Do This 10 Minute Cardio Core Workout To Burn Fat & Get Abs


Let’s face it! You’re busy, you’ve got stuff to do, and you ain’t got time to workout… Even though you want to be fit! Don’t worry Roxstar, I’ve got you with this 10-minute cardio core workout that’s designed to BURN FAT and get you those flat abs I know you’re dreaming of.

You only need a light set of dumbbells to rock this out. Do it at the start of your workout for some quick cardio, or tag it onto a longer cardio or strength training sequence so you can have something that will transform you from head to toe!

(SONG 1) Young Love
Hip Sways Slow 4×8
Hip Sways Fast 4×8
High Knees/March 4×8
Jumping Jack/Jack Touch 4×8
4×8 rest
4×8 rest
ALT Standing Knee Crunches to end


(SONG 2) I Got U – Night Cap Vivki Fox 3:00
Hold for Intro 2×8
DB Squat 4×8
DB Squat Kick 4×8
Bicep Curl 4×8
Squat Curl 4×8
Repeat – NO Rest
Punches 4×8
DB Alt Crunches 4×8


(Song 3) Like Paradise
Bicycle 4×8
Side Crunch Left 4×8
Side Crunch Right 4×8
Hip Bridge Both 4×8
Hip Bridge Alt 4×8


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(Song 4 Cooldown) Intimacy Alex Kehm

Here are my suggestions of what to do after this:

If you want to rock out more cardio and you have access to a bike – hit up this one:

If you want to do some strength training with bands and dumbbells, then you’ll love this:

Want to add some more abs? Ok GREAT, I got chu boo! Do this one: