Get Your Nutrition on TRACK Towards Your Goals

If you’ve been on the path to getting your body right and tight… Molding that DREAM body you see in your head. Then I know that nutrition has crossed your mind more than once along the way.

But I want to do you a favor. Instead of regurgitating the same ole stale INFORMATION that many others spit out to you, I want to have a REAL conversation.

Because truth be told – you have ALL the information you could possibly need when it comes to nutrition. Including how to set up a diet, how to figure out macros, calories and more.

But that stuff…

I call them the fries and the drink.

Think of it like this. When you order a burger meal, the main feature of that meal is the BURGER. That’s what you show up for. The fries and the drink are the side pieces. The tagalongs.

In this respect, just setting up a meal plan is the barebones of change. It’s the given side piece. But if you are NOT focusing on the main feature – what we’re going to discuss below – then you can hang it up when it comes to TRUE TRANSFORMATION.

Especially changes you will earn for the long term.

Let’s jump in. Here are my top tips to get your nutrition ON TRACK towards your goals.

Your New Mantra: You Must EAT to be Lean

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you already know… This is MY line. In fact, it is THE mantra I impart to every single client I work with. And the first lesson they learn when it comes to transforming their nutrition.

Many women get stuck in this trap.

A trap of restriction.

Because ALL we’re taught from day 1 is that in order to lose weight you have to DIET. You have to take food away. You have to basically starve and not enjoy this process to get smaller.

And all I want you to realize is that that’s NOT entirely true.

I mean YES, you have to eat less. But, that doesn’t mean to starve yourself down to nothing. Instead, what I want you to change your perspective is to embrace the following point of view.

You want to be in a caloric deficit, YES, however you still want to eat as many calories as you can that still allow for a change in the body.

The next time you’re trying to figure out how much to eat, here’s what you can do. Figure out your maintenance calories, then simply eat in a deficit between 15-20% of that number. It will likely be A LOT of food to you, for now.

But what you’ll soon find is that your body responds far better to this kind of approach by keeping your metabolism revved up. And keeping intense hunger and cravings at bay.

Clean It Up But Stop Being So Damn Strict

This next tip goes hand in hand with the above.

I’ll tell you what. I’m just about damn sick and tired of hearing how everyone eats CLEAN. “Oh, I eat clean…” Like there’s some kind of reward. GREAT!

But if you eat SO clean, and SO strict that you don’t even allow for slip-ups or stumbles that can (and DO) come up from time to time, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Because what often happens is that when or if you find yourself in a moment of weakness, and you give in, you’re the first to throw your hands up and say FUCK IT! Now I’m gonna eat ALL THE THINGS.

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So stop it.

Allow yourself a chance to swap foods out for variety. Allow yourself to have that cream in your coffee. Allow yourself that fruit you crave. When was the last time you heard a banana making ANYONE fat?

Yeah exactly, it doesn’t really happen.

So loosen up, even while you tighten up the diet. You’ll be surprised at how much MORE you’ll stay on track.

Thou Must Cheat

BLASPHEMY! I just told you that you MUST cheat on your diet.

I can’t count how many women have come to me, looking for the answer to their prayers, begging for a solution that gets them results… And they tell me that they never cheat on their diets.

They never enjoy a cheat meal. And for some, just the very THOUGHT of a cheat meal sends them into a tailspin.

Can I tell you that if you are dealing with this, you are a slave to food.

To a disordered relationship with it.

Cheat meals have their place, actually. They really do. They allow you to stay in control because you get to balance enjoying what you crave, all while sticking to a plan that gets you closer to your goal.

Cheat meals also play a role in helping to keep your metabolism nice and fired up. So you hit fewer plateaus along the way. But more importantly, you are learning how to now make TRULY make eating a part of your lifestyle.

You’re not going to avoid cake forever, are you? And you certainly don’t want to have this fear over a slice of ooey gooey sweetness that can’t bite you, right? RIGHT! So use cheat meals to keep your progress moving along, but also see them as an opportunity to see how you CAN enjoy foods you love, all while getting to your goal.

And truly establishing a fitness-focused lifestyle.

Perfection Does NOT Exist

The two sections above, they kind of have this theme as the undercurrent to what shifts you need to make in your mindset to succeed.

Results are not about perfection. Results are about CONSISTENCY.

Fitness Tip: Results are not about perfection. Results are about CONSISTENCY. Share on X

And you driving yourself absolutely NUTS trying to be so perfect is the number one thing that can and will hold you back from reaching your fullest potential.

There is no perfection in this game. There’s only your BEST.

And that best will ebb and flow from day to day. What you need to, and must, focus on is trying your best to establish new habits and let go of the ones that hold you back.

This takes time!

But you have to be in the saddle for the long haul. When you start to shift your focus to the fact that all of this about changing the way you live every single day, then you see how this is all a process.

Like any process, it’s about putting the pieces together in a way that works for you. FOR YOU. So in that respect, perfection can’t exist. None of us are perfect. But we all have the opportunity to focus on being our best.

Start shifting your approach to nutrition towards that, and watch how your body will take off.

Eat The Damn Cookie and MOVE ON

The final piece of this puzzle I want to shine a light on is the superpower of being able to MOVE ON when you mess up.

Look some of you are emotional eaters… I get it!

In fact, if you struggle with this, I want you to click here and watch this video I did where I explored how to get better control over it.

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And whether you struggle with emotional eating or not, I want you to just move on after you slip up. I mean think about it… What happens after you eat something off plan:

  • Did you die?
  • Your whole world fall apart?
  • The world as we know it end?
  • Were kittens, puppies or babies hurt?
  • Again, did you DIE?!

NO! No, you did not. And none of the above happened at all. The world kept turning, and a new day came along. So the next time you eat something off plan, don’t let it get you down.

Don’t allow it to make yourself feel like a complete failure because you didn’t do what you see as “perfect” in your head. (Remember we’re trying to let go of that label.)

The best thing is to simply pick up, move on, and don’t let it get you down. Remember, you always have a new day to get it right. And the work of long-term change and full body transformation is about finding that balance.

Put these tips to work and watch how your body transforms like never before. I promise! I see it happen every single day with the amazing clients I work with.

If they can do it – you can too.

Look, if you are sitting here reading this, and you TOTALLY understand what I’m talking about, and you’re ready to DO SOMETHING about it, then I want you to do one thing…

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  • Or do NOTHING and stay exactly as you are today.

What I want to leave you with is a NEW way of working – and a NEW way of approaching your fitness.

2018, you need to decide to do something different.

To take a chance.

Look, I have, and I will tell you that change can be hard.

Doing something you’ve NEVER DONE can be HARD!

But, I promise you…

When you do – and finally start seeing the results of such changes, in action…

You’ll be happy you did.

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And start to see yourself making better strides from all your efforts in the gym.

I hope that today’s message inspired you!

And I look forward to connecting with you again soon.

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