time for self-care.
  • I stopped caring about how I looked and basically lived in gym clothes daily.
  • I was super high stressed ALL THE TIME.
  • My anxiety was at an all time high, and I couldn’t turn my brain off.
  • I would wake up EVERY SINGLE MORNING with a huge lump in my throat. Feeling my world close around me.
  • I was emotional and needy in ways that just wasn’t me.
  • I really wasn’t totally happy with my body and found staying in top shape a little difficult as I dealt with all the stress in my life.

Wooo, lawd! I was a HOT mess!

I knew I needed to change one day when I was so burnt out that I could barely see straight and lost all drive for the things that made me most passionate about life.

In my search to find myself again, I learned about how masculine energy (which has nothing to do with GENDER) which tends to be more aggressive in quality, and driven to excel by any means necessary was dominating my life.

And I was SO OUT OF BALANCE that I just felt it in my core.

Feminine energy is about being, acceptance and receiving while masculine energy is about doing, go getting, goal seeking and giving.

And as women it’s SO important to have a balance of BOTH.

A lot of what’s considered masculine energy IS needed in various aspects of our lives:

  • In the workplace.
  • In our education.
  • In running the family/household and organizing the kids.
  • In going after our dreams and goals.
  • In striving for career advancement.
  • In the need to get things done.

You have to be able to switch between the two in various situations to truly feel and be balanced in life.

And when I tapped into this, the world just opened up for me in ways like never before.

I spent over 2 FULL YEARS doing a ton of research and self-work with feminine energy.

The Feminine Energy Connection With Fitness...

There is a major correlation between our femininity, our feminine energy, our fitness, and how we feel as women moving through this world.

It’s almost as if we are taught nowadays that this is a bad thing. That we should suppress this side of ourselves. But that is not innate to who we are as a gender, and as a species.

It wasn’t until I started to realize the incredible power there is in learning how to balance both your masculine and feminine energy that I was able to evolve to my best self.

And all of this is deeply related to your fitness…

When you feel good about yourself, feel good about who you are physically, and you understand yourself on a deeper emotional level… The world becomes your oyster to conquer.

Taking time to care for yourself to acknowledge your feelings

To acknowledge what makes you tick to get to the root of what’s important to you – and then to put the plan into place to make that stuff become your reality…

Well, that is the key to freedom:

  • Mentally
  • Emotionally
  • Spiritually and more.

Your fitness plays a major role in this by being the pathway, and the conduit, to helping you to get truly in touch with who you are on a deep level.

  • By working out consistently.
  • By eating healthily every single day.
  • By looking at how you can get to mold and shape your body on the outside to make you feel confident…

Well, it gives you all the tools that you need to be able to feel like you can rule the world!

When I made these shifts for myself, that is when the magic truly started to happen…

And everything around me started to fall into place, including being able to get my body back the way I like it.

  • Strong
  • Athletic
  • Fit
  • Curvy
  • Sexy
  • And the best version it’s ever been in my entire life.

To be able to say every single morning that I love what I see when I look in the mirror is the greatest gift I could ever have for myself.

And I one to be able to give this gift to you.

What is Feminine vs Masculine Energy?

Feminine/Masculine Energy is NOT about gender. Every single one of us must find a balance between the two in order to function optimally, further enhance our fitness goals – and the results we see.

I know that this concept may be a bit foreign to you.

Especially if you are hearing all of this for the very first time. I know when I learned about it, and connected the dots, it was as if my whole world collided into this amazing “big bang” of wonderment!

Before we can even have a discussion about how balancing your energy could likely be the biggest game changer in the results you’re seeing in the gym, let’s discuss exactly what masculine and feminine energy truly is…

What is Masculine Energy?

  • Masculine energy is rooted in penetration. Think of the male anatomy.
  • Its energy is about doing, giving, providing – and essentially making stuff happen.
  • Tends to be highly goal oriented and a taskmaster about everything.
  • Driving for perfection and always wanting to be the best – at everything.
  • Being highly productive is valued above all else.
  • It’s rooted in the logic and analytical mind.
  • Can often be rigid and stiff, always on schedule and on task.

Every woman has masculine energy and simply needs to know when to use it – and when to turn it down.

We use masculine energy on a daily basis to run the family, to excel in the work place, to reach our educational goals.

We even use it to a great degree in our fitness because it’s what’s been taught to us for the entire existence of fitness as a whole. Fitness for many years came about through male dominated activities centuries ago.

But the biggest detriment to our fitness goals and the results we want to see is when we don’t know how to shift it off, and focus on the amazing elements that your feminine energy can do to enhance your experience.

What is Feminine Energy?

