RoxStar Fitness Client Spotlight: Dionna’s Extreme Fat Loss Transformation

How much is progress worth to you?

Whether you’re a busy parent, working professional, or a stay at home spouse taking care of the family, seeing progress is a matter of true dedication and work – along with the patience to boot. Dionna came to us looking to take her body to the next level.

She was tired of carrying around excess body fat, and wanted to see what her body can do if she were to push it to the limits (safely of course) all while managing her family and a busy life as a school teacher.

Well, I can proudly say that with her, we had an EXTREME FAT LOSS TRANSFORMATION. Check out her journey in her own words.

Tell us a little bit about yourself….

I am a 36-year-old mother of two (16 and 12). I work full-time and am married to a super supportive man. I enjoy working out and coaching volleyball. I love cooking especially baking. I live a super typical life.


How long have you been training?

The crazy thing is I have been off and on training since around 2009.

I had a YMCA membership and trained hard there. I loved the heavy lifting but my body did not change. It looked exactly the same months and months after training. I was discouraged because I couldn’t understand why I looked the same.

My eating was the same. Super poor choices. Drinking, eating out frequently and midnight snacks…

I really did not want to believe that nutrition played a huge role. I wanted to eat whatever and go hard in the gym and see a change!


What inspired you to start training seriously?

I’ve always been unhappy with my belly.

I gained 75 pounds during my first pregnancy and the skin that stretched is still there. I had been working out for a while and kinda changed my diet but I still had this damn belly.

I was considering a tummy tuck (SERIOUSLY)!

But then I thought maybe a personal trainer could help me with food and workouts. It would be much cheaper in the long run. My mind was right. I knew I needed an overhaul.

I researched and researched and came across Roxie.


What was the biggest motivating factor that made you decide to finally step up your game in the gym?

I know it sounds superficial but I don’t care.

I wanted to look good in a bikini and be able to fit anything I wanted in the store.

I didn’t want to be the typical overweight Black mom with 2 kids justifying my weight because of my race.

I thought if other women my age with kids can look good why can’t I. I also have high blood pressure controlled by medication and wanted to see if the weight loss would help get off the meds (nope…genetics).


How did you find RoxStar Fitness?

Youtube and Google. I found Roxie and absolutely fell IN LOVE.

She wasn’t just your run of the mill “fitness chick” online. She knew her stuff, she was super inspiring, and she looked like ME – or at least what I wanted to look like.

I did a couple of the youtube workouts I saw on her channel, and when I finally decided that I was going to hire a personal trainer, Roxie was the first and only that I called.


How has your training differed from before you found RoxStar Fitness, to after?

Jeez, not only do I get specific eating plans and workouts to fit my needs and goal I get a life coach and coach who is always accessible.

When I feel discouraged about my progress she keeps it real with me if I want to eat off plan she gives me the pros and cons but is never condescending.

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I am held accountable with progress updates.

The changes I have seen because I am compliant are remarkable. I never would have thought that I’d actually be seeing my abs/obliques/back, quad and hamstring muscles look this good and so lean two years ago.


How successful do you think the online coaching model to be vs. working with a one on one personal trainer – in YOUR experience?

Online coaching is perfect.

I have access to Roxie and her team through email, phone, messenger, and the closed client Facebook Group. So it’s great that anytime I have questions and concerns she is there.

I do not have to be at the gym at a certain time. I go when it fits in my schedule and as a busy mom sometimes it fluctuates.

I don’t know if I would have that kind of access to a one-on-one personal trainer after our session is over. I had a one-on-one personal trainer and did not make the kind of progress I have made with Roxie.


What’s your favorite cheat meal?

I love food!!!

So almost anything that is not on plan is my favorite. I’ve learned to adjust my favorite cheat meals into more compliant versions. So I would say baked goods…cookies and cakes made with lots of butter.

But that’s the thing that I love about working with Roxie. She’s taught me how to actually ENJOY the whole process. To be able to eat off plan for my cheat meal, and not feel guilty, or feel out of control.

In the past, I would have a really hard time getting back on plan after having a cheat. But the balance I’ve learned in the process of working with Roxie has allowed me to have a freedom I’ve never had before. And I really like that.

What’s your typical diet like?

Right now I am eating about 1800 calories. 5 meals and carbs and protein at almost every meal. Everything is really yummy. I cook my foods as I like. And, I have a ton of freedom because Roxie allows me to swap things out whenever I want.

The crazy thing is that we started my diet with A LOT OF FOOD. For the first time, I saw my body losing fat at above 2000 calories. That was mind-blowing to me. I thought that I had to eat less to see changes, and the set up we had proved me wrong.

I can definitely say I’ve learned a lot more about nutrition and more specifically, what my body needs when it comes to my goals.


What are the biggest changes you’ve noticed in your physique since starting with RoxStar Fitness?

Man where do I start…

I have leaned out a great deal. I’ve lost over 30 pounds!

I have visible back, shoulder, tricep, bicep muscles. I have a scar from a hysterectomy I had done about 7 years ago that I could not see unless I lifted my stomach.

About 2 weeks ago I noticed that I could semi see the scar without lifting my stomach…

MIRACLE!!! I almost shed a tear.


What motivates you NOW?

I’ve gotten a bit of the competition bug. I’m interested in possibly competing. Now that I know that having abs and a quad sweep is possible for me. I want it!

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I also want to inspire and motivate others who don’t believe it’s possible. It’s possible


What would you tell your former self, before starting with RoxStar Fitness if you met him/her today?

I would say stop 2nd guessing your choice. Make the call and do it!

You might not realize it right now, but this woman is about to help you to change your life, change your body, find your strength, and a bunch of things you’re not even considering is possible right now.

Most of all, you’ll learn to love you, and put your health first. And be a shining example for your family, influencing them to be more healthy and active as well.

It’s 100% worth it. The time, the money and the effort!


What advice would you give to anyone who may be thinking about working with us, but is on the fence?

Do it. It has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

Not only will working with Roxie be an important part to get you fit, but she gives you all the tools to keep you fit on this journey.

I have learned so much about how to eat which was always my downfall. I have been able to stick with it this long not because Roxie gives me a clear plan but because she shows me how to work within the plan.

I came to her as a person who just wanted to look good but I am sticking with her because she motivates, inspires and teaches me how to navigate on this journey called health and fitness.


Now it’s YOUR turn to have a success story of your own… Book your free call now!

If you’re sitting on the fence trying to figure out what you need to do next, about finally getting to your goal, and FINALLY working with someone who cares about your goals just as much as you do… Then you need to simply do ONE thing.

Book a call!

30 minutes of your time could quite possibly change your life forever!

During this call, I want to talk to you about 3 important things:

  • What training pitfalls are holding you back and keeping you from your goals.
  • What nutrition pitfalls are you battling with that make you fall off plan – or get on one at all.
  • What mindset/habit pitfalls are you desperate to break so you can finally start to see your body respond, and have the motivation to keep going no matter what.

And once we identify these 3 things, we will come up with some solutions to helping you to finally overcome them.

If we get to the end of the call and feel you and I will be the perfect match to work together, only then will we discuss the steps to getting you started as a RoxStar. So you have nothing to lose at all, nothing to pay up front, but everything to gain in just 30 minutes.

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