Facebook Live! #AMA! Does eating carbs at night lead to weight gain?


Got a free moment? Join me today and #AskMeAnything on your mind regarding your training/nutrition! I’ll answer all your questions to help you get motivated, get on track, and slay your goals right now! We’ll talk for about 20 mins or so, so be sure to come on by.


Here are today’s awesome questions that have been submitted:

Jessie – What are some good ways to kill hunger while dieting, especially at night?

Camden – Is it true that eating carbs in the evening can lead to weight gain?

Derry – I have a hard time getting my daily water in, what are some ways I can get closer to a gallon or more a day? Does it all have to be from water?

Suzanne – What are some tips for competitors that you would give for the final week leading into a show?

Brittany – I am thinking about doing a bikini show in the near future, but I’m unsure how to train for it. Some folks say to keep lifting heavy, others say to only use light weights and mostly focus on the legs, what’s your advice?

Mark – is dairy ok to eat when you are focusing on fat loss. There is conflicting information out there and I’d love for you to set the record straight. Thanks!

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Berandette – How do I lose the fat in my belly? My nutrition is on point but this fat around my belly ain’t going nowhere!

Romel – My question is about plant based protein. I’ve heard it said before that female bodybuilders should NOT consume a lot of it as it tends to keep you soft. What are your thoughts?

Geletha – I work out in the early morning hours and I usually don’t eat. I’ll have a BCAA drink while working out then do 20 min of cardio before lifting…I usually don’t have any problem finding energy to get thru work out however I wonder for progress sake is it smart to be doing my workout fasted?

Feshal – What are some other carb alternatives besides potatoes and rice?

Will – Are deadlifts necessary? I don’t want to hurt my back.


Got MORE Questions!? Post them in the comments below and I’ll answer them for you.

If you have some further questions that you want me to elaborate on, post them below! With so much information out there, it can be SUPER confusing to know what’s wrong, what’s right, and simply what’s right for you!

If you’ve been struggling to figure out this game on your own, and you’re ready to step up your game, and get REAL results – then come work with me! Whether you are a competitor or not, it’s my absolute PASSION to not only lead you straight to your goals in a very sane and healthy way, but to TEACH YOU everything I know when it comes to work just works.

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I always say, it’s not just about getting there – it’s about STAYING THERE. And it’s my absolute pleasure to see you finally loving what you see in the mirror, and equipped with everything you need – that strong foundation – on how to maintain it over the long term.

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