Here’s What It Takes To Build Beautiful Strong Toned Feminine Arms

So I recently got a GREAT comment from one of our loyal subscribers who asked me a simple question.

“Roxie, you’ve got great arms! Can you do a video about how to build them?”

Well, as scripture says, ask and thou shall receive.

But you know me. I can’t just SIMPLY do an arm video showing you some random exercises that you can do in the gym. No honey! We’ll get to that a bit later.

But in order to truly build the body, you’ve got to understand how it even works! So today, let’s explore what building the arms actually means.

Let’s break down the anatomy of the muscles, and talk about the stuff that gets to the heart of long-term development of strength and tone.

Understanding The Three Major Muscles Of Your “Arms”

The first thing I want to do is dive into a quick lesson about the 3 major muscles of the arms. Because once you’re familiar with these, building them will be a piece of cake.

As a trainer, when most women say they want to work on their arms it’s usually “Roxie my arms are flabby and the skin is loose and I need you to work some magic girl. And please, I want you to make them toned and not bulky.”

Look, I’ve been working with enough women in my time to figure out the universal solution to this problem. And you know what, even the MOST fit of us are going to deal with this at some point in life as we age.

But the best way to PREVENT inner arm wiggle waggle, and to keep your arms fit tight and toned forever is to START EARLY!

So even if you’re a young lady in her early 20s, you should definitely apply the tips we’ll talk about in this video series to your own programming NOW.

Let’s get back on topic though. So when most women say they want to work the arms, it typically means focusing on tightening up the triceps and lowering body fat in that area. Building up the biceps so they have a nice little peak. And then rounding out the shoulders so they look sexy and curvy versus flat and undefined.

And you know what that’s going to mean right? TIGHTENING UP YOUR DIET AND EATING HEALTHY! Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

And outside of that getting into the gym and lifting heavy.

Now, I’m not talking about being like the incredible hulk. But I do mean you’ll have to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and lift in a way to build your body with lower reps and heavier weights.

Understanding Your Triceps

The first muscle you want to focus on are the triceps.

Oh boy! This is that muscle that causes the most dread for women with jiggly arms. But what CAUSES the jiggle is multilayered.

You have the loss of tonality of the tricep muscle underneath. Then the accumulation of body fat, especially if you tend to store it there naturally, and then the loss of elasticity of the skin that happens as we age.

The tricep muscle is made up of one big muscle with 3 heads that attach to your arm bone in different places. So the BEST way to tone and tighten it is by hitting that muscle at different angles. And so, you’ll want to do a variety of exercises to improve that area, not just one.

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Your triceps are powerful muscles that are responsible for giving you strength while the arms are extended. So they work like crazy when you’re lugging those heavy grocery bags from the car. Or trying to lift something heavy and put it up on a shelf. If your arms are extended, the triceps are at work.

Breaking Down Your Biceps

The biceps are the muscles you see when you hit that flex in the mirror. Ideally you want them to have a nice rounded peak at the top.

The biceps muscle is one big muscle that sits opposite the triceps in the front of your body. It attaches to your arm with 2 heads. So just like your triceps, you’ll want to hit that muscle at different angles to see the best development possible.

The movement the biceps muscle is responsible for is anything that requires you to flex your arms. So picking up and holding your baby (or fur baby), lifting up heavy grocery bags, or maintaining the strength to hold heavy boxes.

Meet Your Shoulders – Your Upper Body’s Greatest Helper

And finally, I want you to meet your shoulders. Or, as we like to call them in the fitness circle, your delts. The shoulders are a group of muscles called your deltoids. And surprisingly, the deltoids have 3 separate muscles that make up what you simply call the shoulders.

You have your anterior delts which control movement in front of your body. Your lateral delts which are responsible for sideways movements. And your posterior delts which control movement in the back of your body.

Naturally, with so many moving parts, in order to really tone and strengthen your shoulders you will need to hit it at different angles.

I think you might be noticing a pattern here amirite?

When it comes to the delts they are muscles that are major assistants for your chest, back and arms. They become active in so many daily activities such as blow drying and styling your hair, stabilizing the torso when carrying heavy items or picking things up. And yes, taking front center when you lift things over your head.

So you see, the answer to the question of Roxie, how do I build my arms is more than just showing you a few exercises.

Understanding the anatomy of the arms is the best starting point because what you’ll find is that there is a WORLD of possibilities when it comes to the right training approach for you.

Now, I mentioned something super important that you have to keep in mind when it comes to building and tightening up the arms. And that’s, your diet has to be considered in this whole process.

A lot of the arm jiggle women see isn’t just about building muscle, it’s also about controlling body fat. And yes, that can even mean if you are already a thin woman. Adjusting your body composition by lowering fat and increasing muscle has less to do with weight loss and everything to do with recomposition.

To do that successfully, you want to eat a well-balanced diet that is moderate to high in protein, lower in fat, and moderate to lower in carbohydrates. And if you want some great workouts to help to tone your arms and your entire body from head to toe, check out the workouts I have over on my Patreon.

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I’ll see you over there.

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