  • Feminine energy is about receiving. Think about a woman’s anatomy.
  • Feminine energy is about nurturing, community, life, being warm and open.
  • In fitness it shows up as having goals but enjoying the process in reaching them.
  • It’s about being in touch with and in tune with your body. Going deep and feeling your body vs aggressively banging things out.
  • In life you are more working from your heart.
  • Feminine energy is about being open to experiences, and receiving new perspectives to guide your path.
  • You have a more whimsical air about life and your experiences, even when you have focus and goals.
  • You go with the flow more and allow things to unfold.
  • It’s about taking time, space and energy for self.
  • Being more intuitive and based on gut emotion.

As a woman, cultivating this energy in your fitness life can have a huge impact.

In our society today, masculine energy is really praised and seen as an ideal to live life. While qualities of feminine energy are disdained, in many ways.

When we look at fitness from solely a male energy perspective, that’s when we start getting obsessive about the wrong things.

You might have experienced this for yourself on several occasions.

It’s an interesting perspective because these are things that have still yet to be explored by the fitness industry as a whole.

But I’ve seen for myself through working with several hundreds of women (many of whom are just like you), how when we shift into balancing their feminine energy, and let the root of that stem from them wanting to take control of their bodies, health, and fitness…

Well amazing things came to pass for them.

What happens when you’re out of balance with your masculine and feminine energy?

  • Stress starts to take over your life.
  • Increased cortisol (which has a detrimental impact on fat loss)
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Tiredness
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Hormonal imbalances (sex hormones, thyroid, pancreas, and more)
  • Anxiety

How does this happen – and what are the signs of masculine energy taking over?

  • Always putting others first while putting your needs on the back burner.
  • Always feeling like you are the fixer or go to person.
  • Supporting everyone else and being their go to but nobody does that for you.
  • You hide your emotions and don’t discuss how you feel.
  • You’re burning both ends of the candle stick trying to get EVERYTHING done.
  • You begin to lack work/life balance as your personal time becomes less and less.
  • Everyone starts to lay their burdens at your feet because you are always the “strong” one.
  • These are only a FEW things… The list can be endless, and a lot of it you can probably see for yourself in your life right now.

This is how that masculine energy imbalance leads to your fitness life suffering.

  • You don’t have time to train.
  • You lose your motivation and drive.
  • You might start to resent your training and not feel like doing it anymore
  • You start overeating to ease the emotional pain.
  • Eating habits become restrictive, compulsive and out of control.
  • You give up because you’ve failed on your program once again.
  • Always burning the midnight oil – never stopping. Training 7 days a week, or several times a day without rest.
  • Setting super high goals and not stopping until they’re done.
    • You often get super discouraged and start feeling like you’re failing when those goals aren’t being met.
  • Always focusing on getting bigger and stronger aggressively – because that’s what the industry taught you gets results.
    • You may not even like to train that way but you do anyway.
  • You adopt the no pain no gain mentality.
    • Pushing through injury even when it doesn’t make sense.
  • You start getting discouraged when you step on the scale and assume you have NO progress.
  • You begin to fall of the wagon because you’ve lost your motivation to keep showing up.
  • The weight starts coming on because you’re off your program.
  • Possible high stress, feeling down about yourself and high cortisol can be causing you to see no progress and the weight coming on faster.

The solution is that you need to get BACK into balance with your feminine energy. Or if you never have before, to start to cultivate it.

How Empowering Your Feminine Energy Through Fitness Is Crucial to Your Success...

Let’s face it… As women, our needs are just DIFFERENT.

You’re likely a professional woman, who works a lot, went to school and really made a way for yourself in this world.

Maybe you’re a mom with kids you love, and a significant other at home – all who rely on you to be strong!

If you don’t have a significant other nor have any children, you still have a host of others in your life who depend on you to carry the burden in some way. To always be the reliable one. To always be the go to woman to takes care of everyone – and everything…

But when is there time for YOU?

Your dreams…

Your wants and desires…

Your ability to get into the best shape of your life – and feel amazing about how you look and feel every single day?

We live in a world where we’re told not to slow down… And it’s killing your health. It’s screwing up your mindset. And it’s taking your body more and more out of shape than ever before.


All of this running around for everyone else has left you in the most dire place ever…

You put everyone else’s needs before your own.

  • You’re selfless and have stopped prioritizing what YOU need to feel good about yourself.
  • When you look in the mirror, you’re a shell of what you once were.
  • And you’re DYING to get back to the old you again.
  • Your energy is shot.
  • You’re tired.
  • You’ve forgotten how to set healthy boundaries so you can have BALANCE in your life.
  • You can’t focus on getting to the gym because you have no motivation to get moving again.
  • You’re in dire need of accountability, of support, to just get BACK on the path again towards your goals.
  • Your eating is suffering because you’re not making the time for you.
  • You’ve put on weight that doesn’t seem to budge, and your old clothes don’t fit.
  • You’re starting to feel like giving up, but you have that one glimmer of hope that perhaps, something can STILL be done.
  • You want need to find a solution to help you to finally break free of this dark cloud and get BACK onto the path to creating your best life, best self, best body, and best YOU once again.
  • You understand that doing all this is going to take the investment of time and resources.
  • But you need to do it in a way that fits your budget, and will also give you all the tools you need in the world to succeed.

