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Prep For Your Next Show The HEALTHY WAY - And Still Get That Winning Look!

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Contest prep doesn't have to feel like rocket science...

Let me teach you my TOP TIPS and advice to help you to look like a seasoned athlete - and feel empowered during your contest prep journey!

I promise  you'll love the content.

And I never share your info with third parties.

The RoxStar Fitness Contest Prep Crash Course is your COMPLETE guide to helping you to push to new limits, reach your absolute leanest, and look your best yet on stage - while doing it in a smart, sane, and healthy way

All driven by my hands on, real world, All Science/No BS approach.

I'm doing this because I have been where you are…

  • Wanting to compete on stage. 
  • Knowing how to stay in great shape - but clueless about how to prep for a show. 
  • Wanting to learn everything I can about the process of contest prep. 
  • But do it in a way that's smart and keeps my health in mind in the long run. 

I spent hours upon hours, days, weeks, and months researching as much information as I could.

What I found was that there's so much out there!

And it was frustrating because some of the information was a bit confusing!

And even worse, it was really hard trying to just find everything in one place…

Until now!

The RoxStar Fitness Contest Prep Crash Course is a quick, easy to grasp, direct by email eCoaching program.

And 100% FREE! No strings. No gimmicks. No obligations.

  • Learn from me DIRECTLY and hands on, all of the same “secrets” and best advice that I ONLY share with my one on one coaching clients. 
  • Stop the confusion and frustration of what you need to do to look your best on stage. 
  • Crack the code to improving your placings, earning that coveted top 5 trophy, and nabbing that national level qualification. 
  • Most importantly, feel the pride and confidence in finally beginning to understand the process of contest prep.  
  • Reveal the mystery behind the best methods and tactics that can change your body, help you to steadily lose fat, and keep your hard earned muscle. 
  • Find out exactly what the judges are looking for, so that you can put your best foot forward on stage - or even bring home some hardware. 

Who the heck am I? And why should you even listen to me?

My name is Roxie Beckles, and I am an IFBB Pro Competitor.

But I didn't always start out this way…

In fact, I started out EXACTLY where you are today… Right now!

In 2010, I had my eyes set in doing my FIRST figure competition.

Having worked out for many years, and being a personal trainer for many more (since 1997!), I knew my way around the gym very well.

I knew my body pretty confidently, and I even had a good grasp on healthy eating.

What I didn't know was how this all tied into a contest prep plan, and exactly how to put things to work for me to look stage ready.

I started to research online - day and night!

Gathering all of the information I can regarding dieting, training, posing, presentation, and just anything I can to get ready for my upcoming show.

I didn't have a coach at the time. 

So I was on my own trying to wade through the VAST sea of information I found all over the Internet.

I had so many notes, links, bookmarks, articles, forum posts, websites and more to comb over. And some of this stuff contradicted one another…

So I didn't know what to believe.

In the end, I relied on what I had learned about the science behind training and nutrition over the years, and applied it to my prep.

I picked and chose which online resources made sense, and tweaked that information to fit my contest prep plan.

After weeks of trial and error, I finally hit the stage for the first time...

And I SUCCESSFULLY placed 2nd in a National Qualifier, beating out seasoned competitors with far more experience.

Soon after, while continuing to tweak my method and approach, I won several 1st place trophies and overall titles.

I began placing in the top 5 on the national level.

And then one day it happened…

My dream came true and I became an IFBB Pro.

But it didn't even stop there...

My first year as a pro, I placed within the top 2 and 3 on the pro level… 

And competed at the Superbowl of bodybuilding…

I competed at the Olympia in my rookie pro season!

But here's the best part for me…

I've been able to take EVERYTHING I've learned along the way, teach it to my clients, and watch them have their own similar paths to success!

And that is EXACTLY what I want to share with you in my exclusive FREE Contest Prep Crash Course.

Drop the Guesswork and Confusion. Get Everything You Need to Know to Help Make Your Contest Prep a Personal Success - Right At Your Fingertips!

  • Fully illustrated 80 page eBook with the best tips and advice I can share about what truly will make your prep successful - and sane.
  • Exclusive Contest Prep Crash Course Webinar Video Replay + Audio Download so you can listen to at any time.
  • Choosing the Right Division Video Bonus! Confused about where you need to start? Let me tell you about what each division looks for - and where you might fit in.
  • A Look Into A REAL Competitors Peak Week. Go behind the curtains and see a peak week FULLY spelled out.
  • Turning Pro: A Story of Inspiration. Earning your pro card isn't easy, but it can be done! Follow the journey of IFBB Pro Amy Watson (and Team RoxStar Athlete) and learn how she did it!
  • RoxStar Fitness Approach to Prep Revealed. In this final part of the eCourse, I am going to take you step by step through my general process of how I approach contest prep with my winning Team.

I'll send you the following valuable content - directly to you via email in a 21 Day FREE eCourse!

Stop Wasting Time! Step Up Your Contest Prep Right Now - and Love the Way You Look by Showtime!

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I promise  you'll love the content.

And I never share your info with third parties.