Do These TWO Moves To Burn FAT & Tone Up 🥵💪🏿

I’ve got a GREAT combo for you to throw into your program this week if your goal is to burn fat, incinerate calories, and tone up from head to toe!

The one thing I’m ALWAYS a big advocate for is high-intensity strength training.

Now, we’ve all heard about high-intensity interval training for cardio. But did you know that there is indeed an equivalent that can be done with weight training?

The way you do it… Supersets, giant sets, and high-impact circuits.

What Is A Superset?

A superset is an advanced program design technique where you pair two exercises back to back, performing minimal to no rest in between.

When doing supersets, it’s best to do exercises that activate competing body parts.

When I’m putting together workouts that focus on fat loss, I LOVE incorporating supersets for several of the exercises. Heck, I’ll use 2, 3, or even up to 4 supersets for these workouts. And my Roxstars see tremendous results.

Here’s How To Perform This Superset

We’re going to put two awesome exercises back to back that are going to hit your lower and upper body at the same time.

Alternating DB Snatches – 20 Reps

  • Use a weight that is moderate but challenges you by the end of the set.
  • Grab the weight with one hand, and descend into a squat. Keep the hand driving down to the floor as you take the squat.
  • In one move, stand up, drawing the hand overhead to a full standing position, and reach the opposite arm out to help stabilize you at the top of the motion.
  • As you stand, think about driving up through the hips so you can produce a ton of power and get to the standing position within 1 count.
  • Reverse the arm with control,  and descend into the squat position once again.
  • Quickly and smoothly switch hands with the dumbbell, and perform the move again.
  • Repeat for the number of reps indicated above.
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Kettlebell Swings – 20 Reps

  • Use a weight that in challenges you – but one that you can control.
  • Begin in a squat position, placing the kettlebell slightly in front of you.
  • Grab the neck of the kettlebell, tip it, and then bring it towards you. Swinging it between the legs as though you are trying to throw it behind you.
  • Transition to a standing position. As you do so, thrust the hips forward with power and speed, swinging the kettlebell in front of you.
  • Use your abs to control the momentum. Do not allow the arms to swing too high. Just above hip level is fine. Make this move more about the power of the hip drive vs the swing of the arms.
  • Quickly lower the kettlebell while allowing it to swing between the legs. Bend foward so your torso becomes parallel to the floor. Think about the down position of a deadlift.
  • Drive the hips foward and come to standing, allowing your arms to once again swing in front of you.
  • Repeat this for 20 reps.

NO REST! Keep That Energy Going

Between the two exercises, remember to perform as little rest as possible.

However, you may take about 60s or so between supersets to allow your body to recover.

Perform about 3-4 sets.

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