Sickness and Poor Health is Rooted in an Overabundance of Masculine Energy!

The high stress lifestyle that you are currently living could well cause some major problems down the line. High stress and never slowing down can find you dealing with:

  • Major anxiety and depression as the world around you feels like it’s closing in.
  • High stress leads to high levels of cortisol.
  • This can lead to adrenal fatigue and complete burnout.
  • High cortisol from stress can also cause MAJOR issues with weight loss – and stall all progress.
  • High blood pressure and heart disease can be what awaits next as your body buckles under pressure.
  • Further breakdown of your adrenals can then start to impact your thyroid – once again halting ANY ability to see progress.
  • Tiredness and debilitating fatigue become a major part of your daily existence.
  • And a host of ailments as you age can rear its ugly head as many things are said to develop when the body has been under chronic stress – and especially if you are predisposed to illness genetically.

Girlfriend… This isn’t JUST about fitting into your jeans anymore. This is about your LIFE.

But all of this can be avoided if you begin to address what’s missing – and start to fix it…

What's Missing for You is That You NEED to Get Back in Touch With Your Desires, Your Reasons Why, and a Clear Program Without Guesswork That Empowers You,
Motivates You, and Allows You to Transform Into Your Best Self - Physically and Mentally...

You know that the next thing that needs to happen for you to get back on track again includes…

  • Stepping up and taking your power back!
  • Putting your needs and wants first for a change.
  • Detoxing your mindset, and resetting yourself mentally to be able to live more positively day by day.
  • Eating intelligently so that you can start to feel amazing by fueling your body healthily.
  • Getting to the gym several times a week so you can start to feel strong, focused, and inspired day by day.
  • Making actual lifestyle and habit changes that will allow you to change your body for GOOD – and stop the yo-yo cycle.
  • You need a community of support around you who has your back, guides you, and will never let you fail.
  • Taking action RIGHT NOW towards your goals – because you know it’s now or never.

If any of this speaks to you right now… Then let me tell you exactly how my Empowered Feminine Fitness Mentorship Program can help you – right now.

What Is Empowered Feminine Fitness?

Empowered Feminine Fitness is a done-with-you, self-paced, group coaching fitness and nutrition mentorship program designed to help you to get complete control of your training and your nutrition – rooted in my result driven/evidence based approach that has transformed HUNDREDS of women from around the globe. All while giving you the tools to blossom into your full potential as a powerfully feminine, self-loving, and confident woman.

But more than that, the magic of Empowered Feminine Fitness lies in the incredible programming that focuses on goal setting and recreating yourself – in a way that no other fitness program on the market currently does.

Where other programs have failed you, Empowered Feminine Fitness picks up.

When you join me in this exclusive mentorship program, I’m going to take you on a journey of self-discovery and incredible growth. Your training program will be all spelled out, and I’ll even be teaching you exactly how to structure your nutrition so that you look forward to every meal with unlimited variety.

You’re going to love being able to drop the guesswork, and finally start to UNDERSTAND what works for you – and then have the tools you need to be able to keep those changes in the long-term.

  • Empowered Feminine Fitness is designed as a mentorship that focuses on the LONG-TERM PROCESS.
  • It is NOT for those looking for a quick fix.
  • You need to be prepared to spend 1 year to be able to fully transform and reach your final goals.
  • And along the way be ready to make a major transformation that will improve your life – forever.


Here’s How Empowered Feminine Fitness Can Transform Your Entire Life. And WHY You Absolutely NEED to Experience This Program…

  • We’re going to work closely together to eliminate the limiting beliefs and mind taffy that’s been holding you back from reaching your goals.
  • I want help you to STOP THE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS and develop a more positive and loving relationship with your body.
  • You and I will work closely to help you to identify things like why you continually self-sabotage your fitness efforts, and give you the tools to stop it once and for all.
  • We’ll be setting goals, 8 weeks at a time, that keep you motivated and focused on the road ahead while you stay inspired to transform your body like never before.
  • You’ll discover the power of tapping into your feminine energy as a woman, and what that means. But more importantly discover how that has a POWERFUL impact on not only your fitness – but your entire life.
  • If you’re in a place right now where you’re feeling discouraged and demotivated, we will tap into your true potential within yourself through working closely with me and our amazingly supportive community of women striving for the same goal… Self-improvement.
  • You’ll learn how to EAT FOR YOUR BODY as I walk you step by step through mastering your nutrition and how to eat intuitively without stress or guilt.
  • Each month you’re going to personally challenge yourself with insightful self-exploration journaling intensives designed to help you to change the narrative around your life from one that feels disappointing to one you truly love (and created yourself).
  • Challenge yourself daily in the gym with a done-for-you training program that will help you to mold a leaner, stronger, curvy, and svelte physique.
  • By the end of our work together, you will have all the tools to be able to have a more fulfilled lifestyle that has healthy boundaries around your self-care, your personal, professional, and fitness life.
  • Not only will you change your body, and finally get to that body of your dreams, but you will walk away a completely different woman.


