Workout With Me: 4 Minute Leg and Glute Toning Tabata

Looking to tone up your legs and glutes, all while burning calories and incinerating fat? Then this is a perfect program for you! Check out this 4-minute quick Tabata workout that you can do at home – no major equipment necessary (just a set of dumbbells).

Watch it now – and try it!

Fair warning, it kicked MY OWN butt this morning, lol!

I can tell my metabolism is fired up though as I’m SUPER hungry as I type this.

So I know it’ll do the same for you.

4 Minute Leg and Glute Toning Tabata


If you enjoy this workout – check out some others that I have for you right here!


Working Out at Home? Let’s STILL Get Toned and Get Results. Get My Fat Shredding Strengthening Workout Bundle Now.

It’s no secret that we’ve all had to make major adjustments when it comes to our workouts.

Not having access to your gym is like absolute torture!

Trust me, I know. I’m going crazy too.

But one of the way my clients and I have been able to stay in top shape has been through really stepping up our game through home workouts.

Just because you’re working out at home, it doesn’t mean it has to suck.

By now, you might be getting a little bored, or maybe feeling unmotivated to keep up with your training.

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So I want to breathe new life into your program!

Download my Tighten and Tone At-Home Resistance Band and Dumbbell Workouts Bundle!

This program is PERFECT if you are an intermediate to advanced trainee, and you know your way around the gym.

But the only thing missing is… THE GYM!

Stop trying to come up with effective workouts on your own! I’ve got you covered.

If you’re someone who is a bit annoyed about sitting and watching free workout videos online… I mean who has time to sit and watch a live video these days right?

Now, you can do your workouts in your own time – with your program completely spelled out!

Drop the guesswork – and GET TO WORK.

The workout bundle includes:

  • Designed to be done home – without a need for the gym.
  • Intended for intermediate to advanced trainees.
  • Training Bundle Includes 8 Fully Designed Training Programs
    • 2 Total Body Strength Workouts
    • 2 Total Body Metabolic Workouts
    • 2 Lower Body Strength Workouts
    • 2 Upper Body Strength Workouts
    • All reps, sets, tempo and rest periods are all spelled out. Along with any additional training notes I want you to keep in mind.

For these workouts, you’ll only need resistance bands, dumbbells, and your own bodyweight.

Some additional equipment like barbells and a bench may be included, but you can always swap those out with another exercise. These are used sparingly.

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All exercises are linked to a video tutorial.

I promise you that you’ll really feel SUPER fired up when you get started on these workouts.

Moreover, you’ll feel inspired to show up, get the work done, and lose those “quarantine” pounds quickly and effectively.

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