Build INCREDIBLE Thighs Of Thunder w/ THIS CRAZY Leg Workout


Alright BOOOM!

What’s up Roxstar! I’m excited to give you a tour of this cycle of training in the Inner Circle Group Coaching program!

One of the things I’m always driving home for you is that weight training is THE ROOT of our transformation.

I’ve been designing a series of specialized training programs that will have you building muscle LIKE CRAZY during the course of each progression.

Today, I want to shine a light on our Thighs Like Thunder leg specialization series.

What Is Specialized Training?

Specialized training is an advanced workout setup that takes 1 or 2 body parts and trains them with a ton of volume and frequency. This magic formula brings out MASSIVE growth in the body.

To make that happen, we’ve got to train our muscle of focus 3 times a week.

How Do We Put This To Work?

Thighs of Thunder is a 12 week specialized program. It’s for intermediate to advanced trainees who know their way around the gym and have access to one as well.

You CAN do this at home with some tweaks though, so if that’s what you need – just ask! We’ve got you.

Thighs of Thunder has a 5 day training set up.

On day 1 we’re crushing legs to focus on sculpting and strengthening the glutes hams and quads.

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Day 2 we move up to upper body to maintain the shape and strength of your chest and back.

Day 3 we head BACK down to legs and crush it with a crazy series I named after Mad Max Return of Thunderdome called MASTER BLASTER.

It’s an absolute KILLER leg day and I pray that you can walk after – I couldn’t! (But only the first week!)

On day 4 we take a chill pill for active rest with just cardio only.

Day 5 we give the legs an extra day of recovery to focus on rounding out the shoulders and arms.

And then finally day 6 we move back to the lower body with a program SPECIFICALLY focused on rounding out and lifting up the glutes!

We finish off on day 7 which is our second day of recovery where I want you to do nothing but chiiiiill!

So What About Cardio?

Cardio for this program is super manageable. Being that this is a lean building focus we simply want to keep you in condition and train the heart and lungs to be ready for a push when we zero in on fat loss.

Cardio duration spans from 20 mins to 45 mins and can definitely be adjusted for your needs.

Who Is This Specialization Perfect For?

If you’re looking to improve the shape of your legs, then you DEFINITELY want to check this out.

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If you are thinking about competing or are off Season looking to build your Lower half then you ABSOLUTELY MUST check this one out.

And if you’re simply looking to get stronger in your squats, deadlifts, and other lower body strength moves- you will absolutely see improvement with this one.

As always the program is a fully downloadable PDF you can take right to the gym with you, or jot down in your logbook. Each exercise has a video tutorial so check that out if you have questions!

Look Roxstar! This one is one of my FAVORITES. I do every workout in our program personally before giving them to you. And I can say that my legs definitely firmed up and got stronger over the course of this specialized program.

So click below to get started!

And I can’t wait to see the amazing progress you’re about to have!