Empowered Feminine Fitness is a COMPLETE training system that is developed to take a “whollistic” approach to your fitness. Going BEYOND just giving you a diet and training program by helping you to connect deeply to your reasons WHY. And give you the tools you need to achieve the body of your dreams for life.

How The Program is Structured...

The biggest takeaway from this program isn’t just that you’ll have all the tools to change your body FOR GOOD, but you’ll learn how to finally start looking at your life in a way to bring out your fullest potential as a woman.

  • Learn how to set boundaries around your fitness, personal and work life. Never feel like a slave to everyone else’s needs again.
  • Shift your self-talk about your body from negativity and pointing out every flaw to one of love and acceptance, even as you work to transform.
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs about what’s possible for you and your life ONCE AND FOR ALL.
  • Develop self-care rituals that are your go to methods to stay centered, focused, and motivated about your fitness – and your life outside of the gym.
  • Learn how to balance both your masculine and feminine energy in a way to bring balance to how you approach your life.
  • Take your power back by learning to put yourself first, and having a positive impact on everyone in your life.
  • Get in touch with your deeply emotional side, and learn to have greater control over stress, mindless snacking, stress eating, and self-sabotage.
  • Free yourself of the mind-taffy that’s been holding you back, and unleash your greatest potential as a woman conquering her world.


Here’s What You’ll Have Access to During Our Work Together

  • Get personalized macros and calories as I teach you step by step how to create your own successful flexible dieting meal plans.
  • Fully designed fat incinerating, lean muscle building training program accessible 24/7 at your fingertips.
  • New workout program available for you every single month + HUNDREDS of extra workouts to add variety and more to your program.
  • Be mentored directly by me, and speak to me ON THE PHONE every single week in our exclusive client group calls.
  • Stay accountable with your personally assigned Success Coach (my amazing assistant).
  • Set weekly goals with us to keep you focused on why you must never fail again at this transformation effort.
  • Connect with women just like you every single week in our group calls. Feel super supported and know you’re not alone in this process.
  • Unlock special monthly journal prompts and specialty eCourses meant to enhance your understand of what works for you and WHY.
  • Develop your sense of self, improve your confidence, and rewrite your personal story through our exclusive life coaching and mentorship modules every single month.

Empowered Feminine Fitness Mentorship Program is a One-Year Intensive. Why Not Just Say... 8 or 12 Weeks?

Sure there are many 8 or 12 week flash fitness programs out there that cost $1,500 – $3,000 but then when those short weeks are over, you are left hanging….

And because I see this over and over with women, knowing that 8-12 weeks isn’t enough time for women to go deep enough to truly transform, I created the Empowered Feminine Fitness Mentorship Program, the most complete and financially accessible program on building your self-esteem and your confidence, all while mastering your diet and your training.

And more importantly, having an amazing transformation physically, mentally and more.


Let's Take a Look Under the Hood...

Get Off to a Fresh Start With Our Guided Introductory 3 Day Orientation

Day 1: Program Introduction Walkthrough Video

Get a full introduction to our program, and exactly what you can expect as you embark on this new empowered journey in your life. We’ll take you step-by-step on a walkthrough of the site, and support you with everything you need to know so that you can feel secure and confident in your work with us. And importantly, that you can rest assured that you’ll complete our Empowered Feminine Fitness Program successfully.

Day 2: Meet Your Coach and Partner-in-Crime in Your Personal Journey...

The hardest part for many women is feeling like they’re alone in their path to transformation. Well, I want you to NEVER feel that way again – and with our support… You NEVER will.

Each Empowered Feminine Fitness mentorship client will be assigned a personal Success Coach. Our Success Coaches have been personally trained by me, and are former RoxStars themselves. So she understands your needs, and exactly how to help keep you motivated, accountable, and focused along the way. You’ll be in weekly contact with both your Success Coach and me personally as we work as a team to transform your body – and change your life.

Day 3: Learn EXACTLY How to Figure Out Your Macros + Download Training Program

The first thing I want to give you right away is the ability to take your POWER AND CONTROL back

In the gym. And in the kitchen.

