5 Ways to Build Self Esteem and Confidence

As a fitness professional, one of the main reasons why women flock to me to help them is because they’re dealing with low self-esteem and low confidence.

It’s funny because you would think that only the most hideous people on the planet would be dealing with low self-esteem.

The truth is that so many people are dealing with self-esteem and low confidence issues, even the most beautiful people at the top.

Celebrities that you think have the perfect life, bodies, and looks also deal with this too. If they’re not immune, none of us are immune either.

It pains my heart to hear a woman talk down about herself. It’s one of the things that inspires me to do what I do to help her see her worth.

The reason why I can speak this way is that I have dealt with this throughout my life, and I’ve learned to conquer.

I’ve learned how to conquer self-doubt, self-esteem, and low self-confidence and have come out on the other side as a woman who knows herself and who shows that to the world proudly.

I want to give you five ways that you can boost your confidence, your sense of self-worth, and your self-esteem.

Embrace Your Present Self

Anyone, no matter the size, age, or look, can have Self-esteem and confidence. You do not have to wait to be perfect before you embrace yourself.

At this moment, you need to embrace yourself in the present even as you look towards the future of what you are becoming, and as you move through transformation.

Do not wait till you’re perfect to appreciate you.

Perfection does not exist, and if you’re not feeling good about yourself, how are you supposed to change yourself truly?

You can’t create change out of self-loathing and hate positive change. Long-lasting change comes out of love and respect for yourself.

Erase the mentality of judging yourself and right now embrace where you are as you look towards the future you.

Filter Your Influence

You have to start caring less about what people have to say about you.

There’s a saying that I love,

“Opinions are like a-holes.”

Everyone has one, and most of them stink.

I always thought that was just so funny, but it’s the same thing when it comes to how people feel about you. You can’t control the way people see.

You can’t control the way people are going to relate to you to a great degree.

You can only be who you are, and they either accept that or not. Shrinking yourself in a way that holds you back and keeps you in a shell is never a good thing.

Start to live authentically and start to embrace you in the moment, and let them think what they will.

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Even the nicest people in this world have haters. So keep that in mind the next time you think about whether Sally Sue over there and her opinions about you matter.

Live Authentically In Your Morals And Beliefs.

I want to encourage you to live authentically every single day and in a way that makes you feel good morally, spiritually, and emotionally because I think this is a significant part of knowing yourself.

We tend to lose our sense of self and confidence when we’re always questioning the things in our lives and how we relate to the people around us.

If you have a way of seeing the world, that’s a positive way.

That’s ok.

You know what’s right for you. But, if you have a way of seeing the world negatively and then you’ve got to get some help.

Living authentically builds our sense of who we are, and if you know who you are, you are rooted in that confidence.

Being present in the world increases it.

Be more authentic, connected to your morality and spirituality, and I promise you that you are going to start to improve along the way.

Get In Touch With Your Feminine Energy

So much of how we live our lives nowadays is rooted in the masculine energy. As women, we’re super encouraged always to be that way, but the downside is that you start to ignore the things about you and your feelings or emotions.

You push them down, and you don’t explore those facets, and I feel like journaling helps you to get more in touch with that part of yourself.

When you’re journaling, focus on setting goals that help you to enhance and explore what your desires are for you and your life.

Journal in a way that’s going to cultivate your reasons why are your goals important to you?

Why are you here on this planet?

What are you supposed to be doing?

How can you live your life more authentically?

Journaling is an essential part of that, and the more you become sure of who you are, your confidence will naturally build.

Pay Attention To Your Appearance

There are lots of things you can do to build from the inside out, and self-confidence and just self-esteem are all about that.

It’s about the stories you tell yourself about yourself in your head, and how you feel the world perceives you.

One of the best ways to change that, of course, is my way of presentation, how you dress, and how you present yourself to the world.

You don’t have to be the perfect size to look and feel good about yourself. So, get up and make sure you’re well-groomed.

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Do your hair.

Wear a little makeup.

Pamper yourself a little.

Dress in a way that makes you feel like a million bucks, and here’s the thing, you don’t even have to have anything expensive to do this.

You can stay within whatever budget you have, but when you start to adorn yourself, look in the mirror, and you see yourself, that radiates outward, and people begin to pick that up about you as well.

Self-esteem is not that mind game, it’s not the story you tell yourself, and if you start to cultivate that story positively, I can guarantee you’re going to start feeling good about yourself as you walk through this world and own your space in it.


I hope that it lights this fire in you, especially if you’re someone who’s dealing with self-esteem issues, and you want to feel good in your skin.

Are you someone who’s dealing with low self-esteem?

What are some ways that you feel like you can improve yourself and your mindset to get over that?

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