My Very Private Battle With Depression: And How I’m Fighting to Overcome It (Video)

What happens to you and your entire life when everything that has driven you just stops…

Everything you once had a passion about… What you woke up for every single day… That light. That hope. That thing that made you uniquely you… It just stopped shining.

In its place stands a darkness. A gloomy energy… Storm clouds of such.

As I write this, I think about that moving unseen entity of dread and evil from the movie, “The Neverending Story”… The Nothing.

That’s what fills your heart, mind and soul.

The Nothing.

It’s vast, empty, and moving quickly. Suddenly everything you love and enjoy about life is gone. You can barely function because all you think about is that void. You try to fill it with things, but, it’s a bottomless pit.


It owns you.

Well… That has been my life. And – I’ve done a good job at hiding it.

But now… I want to fight back. I NEED to fight back. And so, this is my story of how I’m pulling myself out to attempt to survive.


My Private Hell: My Battle With Depression – And How I am Fighting Back

I have the most amazing friends and family… As I mentioned in the video, I would post what I had written here on my  blog. I know that some of you could be dealing with excruciating process of trying to heal. So I wanted to share what some of my closest friends and family had to say to me.

I truly hope it helps you to find peace as well.

This is a LONG road ahead. Every single day… I have to make the choice to choose joy.

Choose joy.

Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. But at the end of the day… I keep fighting back to try to get back to ME.




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