Up to this point, you’re probably confused about how to figure out the proper calories and macros you should be eating each day to see your body change. We’re going to put a stop to this RIGHT NOW – and teach you our exclusive step-by-step method to getting your personalized caloric and macronutrient levels. And we’ll do this through my exclusive Meal Planning Magic 101 eCourse.

Next, you’ll be able to get started right away on an effective training program by choosing to follow any one of the many pre-designed lean building and fat blasting training programs. Take the guesswork OUT of the gym, and put the power to transform your body from inside out in YOUR hands.

Let’s take a closer look at these two aspects below…

Finally! It's Your Turn to Learn a FOOLPROOF Step-by-Step Easy to Follow Method to Finding Your PERSONALIZED Macros/Calories - And Creating a Flexible Dieting Meal Plan

Look Over Roxie's Shoulder As She Teaches You How to Create Your Diet

If you’ve ever wanted to finally learn how to create you own diet – from start to finish – now is your chance to finally solve that mystery. Meal Planning Magic 101 is designed to completely demystify the meal plan creation process for you, and give you  my results proven step-by-step formula to easily create a flexible dieting meal plan that you’ll absolutely love.

Nutrition is the missing puzzle piece in the picture of your success. To complete that puzzle, come and work with me in this amazing pre-recorded on-demand workshop where I’ll teach you exactly how to design your meal plan like a pro!

In addition to mastering this invaluable actionable skill, you’ll also have access to several pre-designed meal plans that you can choose to follow as is, or tweak to your personal preferences.

Get REAL Results and Drop The Guesswork in the Gym With Our Fully Designed Training Programs

4 NO Bullshit Steps to Getting REAL Results in the Gym

Train Like a Roxstar, Raise the Bar, and Transform Your Body Like Never Before

Maybe right now you already train hard in the gym… Or perhaps, you’ve fallen off the wagon and you need a boost to get back in the saddle again. No matter where you are, I’m going to give you the tools you need to light your whole body on FIRE – and produce real results like never before.

Flawless Physique 5-Day Body Transformation – Cardio and Weight Training Program

  • Your workout program is a kick-butt fully designed 5-day training program that you can download on demand 24 hours a day.
  • It’s a 100% fully designed training program that takes the guesswork OUT of the equation.
  • Your weight training and cardio is ALL SPELLED OUT. So you can go on autopilot and train like a RoxStar.
  • You’ll be challenged day after day with our system of helping you to raise the bar with each workout.
  • Blast fat and sculpt lean muscle in our exclusive approach to training that hits every body part from head to toe.

Add Variety on YOUR Terms

You’ll have access to HUNDREDS of additional kick butt workout programs that hit every part of the body. This way you can add a ton of variety and challenge on your own terms.

In Day 3 of orientation, you’ll unlock your first month of workouts that are already designed and ready to download for you to follow. Each month, you’ll unlock a new workout program that builds on the last month’s training focus. Our workouts are progressive and specifically designed to keep you challenged and reaching towards your best in the gym.

Each of these workouts are designed directly by me – so you’ll train in the same way that has transformed the bodies of the over hundreds of clients who have personally consulted with me. With the same principles that even I have used on myself for years.

Periodically we add several new fully designed training programs to keep you challenged, and excited to hit the gym each and every day.

Finished Orientation?
Great! Now Let's Revolutionize Your Approach to Goal Setting

Now that you’ve got the basics down, and you’ve got your training and meal plan established, it’s time that we turn the spotlight over to setting transformative tangible goals.

Goal setting has become the absolute CORNERSTONE to the success of every single one of our clients.

And I want to give you an opportunity to work through my exclusively created goal planning approach. This approach is going to help you to find clarity, get deeply connected to your reasons WHY, and ensures your success if you fully commit to getting what you want – then getting OUT of the way to make it your reality.

Empowered Feminine 21 Day Mindset Detox and Goal Setting Intensive

Empowered Feminine 21 Day Mindset Detox and Goal Setting Intensive is the next step in the process to creating a brand new you.

During this powerful mastermind program, I’m going to work with you closely to help you to shift your mindset and create an even more effective approach to your fitness journey. We’re going to take a look at what your goals mean to you, and exactly why you simply CANNOT fail at reaching them yet again.

We’ll do this by having you work with me in an on-demand version of our 8 Week Goal Setting Planning Session that I take every single client in our practice through. This single session will literally give you the power to create change in your life, in your fitness, and your motivation like ever before. From here, you’ll work closely with both me and your Success Coach each week to further define your goals – and reach the success you deserve.

In the following weeks, you’ll be doing powerful, easy to complete personal assignments to help you to take an introspective look at your fitness journey, and tap into a passion for truly getting results like never before.

