7 Best HIIT Exercises for ABS-OLUTELY Ripped Abs in Record Time

Unlock Your Abs with HIIT: Your Shortcut to Sculpted Six-Pack Abs

One thing I know as a trainer and coach who’s helped thousands of men and women, is that life’s a whirlwind of responsibilities, leaving you with little time to dedicate to fitness. But guess what? You’re not alone. If you’re craving those chiseled abs but struggling to find the time, let me introduce you to your new best friend: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Yep, it’s the secret sauce you’ve been searching for!

Why HIIT Rocks for Abs

Picture this: short bursts of intense exercise followed by quick recovery periods. That’s the magic of HIIT. It’s like revving up your metabolism engine, torching calories long after you’ve wrapped up your workout. And the best part? It’s a turbocharger for revealing those hidden abs. But hold up—before you dive in, remember, abs are made in the kitchen too. So, pair these workouts with a balanced nutrition plan for maximum results.

The Fantastic Seven: HIIT Exercises for Killer Abs

Kettlebell Swings:

Grab that kettlebell and let’s swing into action! This move isn’t just about building muscles; it’s a calorie-blasting, core-strengthening powerhouse.

Here’s how to do it: Hold the kettlebell with both hands and straight arms in front of you. Push your hips back to reach the kettlebell between your legs, and lean your torso forward. Thrust your hips forward while extending your legs, and use your arms to guide the kettlebell up to chest height and then back down between the legs to begin the next rep.

Mountain Climbers:

Get your heart pumping and those abs engaged with mountain climbers. It’s like a mini marathon for your core muscles, perfect for that HIIT energy boost.

Here’s the drill: Start in a straight-arm plank position with one knee pulled into your chest. Rapidly switch legs by bringing the opposite knee into your chest and straightening the other in a single motion.

Russian Twists:

Twist and shout—well, maybe just twist. Russian twists are your ticket to sculpted abs. So grab that medicine ball and let’s get twisting!

Here’s how it’s done: Sit down with your feet off the ground, and lean back slightly while holding a medicine ball. Turn your shoulders to twist and bring the ball to the ground at your side while keeping your feet off the ground. Keep repeating on each side. Try to bring your elbows behind your back each rep.

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Medicine Ball Slams:

Get ready to slam and jam with medicine ball slams! It’s a full-body workout that’ll have your core thanking you later. Say goodbye to boring routines!

Here’s the drill: Hold a medicine ball while standing, and reach it up over your head. Then, throw it down to the ground at your side while twisting. If the ball bounces, catch it, then reach over your head in the other direction and throw it down on that side. If it doesn’t bounce, reach down, pick the ball up, and repeat on the other side.

Hanging Knee Raises:

Hang tight—it’s time to raise the bar with hanging knee raises. This advanced move is a core crusher, guaranteed to leave you feeling strong and accomplished.

Here’s how to tackle it: Hang onto a pull-up bar with straight arms. Swing your legs behind you while pulling your torso forward with your arms to build momentum. Next, push the bar away, bringing your torso behind the bar. Then, raise your knees to a 90-degree angle, performing a crunching motion. Keep your momentum going as you swing into the next rep.


Shape those lower abs with V-ups! It’s like a sit-up, but with an extra oomph. Get ready to feel the burn in all the right places.

Here’s how to nail it: Lie on your back, and simultaneously lift your legs and upper body. Bring your hands to touch your feet by sitting up and lifting your legs off the ground, keeping them straight so you form a V-shape.

Wind Sprints:

Ready, set, sprint! Whether you’re pounding the pavement or hitting the treadmill, wind sprints are your ticket to shredded abs. Feel the burn and watch those calories vanish!

To perform this exercise, pick a set distance, such as 50 or 100 meters, and do eight to 10 rounds of sprints. Sprinting is one of the best ways to burn calories fast at a high rate and get the shredded abs look. Even if you can’t sprint while running, you could use any cardio machine to sprint on, such as a stationary bike or rowing machine.

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The Final Sprint to Absville

So there you have it—seven killer HIIT exercises to unlock those abs of steel. Remember, it’s not just about the workout; it’s about the journey. So lace up those sneakers, grab your water bottle, and let’s crush those fitness goals together. You’ve got this!

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