What’s the Best Cardio for Fat Loss? None at ALL! How to Pull It Off

Cardio, cardio, C-A-R-D-I-O! If there is any topic that I get the MOST questions about it’s definitely what’s the best cardio for fat loss – and ultimately quick results.

There’s so much information out there on this topic, yet you still can’t seem to get  straight answer. Welp… You know me! I’m here to give it to ya straight – and to present to you what the science says about this very topic.

Today, I have a video I want you to check out that I did on my Facebook Live broadcast where I covered his topic.. As well as some things to think about for your next cardio workout.

The Best Cardio for Fat Loss? NO Cardio! How to Pull It Off


Takeaway Tips to do LESS Cardio

Tip 1: Diet is Everything

You must eat in a deficit in order to see ANY changes with fat loss. The fact of the matter is that fat loss is first dictated by diet. No amount of training can make up a poor diet. And a poor diet isn’t just one that’s unhealthy, but one that’s simply not optimized for your goals. Before you try to add MORE cardio for results, always honestly look at your diet and see what you can do better.

Tip 2: Cardio is a Tool in the Toolbox

Cardio is probably the most overemphasized part of the workout most folks focus on. Unfortunately that does a larger disservice to your goals than good. In my opinion, 60-90 mins every session is too much. I always say that if you need to do THAT much, you need to refer back to Tip 1!  Having a balanced approach will have you see better results. Keep in mind that it’s not about just training harder or longer, but instead training smarter.

For cardio, having a balanced approach will lead to better results. Focus on intensity not just duration. Click To Tweet.

Tip 3: For Steady State Cardio Keep the Intensity HIGH.

There isn’t a BEST way to do cardio. There are however, BETTER ways. One of those ways is by pulling from all different modes of cardio including steady state cardio, intervals, and HIIT. With Steady State cardio, take the duration down! Perform about 20-30 mins tops! And instead, focus on cranking up the intensity so that it feels like an 8 on a scale of 10. If you use a heart rate monitor, focus on hitting about 80% MHR.

best cardio for fat loss

Tip 4: Intervals Can Help You Kick Up the Caloric Burn

Interval training can be done on any machine or modality. Mix it up by doing it any way you wish! From the treadmill, to the bike, elliptical, running outside, or doing stairs. As long as you get it in, and put in the work, you’re golden. For the set up, I like to do a common set up of 1 minute work-to-recover interval. On a scale of 10, the work interval should feel about an 8-9, while the recovery feels more of a 5-6. You should do this for a duration of up to about 30 mins.

Tip 5: Be Sure to Throw in HIIT Cardio – REAL HIIT

In the video, I mentioned that true HIIT cardio occurs when you do go FULL OUT. The work interval should be so intense that you can’t do more than about 20 secs tops! The reason for this short duration is due to the types of energy systems in the body, and that HIIT is rooted in the most taxing energy system – the anaerobic system. You can read more about the science behind this right here. My favorite type of HIIT is done on the bike or the treadmill (this being my favorite of the two). The work interval should TRULY push your limits! On a scale of 10, should feel about a 9 to 10. I even say it should feel like an 11 because you are working so hard. The recovery period should be double to triple the work interval, and allow full recovery. If you are doing TRUE HIIT, as described here, 20 minutes of work total is more than enough.

best cardio for fat loss

Tip 5: Mix Up Your Cardio! Use Different Machines for Results

The final takeaway I want you to do is to mix up your cardio. You don’t have to stick to just one machine! I often like to have clients do various splits like 10 mins of HIIT, followed by 10 mins of intervals. Or 15 mins of intervals plus 5 mins of super high intensity steady state. Whatever your imagination can come up with is what’s best for you! So don’t make the mistake thinking you have to do everything on one machine, or method. Variety is the spice of life!

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