Got My IFBB Pro Contract! Let Prep Begin… (Video Blog)

Ok! Let the games begin! As of today I am sitting at  the edge of an 18 weeks out IFBB Pro Figure contest prep adventure! And boy does it feel GOOD to be back.

It’s been a little over 1 year to the day that I decided to walk away from the stage… And for what I thought at the time was for good.

I was tired.

I was frustrated.

I looked around and saw the rapid evolution of my division – Women’s Physique. I saw how the look that was being rewarded was getting bigger and bigger, harder and harder. And I just couldn’t…

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t meet that requirement.


Didn’t want that look for myself, and was really resistant to it. So I thought that my days were numbered. I thought, “Welp… It’s over Rox. You’re done.”

And nothing hurt me more… So I gave up and decided to be “normal”.

But normalcy was never anything that really worked out well for me… Like ever.


So I took a step back… Did a little soul searching and came to face the fact that I knew was there all along.

I was NOT done competing. And that I truly miss the sport.

I realized that there ARE options for me… And that I can mold my body anyway that I want. When I took a look at the figure division, I began to see something that was familiar…

The look of women’s physique when it first started. The look that I fell in love with and KNEW I could achieve. And so the decision was made to finally make the switch.


Let The Games Begin: 18 Weeks Out IFBB PRO FIGURE Contest Prep



My Current Training and Diet Set Up at 18 Weeks Out

I’m keeping things fairly simple.

I’m a creature of habit and structure. Give that to me, and I’m golden. So for this prep – and this much time to change, my MAIN focus is feeding my body. Giving myself enough calories to EAT to be lean.

I actually just adjusted my calories down a bit to push fat loss along a little more. I was just as of this blog post, eating about 2000 calories a day to begin my diet.

This is where my meals and macros are:


Weight Training Days

1940 Calories – 166g Pro – 171g Carbs – 61g Fat

M1  – 40g Oats, 3 Egg Whites + 1 Whole Egg, 5g Coconut Oil, 3 Fish Oil Caps

M2 – 150g Chicken Breast, 150g Brown Rice, 1c Veggies, 5g Coconut Oil

M3/PWO – 1s Protein Powder, 1c Unsweetened Almond Milk, High GI Post Workout Carbs @ 40g carbs/190 Cals

M4 – 120g Top Sirloin, 200g Yams, 1c Veggies, 5g Olive Oil

M5 – 1s Protein Powder, 10g Coconut Oil, 3 Fish Oil Caps


Rest Days or Cardio Only Days

1810 Calories – 174g Pro, 136g Carbs, 60g Fat

M1  – 40g Oats, 2 Whole Egg, 15g Almonds

M2 – 1s Protein Powder, 1c Unsweetened Almond Milk, 12g Almonds

M3 – 120g Chicken Breast, 100g Brown Rice, 1c Veggies

M4 – 120g Salmon, 200g Yams, 1c Veggies

M5 – 1s Protein Powder, 1 serving of fruit

M6 – 90g Chicken Breast, 10g Almonds, 1c Veggies

Training wise, I am really focusing on keeping the intensity high. So training heavy is STILL a part of the equation for me. I’m still only doing a 5 day training split – which includes usually 2 FULL rest days. Sometimes I will do an “active rest” on one of those days and go for a run.

Honestly, it really just depends on what I have going on and how I’m feeling that day. But running is becoming a CRUCIAL part for my prep. Not only for the way that it always rapidly changes my body, but for the way it always makes me feel so incredible – and have clarity.

I’m feeling good about this season… And I’m honestly excited to see how it continues to shape up.




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