Coaching Module 1 – Week 1

  • Coaching Audio: Lesson 1 – Shifting Your Mindset/Empowering Your Fitness Journey
  • Unlock Your True Potential Strategy Planning Workshop
    • On-Demand Goal Setting Planning Coaching Session (Audio & Video Session)
      • Envision your future, and create your goals for the next 8 weeks in our work together. Submit to your Success Coach and get feedback for clarity, support and motivation.
      • Create Your 8-Week Purpose Statement
      • Week 1 – Group Coaching Call w/ Roxie to Share Your Purpose Statement
    • Begin your weekly goal setting accountability submissions with your Success Coach to ensure you are fully supported and have your eyes focused on accomplishing the goals you set in this initial strategy workshop.
  • You will REPEAT this process every 8 weeks to ensure that you stay on track, and always have a specific focus driving you forward during your time as a RoxStar.

Coaching Module 2 – Week 2

  • The Art of Getting Grateful (Audio + Video On-Demand Coaching Session)
    • In this assignment, I want you to pull out your journal, and write about that 1 thing that you’re thankful for during week 2. Being able to give gratitude for the process, and keeping a POSITIVE eye on the road ahead, you’ll stay inspired and focused on what’s most important… Your success – and celebrating the small milestones along the way.
    • Once you’ve been able to identify what’s inspiring you, you’ll submit this to your Success Coach, along with your goals for Week 2 – a continuation of the 8 week overall goals we set in motion the previous week.
    • During week 2, you’ll get into one of our motivation boosting group coaching calls to connect with other RoxStars – and to personally connect with me for feedback and support for any questions you may have at this point in your journey.

Coaching Module 3 – Week 3

  • Connecting With Your WHY – and Where to Go From Here (Audio + Video On-Demand Coaching Session)
    • For week 3’s assignment we are going to take a reflective look inward and hold a mirror up to your dedication so far. We’ll dig deep to explore what you’ve learned most about yourself in this process, particularly compared to where you were when you started.
    • We’ll take a close look at how your mindset has shifted, and solidify ways to make positive thinking and an abundance outlook a mainstay in your total approach to your fitness lifestyle.
    • We will be celebrating what you’ve been able to achieve in the way of physical progress, and take note of how far you’ve come along the way in creating the changes you’ve made at this point in our work together.
    • Once again, you’ll get onto our weekly group coaching call to touch base with me directly, and to celebrate triumphs from other RoxStars just like you – working towards a common goal.

Now That We've Shifted Your Mindset - The REAL Work Begins...
The Empowered Feminine Fitness Transformation Institute

One of the main things I want to have you feel is that by the end of our work together, your experience has had a real true impact on your life – both inside and outside of the gym.

I want you to truly feel and experience an actual SHIFT in the way you move in this world, and the way you approach your fitness, your nutrition, and your LIFE from here forward.

Where other fitness programs stop – we pick up and are just beginning… Our main focus – helping you to become the woman you know you can be at your fullest potential.

  • Confident in life.
  • Owning your space in the world around you.
  • Able to think on your feet when it comes to exactly what you need to do to master your fitness goals.
  • Back on track and fully motivated to push yourself in the gym.
  • Getting into those clothes sitting in the back of your closet that no longer fit.
  • Enhancing your feminine energy and power – even as you embrace a lifestyle that makes you feel stronger, leaner, incredibly toned, and loving what you see every single time you look in the mirror.
  • And ready to live your life to the FULLEST as you redefine what leading a fitness lifestyle means to you.

Each month, you will unlock a new on-demand coaching module specifically designed to teach you hands-on, actionable skills to master recreating your fitness lifestyle.

Each lesson focuses on enriching a part of your life that has a major impact on how you feel about yourself, and how you can build your self-esteem and confidence while you create the body of your dreams.

You’ll also be learning valuable lessons and skills focused on helping you to MAINTAIN the changes you make with us over a lifetime.

These monthly coaching modules are a critical part of continuing the earlier work we established in the very beginning – helping you to further shift your mindset, and keep goal setting in the forefront during your entire fitness journey.

Here are the lessons you will master each and every month…

Month 1: Dietary Freedom

On-Demand Lesson: How to Cheat on Your Meal Plan Without Blowing Your Diet

Learn the exact formula to being able to add variety and freedom to your meal planning – all while staying on track.

Month 2: Vacation and Travel Eating

On-Demand Lesson: How to Travel With Food for Vacations and Holidays

Master the foolproof game plan to help you work around a busy travel schedule, and handle holidays while not skipping a beat on your meal plan.

Month 3: Letting Go of Emotional Eating

On-Demand Lesson: Food As Nourishment and Source Energy

Get rid of negative thoughts around food, and replace bad habits associated with emotional eating. Build strategies to handle stress more responsibly.

