“Magic” 7 Fat Loss Tips That Gets Results in Just 7 Days

So if I’m sure I got your attention with the title of this article, and you’re probably giving me major side eye! But, hear me out for one moment, I promise these are easy tips that you can apply to your program right now, and see amazing results!

What if I told you that pushing fat loss along CAN indeed happen in just 7 days…

I know it’s possible because I’ve actually seen it happen again, and again… AND AGAIN, with countless folks who have done my kick butt jump start fat loss program the 21 Day Fat Shredder Solution.



For some people, small changes can mean dramatic results – even where they may have been stuck before!

So, what I want to explore with you today are 7 of my “magic” tips that can truly boost fat loss for you in just 7 days… And this is the same stuff the two amazing women above applied to their own training and nutrition to see positive changes in their bodies.

Tip #1: Get on a Plan and STICK TO IT

You know that old saying… Failing to plan IS planning to fail. And nothing could be more true than when it comes to our training and nutrition. But here’s the thing to think about.

The reason you need a plan is to help to establish new habits, AND to take you outside of your comfort zone when it comes to your work. Because change and transformation NEVER happens when you are complacent.

So a great game plan, maybe a fully designed program, or simply writing things out, is a GREAT way to get yourself into a head space where you can accomplish your goals.

I know for me, and very often mostly all of my clients, seem to do best when things are spelled out, easy to follow, and just eliminate the guessing of what to do when you show up to the gym… Or even in the kitchen with your meals as well.

Try it yourself! Set your game plan in place, and watch your body take off.

Tip #2: Increase Your Water Intake to Double Your Norm

This one is often a shocker for people. Here’s something to consider… The more water you drink, the more water you eliminate, and thus – the LESS water you retain!

Ever feel totally bloated that it makes you feel so uncomfortable? I absolutely HAAATE that feeling. The one thing that can help to improve things is the simple step of increasing water.

How much water do you need? Here’s a simple equation to figure it out…

Daily Water Consumption: 1/2 BW in LBS = Oz Needed/Day Share on X

The general equation for water consumption is to take your bodyweight in pounds, and then cut that number in half. The number you get will be the amount of water you need to consume in ounces per day to meet your personal hydration needs.

Now, keep in mind, if you workout a lot, you might want to increase this number a bit. So listen to your body, but most importantly, stay hydrated – especially if fat loss is your goal.

Tip #3: Lower Carbs During the Week

Another thing that can work for you to help encourage rapid fat loss is to lower your carbs during the week. The first thing that happens when you go low carbs is the loss of excess water.

Imagine now, you’ve increased your water intake as I’ve described above, and then you lower your carb intake at the same time… The initial “woosh” effect that you’ll see in the first week will be fantastic for some of you! The body stores 2g of water for every 1g of glycogen (broken down carbs) in the body. As your glycogen levels deplete (which is what’s expected on a low carb plan), water loss is a natural occurrence.

But I want you to hear me out for a minute…

Do NOT confuse what I’m saying here. I am not advocating for you to fear carbs, never eat carbs again, or saying that low carbs are better for fat loss. I am pointing out that manipulating a few macros can have some incredible short term impact.

This is one of the diet tactics that I use in my 21 Day Fat Shredder Program that has indeed helped a lot of my program participants to see incredible weight loss in a short amount of time. And to do so without incredibly starving themselves. It simply works!

Tip #4: Have a High Carb Day Once a Week

Now, if you are pushing carbs low all week, the trick to REALLY blasting fat using this method is to have a high carb day in the mix once a week. In doing this, you allow your body to upregulate hormones that will naturally fall during dieting for fat loss.

The number one thing that causes plateaus for most dieters is the slow down of the metabolism due to decreased levels of leptin, t3, and a host of other hormones that regulate fat loss and body weight. By simply increasing carbs to super high levels, you can reverse some of this, even if just for a short time.

That short term boost, however, can help you to push things along and avoid stalls. In my 21 Day Fat Shredder Program, we use this tactic as the backbone to our nutrition program. And it’s truly helped those who were once stuck on plateaus BLAST off and start seeing the inches melt away once again.

Tip #5: Crank Up Your Cardio With High Intensity

Studies have shown that doing high intensity training has a HUGE impact on fat loss. In fact, including stuff like HIIT training, and other high intensity work, can raise metabolism dramatically for up to 36 hours after a workout! What’s even better, this affect is cumulative, which means that if you follow through doing high intensity work for a few days in a row, that trumped up metabolism will build upon itself.

So basically, you’ll turn your body into a solid fat burning machine!

Cardio gets a bad wrap because most folks are doing it wrong. Folks spend hours upon hours doing the more low to moderate intensity stuff thinking duration is the key to fat loss. But it’s instead the high intensity stuff, done over a shorter duration that is the KEY to transformation.

So my advice to you, CRANK IT UP! Play around with HIIT cardio, intervals, metabolic circuits and more. If you’re not feeling like you’re killing it, then you’re not working hard enough. Focus on getting in the highest intensity cardio workout you can in about 20-30 mins! That’s all you need. Especially if you add the diet component, and if you do the following with your weight training…

Tip #6: Get the Body MOVING During Weight Training

I think people get stuck in this notion of weight training being this linear thing. Like, you get to the gym, you perform an exercise for 10 reps over 3 or 4 sets. 2 minutes rest or so in between, then move to the next exercise and repeat. And the number of reps or sets can change from person to person, but the theme is still the same. Set – rest – set – rest, etc.

Folks aren’t taught how to mix things up in a way that can produce some incredible results when the goal is fat loss. And even more, people spend a lot of time working on single body part workouts and exercises.

One of the things that can TRULY help you to get to the next level IS stepping up your game by getting the body MOVING during your weight training. Incorporating things like full body compound motions is a great way to build strength, coordination, dynamic flexibility, and most importantly – BURN CALORIES!

Think about moves like clean and press, push press, burpees, medicine ball squat swings, and the list can go on and on. These are examples of exercises that require a TON of energy to perform and have a huge impact on metabolic output. Put these together in a circuit (leaving minimal rest in between), and you’ll feel like you are literally ON FIRE! You’ll burn a ton of calories, and get closer to your fat loss goals.

Tip #7: Focus and Believe in Yourself

My final tip is all about your head game, and where your mind is at during this entire process… In fact what I have to say about this can be summed up in this quick video I posted on my Facebook Page. Take a quick moment to watch…

Self-belief! It’s the final part of the puzzle that needs to be considered when it comes to your fat loss goals. Man, if YOU don’t believe that you can accomplish them – who will? If YOU don’t believe you can succeed… Again, who will?

So my final tip to RAPID fat loss is for you to focus on what it is that you have to do to get it done, to commit to the process, and don’t let anything get in your way of accomplishing that goal.

Let ME Help You to Get Your Body Right – Quickly and Effectively! 100% All Science/NO BS…

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My 21 Day Fat Shredder Solution will take out ALL of the guesswork so that you can easily sail in on autopilot, work your butt off, and see your body transform right before your eyes. It can help you to set yourself up for longer term approaches to fat loss as you establish a base and foundation for incredible change.

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