7 Day New Year’s ANTI-RESOLUTION Jump Start Intensive! Let’s GO!

Ooook! Let’s face it.

You ain’t been on your plan….

Well ok, maybe you have but it’s not at 100%. And that’s totally understandable.

One thing I know is that this time of year, folks start scrambling around trying to make resolutions – and you might be one of them.

Well I want to tell you to STOP RIGHT NOW.

Don’t even bother.


Here’s What I Want YOU to do Instead…


This is the reason why I don’t want you to do the damn resolution thing – AGAIN – this year…

Because honestly – most folks end up FAILING at their resolutions by the end of the 1st to 2nd month of the year.

No matter HOW GOOD your intentions… Sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

Well, I decided to this year kick off a brand new intensive that I plan on doing EVERY YEAR in January!

And to get everyone involved, I am doing a FREE 7 day Jump Start to the New Year Intensive to get you all set up…

I don’t want to say too much here, because a lot of what you need to know is in this video!

Over the next 7 days, I’m going to be sending you some really awesome stuff – I’m talking workouts, video trainings, articles, podcasts and more – to get you started on what your biggest fitness goals are for 2017.

This is all totally on me, nothing to sign up for!

But before I do, again, I want you to see what it’s all about – which I explain in the video above.

Let’s go!

I want to see you be SUCCESSFUL this year! And it’s all going to start NOW – not on January 1st.

Be sure to click this link to get your name on board with my 7 Day FREE New Year’s Jump Start Intensive.

And I know you’re absolutely going to LOVE IT.


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