Client Transformation In Progress: NPC Bikini Competitor Connie Braaten – 2 Weeks Out From 2014 NPC Iron Games

I want to celebrate an amazing client transformation in progress today! Here at RoxStar Fitness, LLC., we work with bikini, figure, fitness and women’s physique competitors, and as you know each division has its specific look. Team RoxStar client and NPC Bikini Competitor, Connie Braaten (follow her Muscles and Mascara – Connie Braaten), came to us last year looking to do her first NPC Bikini show. She had lots of potential and I knew with some time, she’d be a really amazing competitor.

The pics below are from her first show, 2013 NPC Border States. She placed in the top 6 in that show. Our goal after her season was to really streamline her body. She’s curvy naturally, and we wanted to bring the hips down, round out the glutes, keep fullness in the upper body for her as well. I had her doing legs a couple of times a week off season, and focusing on shaping the glutes and hams – taking the emphasis off the quads a bit because I didn’t want to build that area too much for her. We trained shoulders and back specifically as well. Off season she did a little cardio too because for her, keeping in tighter condition before dieting was going to be the key to not having to kill her during prep time. Her calories were set a bit on the higher end off season so we would be at a good starting point during her prep.

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3 Weeks Out - Border States2

NPC Bikini Competitor – Connie Braaten 3 Weeks Out from her first bikini competition, the 2013 NPC Border States. This would be her first show. She went on to place top 6 this show.


In season, her diet has been mostly carb cycling. She’s training around 5-6 days a week, still lifting quite heavily. She has the body type where she needs cardio to keep things moving along. Not everyone can do the #nocardio, #flexibledieting approach going into a show. And for those type of folks, you have to just be mindful of your approach and play things smart as you push the envelope (no need for extremes). For the last few weeks going into the show her cardio ranged between 35-60 mins, split over two sessions am/pm. The protocol I used with her mixed HIIT, with longer intervals of 1 min On/Off, and moderate intensity SS cardio (HR above 75% for the duration). Her weights had her doing deadlifts, squats, various kinds of Olympic Lifts, bench presses, pull ups, metabolic circuits, and just lifting heavy weights where she can. So this goes to show, even bikini girls can TRAIN and TRAIN HARD.

Connie 2 Weeks Out - IFBB Legends

Fast forward 1 year later. This is Connie at 2 weeks out from her 3rd bikini show, the 2014 NPC Iron Games. Much tighter, and weighing MORE in this photo than the first photo.

This is the result of a full year of work. Now, we’re still swinging in and she hasn’t peaked yet, so the ultimate show of how she looks for the stage next week is going to be VERY exciting. I’ll be posting about her and her peak as we go along over the next 10 days, so stay tuned!

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Connie 1 Year Comparison - Border States 3wks Out Iron Games 2 wks Out

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