Ignore the Scale! It’s a Liar! Do This Instead.

I can’t tell you how many times during the course of a client’s time in working with me that I have to stop to remind them of the big picture of the work their putting in.

I mean think of yourself for a moment…

Does the scale trip you up?

Do you ever feel like things are going SO well, you’re looking great, your head is in the game, your clothes are fitting differently, and you’re seeing that progress in the mirror. The body literally changing before your eyes.

Then, one day you decide it’s time to see what you weigh… I mean SURELY, you should be down several pounds by now.

You step on that scale, and then BAM!

You haven’t lost a damn thing! Or maybe you only lost like 1 pound (or less). Or even worse….

You may have even GAINED WEIGHT!

And then you’re sitting there like, “OMFG! How in the hell did THIS happen!?”. I mean you’re working so SOO hard, and doing everything right, and still… Nothing is changing.

Well let me take a moment to shine a light of reality on this situation for you.


Ignore the Scale – It’s a Liar, and Here’s Why…

I went into full detail for you about what’s going on in your body, and the things I want you to focus on in order to make sure you STAY ON TRACK, and keep the ball rolling – and not get discouraged. Take a look right here for your dose of reality.



Some Quick Tips on What to do Instead

Now I’ve given you some good starters on how to start to ignore the scale in order to see yourself progress the way you expect to.

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And since there’s so much to focus on instead than what that number reads on the scale, I want to just give you a few quick pointers to take away from today’s article.


Tip #1 – Use Pics and measurements as your main tracker for progress.

They say seeing is believing, and that can’t ring more true than when you are talking fat loss progress – and tracking it over time. Instead of getting obsessed about that number when you stand on the scale (which remember, CAN and DOES flux at any time), look to what’s really going on in the mirror.

Take progress photos every 2 weeks or so, and compare them to the set you had taken before AND your starting photos. Same with measurements, compare last time you had taken them PLUS your starting ones.

This will give you a MUCH more accurate view of what’s going on.


Tip #2 – Only weigh yourself 1 to 2 Times a Month

Daily weighing is SO unnecessary. And to add, it’s also mentally stressful for a majority of dieters. So the question becomes, why put yourself through it?

Break the habit by hiding the scale if you have to. Take the batteries out, and keep that scale out of sight/out of mind. With the amount of water and other factors that can influence that number that’s in flux on a DAILY basis… You’ll never get the same number each day, and you can see the scale swing in several directions (both up and down) over the course of a week.

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So for your own sanity – stop stepping on it every day.


Tip #3 – Keep in mind fat loss and weight loss are not one in the same.

And to finally add, remember, fat loss and weight loss are NOT THE SAME!

With fat loss the goal is to preserve as much muscle as you can as you lose fat – and ultimately get leaner. And if you’re doing a good job at that you will actually see VERY LITTLE changes in the scale. So that amount of fat you’re dropping could be quite significant, but it’s not being reflected on the scale itself.

FYI, take a look at what 5 pounds of fat vs muscle looks like…

ignore the scale

SAME weight – completely different density. So fat occupies more space on your body than muscle, even at the same weight. So when you see that 1 pound of fat loss reflected on the scale, you should NOT be discouraged. Even if it is less than that. Keep in mind that you will STILL be getting smaller with every incremental victory, so freaking out isn’t necessary.

No matter what, stay focused and keep pushing! Your body will get to the point you want it to, but you have to put in the work and consistency – day in and day out.



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