How Quickly Should You Be Losing Weight?

How Quickly Should You Be Losing Weight? Taking a Deeper Look at the SUCCESSFUL Weight Loss Process…

When you’re on a fitness journey, it’s easy to really want to see results as soon as possible. In truth, who wants to slave away in the gym while eating like a rabbit, and not see corresponding results?

Sometimes, you’re faced with a dilemma – you don’t want to see your body change and a lot of times you want to see it change quickly.

The question I’d like to answer in this article is “what is sustainable fat loss and how quickly should weight loss truly be?”

This topic is quite important and should be discussed often because several people out there are getting impatient with the process.

This can have a detrimental effect on whether or not you hold on to any progress you see. In this YouTube video, I talked about this sensitive topic extensively.

In actual fact, how quickly should sustainable weight or fat loss be? That’s the question I’ll answer for you. Here’s one thing you should keep in mind – It depends on where you are starting.

Getting Started On Your Weight Loss Journey

If you are someone who is starting where you know – you just have an extra 10 to 15 pounds to lose and you’re very close to your goal.

There’s a probability you didn’t have a lot of weight problems your whole life, but you know, you’re just a little lazy. Right now I need you to get your stuff together.

You might see change happen a lot quicker if you’re someone who has been overweight your whole life or you have a stubborn body. Maybe you’re not even dealing with that. Maybe you could be dealing with an underactive thyroid and you don’t even know it.

Sometimes, it could be that your hormones are not in sync with your sex hormones. There are some things you may not know. There could be some other problems in your system or in your hormones.

What To Do…?

In a situation like this, you’re going to be extremely frustrated, because you might notice that it takes forever to lose weight.

I have a YouTube video on hormones for women over 30 and if you’re dealing with issues like these – especially if you’ve been stuck on a plateau for a long while, please subscribe to the YouTube channel.

I also have a video I’d like you to watch on hormones. It’ll clear up a lot of stuff for you.

For those who are in the latter situation, where you’ve just been holding on to a lot of weight and you’re overweight weight now.

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The problem is, you’ve been overweight for so long so it is not going to be a quick process. Don’t get this wrong, it can be if you starve yourself, overtrain, go to the extremes, or do the things that the fitness industry tells you work.

The thing is you are going to have a hard time sustaining that weight loss. You’ve probably already seen it already.

Think about the number of times you have lost the same amount of pounds. How many times have you been on the yo-yo, dieting to see yourself lose weight and then you achieve your goal and you cannot keep it?

Achieving Sustainable Change

Whatever is lost quickly is going to be gained back just as quickly, because the game of weight loss and fat loss is really about sustainable change.

It’s really about changing habits and behaviors alongside straining your training and your nutrition.

Everything has to work together. Realistically speaking, sustainable fat loss takes time. It takes effort and focus in general.

There’s a belief that if you are on a weight-loss goal you should aim to lose a maximum of 1 – 2 pounds a week.

I’ve had clients that dropped more than that a lot of times. Sometimes, it could be water, but if you are continuously losing 5 pounds or even something crazy like 10 pounds a week – a lot of it could be water.

Sometimes, it could also be muscles because your body is going to burn it off and it’s going to keep the fat on your body to a greater degree.

The reason is that muscle is more metabolically expensive than fat. So, if you want to be skinny fat that’s great.

If you want to gain all that weight back after you lose it then it’s fine, you’ll have to lose it quickly. But for those who are really into sustainable fat loss, know it’s going to take time.

One or two pounds a week is normal, but for more than that, you’d have to watch your measurements and your pictures.

Take comparison photos and watch how your clothes fit. Pay attention to how you feel in your body as well, but give yourself a realistic time to lose weight.

That’s the only way you’re going to be able to keep it off and keep it off for good.

Know the Truth

I hope that today’s article was enlightening for you. I hope that it gives you a realistic view of fat loss and weight loss in this whole diet game.

Just like you must have seen, the fitness industry is full of charlatans, snake oils, fads, and gimmicks. It’s so hard to know the facts, and I am are here to give you the facts.

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Because the better you understand, the better you can execute your plans.

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How Quickly Should You Be Losing Weight?

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Share your story

I’d also love to hear your thoughts on what has been the most frustrating thing about the weight loss process for you.

So, what has been the most frustrating part of the weight loss process for you? Have you successfully lost weight,

I’d love for you to share some details with us. How long it took you and how much of that weight you’ve been able to keep off.

It’s important to have these realistic conversations about what to expect when it comes to sustainable progress. So, share your thoughts below, because you might inspire somebody else with your story.


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