Mom Of 4 Lost Fat WITHOUT Losing Muscle At 52 In Just 10 Weeks!

If any woman needs a dose of inspiration to get fit – THIS is the story for you! Let me introduce you to Susan. Not only is she an accomplished lawyer, but she’s a mom of 4 who at 52 proves that fitness is the true fountain of youth.

Susan has been prepping for her debut in the female bodybuilding division with the USBF. After only having done 2 shows as a figure competitor, Susan has the kind of genetics that can get lean, shredded, and tight all while maintaining muscle on her feminine frame.

And here’s the thing… She’s a 100% natural bodybuilding competitor.

Contest Prep For A 100% Natural Bodybuilder

In today’s video, let me pull back the curtain to tell you all about how we embarked on a sane contest prep diet and training program that has gotten her incredible results – all while maintaining her health!

She’s just 5 days out from her next show, so we are in the middle of peak week. Our goal – to get on stage and simply bring her best.

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