2017 AntiResolution 7 Day Jump Start – Day 2: Your MUST HAVE Mindset for Fat Loss Success

Today’s video eCoaching session is probably one of the MOST CRUCIAL parts of this game. And it’s all about your mindset for fat loss.

Let me tell you this right now…

You will absolutely go NOWHERE in this journey, if you don’t believe in your own chances of success

If you don’t give yourself a fighting chance, and allow yourself to truly live through your fullest potential when it comes to your goals.

And I get it! I mean, sometimes it’s hard to stay focused, you lose motivation, and it’s hard to just try to stay on the straight and narrow – and get the work done.

But guess what…

Even during those toughest times, how you approach your training, your nutrition, and even HOW YOU SEE YOURSELF plays a crucial role in whether you’ll get to that goal or not.

And THAT’S what we need to master. That’s what today is all about.

So take a moment to watch this video, and let’s set your goals, your mind, and your game plan ON FIRE!

Your MUST HAVE Mindset for Fat Loss Success

Day 2 Challenge of the Day – What Do You LOVE About You and What Inspires You?

Now, as you recall, in Day 1’s Challenge of the Day, I asked you to set a goal that you want to focus on for the 7 days of our intensive.

And hopefully, you’ve picked something that’s relevant to you, and that really keeps you focused on the task we have ahead.

As I had spoken about in today’s video, your goals and your focus need to be on the positive aspects of what you are trying to do. It’s so easy to nitpick EVERYTHING, and to lose sight of what’s truly important. And seeing your flaws is the first thing YOU notice when you look in the mirror.

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But think of this…

There are enough people in this world to put you down – so DO NOT do it to yourself!


Here’s What I Want You to Do…

Today’s assignment, I want you to take a gym selfie. You can be doing anything you want in the picture. Perhaps showing us your best bicep flex, perhaps showing us how sweaty you are after blasting that MetCon workout I sent you yesterday…

Whatever you want!

I want you to come post that in our Facebook Group (the link was sent to you via email), OR post it on Instagram using our special hashtags:

#roxstarfitness  #becklesbuilt  #2017AntiResolutionRSF

In the post, share with me what you LOVE about yourself right now. What kind of positive things are motivating you to change? And also tell me what inspires you to get up and finally make the moves you need, and the commitment to yourself, to finally start seeing your body evolve and transform.

Ok, that’s it for Day 2!

Go over everything at your own pace. Be sure to go back and read over everything though before starting up on Day 3.

Need to catch up? Click the links below for the next days on our 7 Day Plan!

Program Intro – STOP Making Shi**y Resolutions & Do THIS Instead

Day 1 – Metcon Workout + Goal Setting Challenge

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Day 2 – Your MUST HAVE Mindset for Fat Loss Success

Day 3 – Total Body Strength Workout + The Secret Behind NO Cardio for Fat Loss


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2017 AntiResolution

New Year’s Resolutions NEVER EVER work for ANYONE!

It’s time that you STOP the madness, stop with the empty promises, and START creating a game plan that will bring you to REAL success in 2017!

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  • The RIGHT kind of training to build muscle and lose fat – quickly and effectively
  • How to stay motivated and focused – even when life is going insane around you
  • Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about what gets REAL results – ALL SCIENCE/NO BS!

Take the guesswork OUT of the equation!

Get the results you’ve been working SO hard for in the gym – and get it NOW. No more excuses.

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