JEFit: My Favorite Fitness Tracking App That You NEED Right Now

I am a HUGE proponent for keeping a logbook for all of my work in the gym. In fact, I instruct clients to do so for each and every workout. By recording what you’re doing, you can see how you are improving over time.

And what’s even more is that you get to place an even greater emphasis on physical strength gains and progress vs. weight and measurements. Leading you to feel more sane about your whole process of body transformation from the get go.

But guess what… A notebook isn’t your ONLY way to track progress. Nowadays, there are various apps on the market hat get the job done in an incredibly easy way. So today, I want to introduce you to my absolute, longtime favorite fitness tracking app… JEFit.

*Please Note* I should mention that I am NOT sponsored by this company, nor do I represent them in any way. I just simply love this tool, and how it has helped me raise the bar in the gym. And hope it can do the same for you!


JEFit – The Basics of This Awesome Fitness Tracking App

I started using JEFit probably about 6 or 7 years ago. I found it in my phone’s app store, and felt it was kind of a useful way of being able to track my workouts electronically.

Honestly, I was tired of always carrying around a notebook, and I wanted a way to even be able to track my weights and see it graphically on a screen. To be able to easily refer back to, see what I might have lifted during another workout, and focus on beating that number.

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I mean, yeah, I could do that with my notebook, but spending time flipping through pages and pages as that notebook filled up was a bit cumbersome.

So when I found this app, it was absolutely perfect.


Now, How I Use It Is This…

I set up my workouts for the day, basically writing out my entire program. Much like I do with my clients, I have my workouts typically scheduled and fully designed. So it’s a matter of showing up at the gym, killing it on the gym floor, and then leaving.  And typically, I will follow a program (the SAME program) for about 4 to 6 weeks at a time.

Entering all of this in the app saves me SO much time week after week.

I love the fact that you can also pull up exercises by body part, and you can add your own custom ones as well. So the possibilities are endless as far as what you can include in your workout programming.

And hey, if you want to switch up your program – but don’t feel like putting together a workout yourself… JEFit has you covered. There are hundreds of workouts (if not more) in their database for you to choose from. And what’s great is that each of the workouts are approved by the JEFit staff, and entered by other trainees from around the globe.


The tracking feature makes being able to see your 1RM and best lifts so easy. It even tells you how much you’d have to lift to be able to beat your current rep max numbers as well.

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One of my biggest mottoes is trying to beat your best. To always raise the bar. And this app makes it super easy to do, and almost turns it into a game in the process.



Store Your Workouts in the JEFit Cloud! And Then… Access It Online.

The next feature that is really awesome with JEFIT is that once you complete your workout, you can easily sync and store it within the site’s cloud!

And you can do it FOR FREE.

So if you were to change devices, you can easily access all of your past workouts and content. You’ll never lose your workout log, and can easily go back to see where you are today vs. where you came from along the way.

JEFit is available for both Android and Iphone. It’s a free app to get started and all set up. There is a premium version of it, but as of this writing, I’ve never had the need to use it. Everything I need and want can be accessed via the free version.

My advice to you…  Step up your game – carry less stuff around at the gym, and get this app on your device today!



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