These Women DOMINATED The 2022 USA Championships & WON Pro Cards

The 2022 NPC USA Championships recently wrapped up, crowning hard-working competitors with pro cards!

I’ve got to say, this season has really been showing OUT on both the amateur and pro levels of the sports. I mean these competitors are bringing their “A-game”.

And anyone can find some inspo and motivation to step up their training – whether you wish to compete or not.

Today, let’s take a look at ALL the women’s divisions (figure, bikini, wellness, women’s physique, and bodybuilding) and breakdown who won and WHY!

I know you’ll walk away with some good lessons and tips about what you might need to do if getting on stage is a goal of yours.

And, what THESE athletes had to bring to the table to finally earn that coveted IFBB Pro Card!

The Smarter Approach to Your Prep Always Wins in the End - Download My FREE Contest Prep Crash Course


Look, the one thing I want you to learn from everything I share is that you can indeed have a SMART prep, and look amazing in the end. You CAN do things the right way, and WIN on stage.

All it takes is working with the right advice and tips to help you to get there, and to truly develop into the amazing athlete that you already are.

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I pride myself on developing my competitors. To TRULY guide them, hands on, to their best. To be there for them for that motivation, mental support, honest feedback, and attention to detail that will get them to their winning physique.

I created this amazing eBook to help you to start to take a smarter approach to your prep – all while looking your ABSOLUTE BEST on stage!

In this eBook I’m breaking down everything you need to consider when it comes to cardio and weight training for prep, dieting for your show, posing and presentation tips, and so much more!

Plus, I’ve got some really great bonus videos that will help you to master the game, and figure out exactly what you need to do to ensure that you look like a star up on that stage.

You Deserve to Win!

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