Month 4: Rediscovering YOU

On-Demand Lesson: Recreating and Reinventing Yourself Through Journaling

Along the way to this journey of self-discovery, what we want in our lives evolves. This special module focuses on getting to know what you want in your life, and helping you to tap deep into your heart to create a focused life purpose.

Month 5: Tap Into Your Feminine Power

On-Demand Lesson: Redefining Strength – Tapping Your Femininity Within Your Fitness

Being strong, fearless, and feminine is possible. Tap into your feminine energy to influence your outlook and fitness like never before.

Month 6: Establish Personal Fitness Boundaries

On-Demand Lesson:  Defining Personal, Work, and Fitness Boundaries for Success

Month 6 pivots towards allowing you to be ok with how to say NO in healthy ways. For any woman who struggles with putting herself first, this month is all about stopping the madness and giving you the opportunity to get balance back into your life – on your terms.

Month 7: The Science Behind Strength Training

On-Demand Lesson: Basic Strength Training Principles

Master the why’s behind the why of strength training, and some principles to help you to understand what gets results, builds strength, and transforms your body in the gym.

Month 8: Lifting Technique for The Advanced Woman

On-Demand Lesson: Advanced Training Principles to Raise the Bar

We’ll bring your approach to your workout to the next level and give you the tools to continually raise the bar, use it as your mental solace, and dig deeper in your workouts.

Month 9: Shift Your Thinking Around Cardio

On-Demand Lesson: Release the Cardio Bunny Mentality

Explore specific strategies to enhance and improve your cardiovascular training. Understand how to PROPERLY use it for fat loss – while doing LESS.

Month 10: Redefine Your Style

On-Demand Lesson:  Define and Embrace Your Personal Brand and Redefine Your Style

At this point in your journey, you’ll probably have the body of your dreams – or be well on the way. How we present ourselves to the world stems from our personal view and how we inside. Enhancing that is the final game changing step in your transformation. We’ll explore what that means and how it works for you.

Month 11: Daily Rituals to Center and Ground You

On-Demand Lesson:  Enhance Your Feminine Energy Through Daily Rituals

One of the most powerful ways to help you to enhance your femininity, all while improving your body and lifestyle, is rooted in daily rituals. In this lesson we’ll take a closer look at ways to keep your energy high and your confidence higher through daily self-defined practices.

Month 12: Bringing You to the Forefront

On-Demand Lesson: Positive Selfishness: Self-Care and Self- Love Workshop

Our final institute lesson brings focus to the most important subject of our work together – you. I want to leave you with some actionable tools you can start applying to your life periodically to ensure that you continue to apply all of the tools you’ve learned, and allow you to understand the importance of healthy personal boundaries. And most importantly, put you first in a balanced and positive fashion.

Consistency & Your Dedication to Self Is Key... Here's How You'll Stay Accountable and Supported

I want you to know that you’ll NEVER be alone in this process.

Even though the program is completely self-paced, and you can progress at whatever speed works best for you and your availability – I am here along with my team of Success Coaches to assist you every step of the way.

But of course, our MAIN goal is to make sure that you don’t give up on yourself, and that you have a reliable way to stay focused on achieving your goals. With that in mind, this is what’s available to you – at your fingertips – to keep you accountable and on track:

  • Weekly progress tracking to visually compare your physical changes from week to week.
  • Weekly goal setting check-in’s with your assigned Success Coach.
  • Weekly group coaching calls directly with me where you can also touch base with our amazing and inspiring community of RoxStars just like you.

If you dedicate yourself to showing up, and using the accountability resources available to you, I promise you – you will not fail. Keep in mind that your success is OUR success – and we’re here to support you through the process of transformation from start to finish.

Bonus Content to Enrich and Enhance Your Experience

  • Bonus Content 1: Post-Release Access to any Live Training and Online Workshops.
  • Bonus Content 2: Instant Access to Webinars and Live Q&A Events for Our Private Community Network (Held Periodically)
  • Bonus Content 3: Our Exclusive Done-With-You Daily Macros and Calories Calculator.
  • Bonus Content 4: Done-For-You Instant Downloadable Meal Plans
  • Bonus Content 5: Add variety with our Flexible Dieting Food Substitution Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does This Differ From Your VIP 1-on-1 Coaching Program?

Empowered Feminine Fitness is a 24/7 on-demand and self-paced mentorship program. The beautiful thing about this program is that it allows you to work closely with me and my hand selected team of Success Coaches at the fraction of the cost of my 1-on-1 coaching program.

Empowered Feminine Fitness is a fully pre-designed program in structure, but allows for customization and variety for your personalized needs.

You’ll be able to reach out to us for support at any time to make the program as custom as you need it to be for your needs. You are responsible for adding that customization, but we give you all the tools and help you need to be successful at doing that.

My VIP 1-on-1 coaching and mentorship program takes a more fully customized and personally designed programming set up for clients within those levels.

