If Women Did THIS We Could BUILD MUSCLE FASTER Naturally!

There’s a secret approach to program design that most trainers will never tell you that will build muscle on ANY body type like crazy.

And I’m going rip that secret wide open – and tell you exactly how to do it.

What’s that secret? Specialized training.

This approach has helped not only me go from skinny to fit and curvy – not to mention an IFBB Pro and Olympia Competitor…

But it’s transformed my clients in ways totally unimaginable.

But what is specialized training and does it work for you? Let’s jump in and talk about it.

Specialized Training Is KEY To Building Muscle Naturally For Women

Back in the day when I started bodybuilding, specialized training was all the rage.

And when you see just how effective it is, you’ll understand why.

Specialized training is defined as taking 1 or 2 body parts and training them with a higher than normal level of increased frequency and volume for a short period of time, with the intended outcome of hypertrophy for those parts.

The idea would be to train that single body part at a frequency of 3-4x a week, while focusing on decreasing volume/intensity on the other parts of the body. You essentially put those other parts on a “maintenance mode” type of set up.

Why Is This Approach To Specialized Training Important For Building Muscle?

Because heavy training, high volume and frequency gets results.

Numerous studies have come to the same conclusion with results. On average trainees can expect to see increase in muscle of approximately 10-15% have after just 10-14 weeks of dynamic heavy-resistance training according to numerous studies.

So why not just continue to simply lift heavier with the normal program you already follow? Why all this fancy complicated work?

Well here’s the kicker, when you’ve gotten used to building muscle, and you already are someone who trains consistently in the gym, the body simply stops responding to the work you’re doing.

It adapts, and it slows progress down. So it takes doing more advanced techniques and set ups to REALLY get your body growing the way it did the first year or 2 you started training.

Research and tons of anecdotal experience from fitness professionals and trainees alike have shown there’s a powerful response in growth and gains when tools like supersets, drop sets, negative training, and yes..  Specialized training are introduced.

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Right now in my Inner Circle Group Coaching program we are working on a series of specialized training programs focused on building up the back, shoulders, legs, arms.

In a minute I’m going to get into how you can apply specialized training into your program, right now!

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So how can you set up a specialized training approach go build muscle? Let’s breakdown the steps.

Pick a lagging body part.

Take an honest look at your physique. What part of your body needs attention to bring out that shape you envision for yourself?

Want thicker more powerful thighs? Want rounder glutes? How about a define feminine powerful back? Maybe it’s combating arm flab or tiny arms you want to look powerful and strong? Whatever body part that is for you, I want you to pick a single one.

Set up your training program to train that body part 3 times a week.

In a recent video I told you all about my client Kieva who is preparing to step out on the figure competition stage to compete against the best of the best and win her IFBB pro card.

But there was one thing standing in our way… She needs more muscle.

Building Muscle On A Hard-Gainer’s Frame

One of the first areas we focused on was her back. We were able to successfully grow her back muscles by training 3 times a week with a specialized set up.

  • Day 1 we focused on width.
  • Day 2 we focused on thickness.
  • Day 3 we zeroed in on developing detail and refining every small muscle along her spine.

The results were incredible!

And you can do the same. Pick 3 days out of a 5 day training schedule to focus on the muscle you want to improve. In between those 3 days you can train the other parts you’re not focusing on with training loads that simply maintain their strength and size.

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Which brings me to the next crucial point.

Do Not Fear The Recovery

The 4 other days of the week you should really be focused on allowing your body to heal and repair muscle. This is where true growth happens.

This is a tough thing for so many of you to embrace when you love to train. But it’s the most important tip I can give you.

2 or those 4 days should be a day where you don’t workout at all, or you can simply do some active rest like yoga, stretching, or light cardio.

The other 2 of the 4 can be the days allocated to maintaining those other muscles we aren’t focusing on.

This will ensure that you don’t overtrain and burn out, and we continue to see your body evolve before your eyes.

This even applies to how long your specialized training cycle should be.

Specialized Training Should Be Done In Short Bursts

In order to prevent burn out or injury you want to keep these intense periods pretty short.

You want to aim for doing a specialized set up for at minimum 3-4 weeks and at maximum 6-8 weeks. Anything beyond that becomes like diminishing returns and you’re doing more harm than good as you fry your central nervous system.

The body is a resilient machine, and stepping out of your comfort zone the smart way is the KEY to success when it comes to building fit, fine, and fiercely feminine muscle.

But there are a few more details you should probably know when it comes to specialized training.

And I told you that I broke down how I did this for a client who was looking to specifically looking to build up her back.

But there was a bit of a problem – she is a hardgainer and a vegan, and that brings a layer of complexity that EVERYONE should consider when setting up a specialized program.

So you’ve absolutely GOT TO CLICK HERE TO READ this next article so I can give you even more tips about how to implement specialized training into your own workouts and see massive growth in the process.

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