Deconstructing the Word Diet: The secret SANE approach to nutrition (how to diet without starving)

Ladies, it’s time we take our power back. Deconstructing The Word DIET…

For far too long, we’ve been abused, manipulated, and negatively influenced by a multi-billion dollar industry whose main concern is keeping us ignorant.

After 21+ years in the fitness industry, it floors me to see how many women are more addicted to running from fad to fad.

Looking for a quick fix out of the pain of seeing their reflection…

Versus the ones who finally see the light.

The ones who decide to take a healthy long term approach to nutrition.

Who do it in a way that they can live their lives guilt free and drama free, all while achieving the body of their dreams.

The diet industry is responsible, to a great degree, for perpetuating food anxieties, disordered eating, and a generally skewed ideal of how women should eat to achieve their goals.

So today, I want to make a declaration…

I want to give you, the woman who is struggling to break free of those chains…

Looking for her way out of the diet prison, and into her life of…


Freedom to eat better, indulge guilt free, and to look at eating as a means to NOURISH AND NURTURE your soul!

All while transforming your body, any way you please…

I want to give you the FREEDOM to eat to live, eat to love, eat to create the body of your dreams.

Let’s discuss 5 ways to break free of the diet mentality – for good.

1. Realize That Food Isn’t Necessarily Bad – But Smarter Choices Set You Free

One of the first things I want you to release from your brain is this notion that there are “good” and “bad” foods out there.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are some very healthy, and very unhealthy choices you can make. But even with that it comes down to a few things.

If you are eating generally pretty darn healthy a great majority of the time, and every once in a while you have something you totally know ISN’T the healthiest thing on the planet that you can eat…

Guess what…

It’s not going to blow your entire diet darling!

And it’s not going to have you gain copious amounts of weight – or offset progress.

That can only really happen if you eat crap all day, and you throw all aspects of conscious eating to the wind.

Labeling foods good and/or bad just puts a negative connotation on the act of simply nourishing your body.

And does a great job at causing you to have food issues along the way.

So change that now so you can have a better relationship with food.

And, be able to make the right choices (with a clear mind) about what your body needs in that moment.

2. Actively Learn More About HOW The Body Processes The Foods You Eat

If you understood how the body uses carbs protein and fats, you would stop obsessing over every morsel you put in your mouth.

And hey look, I get it!

A lot of the food anxieties you have around macros are rooted in the lies the food/diet/fitness industry has sold you over the years.

The only way to overcome ANY of that is by actually learning how the body processes macros, how it uses them as sources of energy, and how you can better use this knowledge for your own needs and goals.

I actually spend time teaching this to my clients extensively.

So if this is something you want to learn – alongside getting your training, nutrition, mindset and goals aligned to better transform your body…

Click here to learn more about my coaching programs.

3. Drop The Restrictive Diets and Follow a Flexible Approach

A lot of folks don’t realize exactly how counterintuitive dieting itself is to reaching weight loss goals.

Here’s the thing…

YES you must be in a caloric deficit to see the changes you want to see…

YES, you must be a lot more conscious about what you’re putting into your mouth when wanting to drop fat (or gain muscle, or even maintain your weight for that matter).

However, the best way that you can go about any of this is by looking at how you can take a more flexible approach – specifically within a caloric deficit.

You see, diets do what?

They begin, and then they end.

And most end in failure.

Folks go into Rambo mode being SUPER militant about their caloric intake. Or they cut out entire food groups like crazy.

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And what this all simply leads to is failure.

Not to mention the fact that you don’t even establish the true HABITS you need to maintain in order to KEEP that body you starved yourself for.

So, a flexible approach is always the best in the long-run.

And guess what…?

You’ll STILL end up getting to your goals!

4. Listen to Your Body and Eat Intuitively

I’ve become a bigger advocate of intuitive eating as time has gone on.

I’ve seen in the success of my own clients, how when I allow them to eat when they are hungry vs relying on eating on a set eating schedule, they are simply more compliant.