BOTH programs require you to show up and do the work. So there will be NO slacking here or in my VIP program.

Can I Use This Program For Contest Prep?

Empowered Feminine Fitness is not designed for contest prep. However, if you are someone looking to compete at some point in the future, it is the perfect level to get your body on track, to focus on improving your mindset, and to enhance your lifestyle well in advance of beginning a contest prep.

This program is geared more towards women who are looking to make a MAJOR transformation in their body and how they personally value themselves as women thriving in a fitness focused lifestyle.

I Workout at Home. Can I Successfully Follow This Program?

Although some of the workouts can be done at home, it’s best if you have access to a fully equipped gym or enough equipment at home to successfully follow the program.

Is This Program Good for Beginners?

No, this program is not intended for beginners. You need to be familiar with and confident in the gym – particularly in the weight room. It’s best if you have at least 2 years of experience in the gym.

What Happens After I Finish All The Lessons?

Once you’ve completed all of the core curriculum of the program, you’ll have continual access as long as you remain a client. Many times our clients will go back over material a number of times as they find it helps to really get a grasp on each lesson – and become masters at applying our techniques to their daily life. This has a huge impact on changing bad habits, and modifying behavior and mindsets that have held them back in the past.

In addition to our core work, we’re CONSTANTLY adding new workshops, on-demand webinars, mini-intensives, live events and more in order to keep you growing and enriched at every part of your journey.

So there is constantly new materials, new workout programs and more to help you to continue to develop with us as long as you feel like you need.

To go through ALL of the base level programming, it will take about 12 months since you unlock new programming modules once a month.

If you complete all 12 months and wish to cancel because you’re ready to work on your own, you can do so without any additional fees.

I'm afraid to invest, I've been burned before. What guarantees can you offer me for success?

We take your investment and trust in us very seriously and our content is some of the very best out there — we did our homework on this. Even though we offer you amazing content, guidance and support, ultimately, the success of our program depends on each student’s commitment to the process and their willingness to consistently apply what they learn. We can guarantee you will receive the most incredible tools and powerful teachings, and of course- our unwavering support!

Can I Move to 1-on-1 Coaching If I Choose To Later On?

Yes, absolutely! Simply schedule a clarity call with Roxie so you can discuss your options and the best next steps.

Will I Be Working Directly With Roxie?

Yes! Each week, you’ll have an opportunity to work directly with Roxie in our weekly group coaching calls. Outside of that, you’ll be able to work closely with our amazing Success Coaches (you’ll be assigned a personal coach) who works with every single one of our clients in ALL coaching levels.

The materials, workouts, diets, and articles on the site are all created by Roxie. So you can rest assured that everything we have you following is straight from her heart, and focused on helping you to truly get to the next level.

How Does Payment Work?

You will have access to your billing profile in our private merchant account. Only you have access to your personal information.

All payments for the program occur on the 1st or 15th of each month, depending on when you initially signed up. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. We do not accept PayPal at this time, nor other methods of payment outside of what we’ve listed here.

What Happens If I Need to Cancel?

We understand that things can come up and finances can change. We honor your needs and fully supporting your goals.

All payments are month-to-month, so you may cancel at anytime.

In order to ensure that only those who have LONG TERM goals and who are serious about achieving them sign up with us, we do enforce a strict cancellation fee. Cancelling prior to 12 months on the program will incur a $97 fee; however cancelling AFTER 12 months incurs no fee. Please be sure to cancel PRIOR to your card being charged as we offer no refunds under any circumstance due to the digital nature of our programming.

Do note that if you do have to cancel and wish to start back at a later time, you will have to begin the program at the current rate at that time.

Experience Empowered Feminine Fitness FOR FREE!

Enroll Now in My FREE 7-Day Empowered Feminine Fitness Boot Camp Intensive

Learn more about the program, and enjoy a 7-Day inspiring, and perspective shifting experience. Enter your name below to participate in this FREE 7-day boot camp intensive, and get a taste of what shifting your feminine energy around your fitness has to offer.

  • Exclusive on-demand coaching video lessons.
  • Insightful journaling prompts.
  • Mindset shifting meditations.
  • A fully designed training program.
  • An intuitive eating coaching module.
  • And a chance to talk to me on the phone about your experience.

Disclaimer: While we have been wildly successful getting women the results they desire through our coaching, tools and support— we cannot offer any guarantees that these results are universal or that you will achieve the same. We absolutely believe in what we teach and find it to be foundational for any woman who wants to be her most inspiring, best self and achieve her dream body along the way, BUT your success depends on your own ability to consistently and successfully implement what you learn. We *partner* with you to help you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals— offering guidance, support and tools. We do not do the work for you — that part, Roxstar, is solely up to you!