Posing Those Boulder Shoulders for Figure and Women’s Physique

Let’s be real – posing is EVERYTHING in bodybuilding. In this game of smoke and mirrors, it’s all about the illusions you set forth on stage. Being sure to present your best, and to really play up your strengths – while hiding your weaknesses! So let’s take a moment to go over some figure posing tips for you to practice on your own – and to apply on stage when you’re up in that sparkly suit. These same tips also apply to women’s physique competitors as well!


Figure Posing Tips: Boulder Shoulders and Your X Frame


Training Tips for Rounder Shoulders

Of course posing is only one aspect of the game when it comes to showing off your prize body parts. Being sure to TRAIN the body properly is also important as well. Here are a few tips to consider when it comes to creating rounder bolder boulder shoulders! (Ha! Try to say that 3 times super fast.)

  1. Take the time to train all 3 heads on their own. I like to really bring focus to each head of the delts (front, side, and back) for the fullest development of the muscle that I can get. So including compound motions like overhead presses and Arnold presses are just as important as getting in those isolated moves. When it comes to program design, try hitting compound motions first, and then move into isolated motions afterwards.
  2. Take advantage of training over various rep ranges. Training heavy all of the time isn’t the only way to build a muscle. Low volume/high intensity (heavy) training is only one way to put on size. What I’ve always found is that doing moderate to light weights at high rep ranges (15+ reps) can also contribute to some nice growth as well. So don’t be afraid to play around in that way. Doing a few sets where you might pyramid up starting from light/moderate weights between 15 to 20 reps, and then up to heavy weights where you can only get in a good 6-8 reps. Playing with acute variables is a GREAT way to build the body – and do so in a more intelligent way.
  3. Power Training is Your Friend. Cleans, jerks, push presses, snatches – you name it… They are all EXCELLENT ways of training the shoulders, and creating full round muscles that look amazing on stage. Power training forces you to move a muscle through an entire full range of motion – dynamically and quickly. So there’s a lot of energy it it, and you’re really using a muscle in a way to make it contract, and react, at its fullest potential. And here’s the thing, you don’t have to go super heavy! Focus on form, focus on firing that muscle with every fiber getting involved… Then watch how much our body evolves over time.
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Shoulders put the finishing touch on that X frame – and crazy cartoonish silhouette that we’re all chasing in bodybuilding. If you put both the training tips and figure posing tips in action – I can guarantee that you’ll improve your shape… And bring a full package winning look to the stage.

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