Figure Competitor Loses 100 Pounds and Finds the Stage

I’ve got a story to INSPIRE you!

What’s YOUR biggest goal or dream right now?

Whether you want to step on a stage or not, we all have that THING in our head that we want to achieve, to conquer, and to simply say YES – I did that!

Well, today I’ve got to introduce you to one of my amazing clients. And I’ll tell you what… I have the absolute PRIVILEGE to work with some of the most amazing women on the plant and Gabriella Hernandez is just one.

So get this, Ghabi has always been a fan on the sport, and had dreams of stepping on a stage for a LONG time…

In fact, her journey found her losing 100 pounds (on her own), and eventually to running road races and marathons, to finally getting the guts to chase her dream of sparkly suits, six pack abs, and spray tans.

She came to me with some experience under her belt, but not so great coaching left her feeling burnt out, tired, HUNGRY, and just a strong desire for wanting better, and wanting MORE from her coach.

Well, I’m so proud to say that the progress she’s made has been nothing short of SPECTACULAR. And we are right now sitting at just a few short weeks from her taking the stage (for the second time) at the Arnold Amateur.

Ghabi has an INCREDIBLE story to tell which I know you’ll find to be super inspiring! And so… You’ve got to check out her interview like right now!

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Figure Competitor Loses 100 Pounds and Finds the Stage

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Do YOU Have Aspirations to Step On Stage?

Look it’s never too late to realize a dream, or to make a wish your amazing reality. Whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned competitor looking to do better in your next show, I can help!

To be your best, you need someone who is more than just a coach these days… You need a MENTOR!

  • Someone to guide you.
  • Teach you.
  • Inspire you.

And to have your best interest at heart all along the way, as you work to be in the best shape of your life… But do it in the healthiest and sane way possible – because you know IT IS possible to reach your best without jeopardizing your health… Or sanity.

If you’re looking for an amazing coach, mentor, and teacher… And working with someone knowledgeable and CARING means something to you…

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