Rev Up Your Metabolism in These 4 Ways

You’ve been trying your best to change your body, drop some fat, put on some muscle, but things seem a little stalled? Well, you might need to do a few things to jump start your body, and finally, start moving towards results. Here are 4 tips to help you to rev up your metabolism – right now.

Rev Up Your Metabolism in These 4 Ways

  • Feed your body! Eat more to see better fat loss.

    • Cutting calories further isn’t always the answer.
    • Giving the body more to play with can allow it to feel ok with losing fat.
    • Gently coax the body to transform. Do not FORCE it.
    • Take a diet break if needed. Eat at maintenance levels for about 2 weeks or so then go back into a diet phase.
  • Increase the intensity in the weight room.

    • Lift faster!
    • Throwing in metabolic training and full body functional workouts focused on keeping the heart rate up is great for metabolism.
    • Rooted in the EPOC principle. Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption
    • This has the ability to boost metabolism to a greater capacity AFTER THE WORKOUT IS DONE.
    • Interestingly this effect CAN compound. So you can see the effects of it 24-36 hours after you are done. And see a greater boost above baseline after every subsequent workout.
  • Increase the intensity of your cardio.

    • Don’t look at how you can do MORE.
    • Instead look at how you can do what you’re doing BETTER.
    • Add more intensity BEFORE you add more duration.
    • Think about doing HIIT 3 days a week, and throwing in longer intervals as well.
    • Has the same compounding EPOC effect as spoken about above.
  • Get a game plan and know what you’re doing.

    • It’s not enough to just show up to the gym and you can’t wait to play the game.
    • Get strategic about your workouts, and spell them out. Write them down.
    • Explore training over various rep ranges, intensities, shorter rest periods, and pushing your limits.
    • These all have a HUGE positive effect on the results you see.
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Author: IFBB Pro Roxie Beckles

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