And the meal planning proves to be more successful.

It’s so crazy how in many aspects of our lives, we stop listening to the cues our body gives us.

  • You ignore signs of exhaustion.
  • You ignore signs of stress or distress.
  • You ignore signs of being sick.
  • You ignore signs that your body is overworked.
  • You ignore signs that you aren’t moving in the right way with your fitness approach.

All kinds of things, when you really step back and take a look.

And give reverence to your body…

Listen to it.

And it’s why I’m SO big on becoming more intuitive when it comes to your approach to your fitness.

Moreover, when it comes to your eating.

When I say eat intuitively, it’s kind of a long process to this.

But it goes hand in hand with principles of flexible dieting and food variety.

I wrote a pretty extensive article covering this exact topic.

So click here to check out how you can use intuitive eating to better serve your weight loss efforts.

5. Address Your Emotional Eating Triggers

I cannot stress this point enough, because I feel like this is the root to weight issues that plague so many women.

And really, men are affected by emotional eating too (of course), but I feel at times women take so much of the brunt of it due to society.

We have SO MUCH pressure on our shoulders when it comes to how we look.

How society dictates we should be.

And if you couple that with your own insecurities…

  • Your own feelings of self-doubt.
  • Feelings of inadequacies.
  • Having to carry the emotional burdens of personal trauma.
  • Stress, anxiety and depression that we all feel at various points in life…

Whew, it’s like a ticking time bomb!

And for some of you, that bomb has gone off and exploded in the most horrific of ways.

Look, on a personal note (between you and me), I had a very ugly period in my life where I dealt with some serious eating disorders.

I used food as an emotional crutch. It was dangerous.

I’m now healed.

And I see this pattern with some of the women I work with.

Thankfully, we’ve been able to lay the tools and foundation for many of them to overcome their food issues.

Some had to seek the help of trained professionals.

Others, able to get to the root of what’s been nagging at them, and found better ways to deal with their emotions that have nothing to do with food.

If you are in the latter half especially, my advice to you is to…

Before you reach for that comfort food, take a look at what’s really making you feel bad in that moment.

Get to the root of the emotion that is sitting with you.

In my coaching practice we started to use the Wheel of Emotion for some of our clients.

Click here to check it out (it’s an article I found online that describes how to use it perfectly).

I plan to, in a future email, go a little deeper on how we use the Wheel of Emotion in our practice with clients.

But in general I want you to ask yourself a few things when mindless snacking and emotional eating come along:

  • Am I actually hungry or is my urge to eat being triggered by my emotions?
  • What emotion am I actually feeling right now? (Use the Wheel of Emotion)
  • What is the root of that emotion? (See the link above for a deeper understanding)
  • What is CAUSING me to feel this?
  • What can I do right now that’s within my control to handle the cause?
    • What actions can I take that are not driven by food, or soothed by eating, to address this issue.

It might seem like a lot of work at first.

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But I’ll tell you what…

When you truly start to peel away at the reasons WHY you are feeling what you are, and decide to no longer use eating as the crutch to deal – well the world around you will change in so many ways.

Not only will your body respond better to your nutrition, but you’ll become more emotionally intelligent, and able to deal with the stressors in your life a healthier way.

Look, are you sick and tired of feeling completely out of balance in your life?

Ready to get your health, your body, and your self-confidence back on track?

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A program put together in a way that steps way beyond just giving out a training program and a new diet.

One that takes a look at the heart of what is going on with you, what your true desires are when it comes to your fitness, and most of all…

What’s been holding you back from getting the results you want.

Look, I know how emotional this can all be.

When you get to a point where it feels like you’ve tried everything, and nothing seems to be working.

You become skeptical if indeed you can be helped.

And with so many scams out there when it comes to so-called “coaches” – it’s hard to know who to trust.

You know that I would never lead you astray.

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I hope today’s email was really inspiring for you.

Do me a favor, forward it to a friend you know may need to hear it.

And as always, hit that reply button to open up conversation with me if you wish.

Talk to you soon,



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