7 Smarter Ways to Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself

Weight loss on your mind? But you’re tired of all the fads, gimmicks and starvation diets! Well, I want to tell you that there IS  a better way to go about losing weight and doing it so you maintain a balanced lifestyle.

You’re in luck because today I have a great video where I’m having a conversation with you about how to best approach your weight loss efforts – WITHOUT dieting or starving yourself.

The fitness industry, on the whole, has really skewed our perspective around food and developing a healthy relationship with it, where we can have progress and maintain long term goals. So today, let’s flip the script and talk about smarter and sane ways to lose weight without dieting or starving yourself.

7 Smarter Ways to Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself

Here are a few cliffs notes about what we’ll cover today.

  • We’re going to take a look at this from a new perspective.
    • So much of what we’ve come to know about dieting has been taught from the masculine energy perspective. Very linear, based on numbers, obsessive counting and more. I want you to start to step AWAY from that.
    • Instead we are going to come at this from a more intuitive feminine energy aspect with our fitness and completely rewire your way of transforming your body – coming from a place of nourishment, nurturing, and self-care.
  • Eating in a caloric deficit is key
  • Start tracking your meals with MFP to ensure you eat enough.
  • Allow yourself to enjoy cheat meals, they are crucial to the process.
  • Swap out foods on your meal plan or tracking to allow freedom and variety.
  • Eat lots of fruit and veggies to stay full and to kill sweet tooth cravings
  • Don’t rely on supplements. Focused on balanced eating.
  • Release yourself from food anxieties and begin
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I’m going to breakdown for you exactly what’s going on with your approach to your training (and I bet various aspects of your life) that are simply holding you back.

And then, I am going to give you the step by step blueprint to getting those hurdles out of the way.

This 7-Day journey is going to give you a chance to explore fitness in a way that not many people are teaching you right now.

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I hope today’s email was really inspiring for you.

Do me a favor, forward it to a friend you know may need to hear it.

And as always, hit that reply button to open up conversation with me if you wish.

Talk to you soon,



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