5 Crucial “Must Do’s” for Your New Year’s Fitness Goals

If you think waiting for the clock to strike midnight on January 1st to get started on your New Year’s Fitness Goals is a good idea, well THINK AGAIN!

Here’s a fact…

Most folks start off the year with the BEST intentions in mind to get in shape.

They start off killing that ish in the gym, slaying it in the kitchen…

And they start to see some changes!

But then complacency sets in.

They hit up the gym less and less… And then those chicken breast and brown rice meals fall away to pizza, cakes, and cookies.

Then… Awwww damn.

Before you know it – ABORT ABORT!

Resolution failure ONCE again.

This is exactly why I want to tell YOU to stop the madness already!

The empty promises of New Year’s Resolutions just don’t work.

And so, let’s discuss my TOP 5 URGENT MUST DO tips to start your goals on the right foot…

Right NOW!


Ok Here’s WHY You Need to do This Now and Not Wait Til January

So, let’s face it…

The only thing that leads to results is change.

Sorry to burst your bubble. You know I’m not here to blow smoke up your rear.

It ain’t some magical date on the calendar, and it for damn sure ain’t waiting for the holidays to be over.

Now, although you may not want to be full lock down on a meal plan just yet, there are other things you CAN do.

And in the midst of the holiday season, you might be traveling, or hosting guests, going to all sorts of gatherings.

So you don’t always have as much time to hit up the gym as consistently as you do during other times of the year.

That’s fine!

You can STILL keep your ish together – and at least maintain where you are until you’re ready to step it up.

So let’s now look at how to get things up and poppin – and on track for your New Year’s Fitness Goals.


Must Do #1: Focus on Cleaning Up Your Diet – Without Being Super Strict

Right now is the time for you to take a step back and do a real, true, evaluation of your eating.

You ever been in the situation where you feel like you’re on the outside, looking in at yourself, and ACKNOWLEDGING that your eating has gone to sh-t?

Like, you’re TOTALLY aware that you shouldn’t eat something, and you feel like you will feel like crap afterwards. And you KNOW it will drive you insane. But you do it anyways…

I’ve been there, and it never totally feels good. Then I have the nerve to get frustrated when I don’t see the changes on the scale.

Look, it’s actually pretty easy to change this!

I simply say to clean it up. During the day, maybe plan to eat a little less than you have been, in general. Where you know that you have FULL control over your diet, have meals that are on the cleaner side.

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Go easy on the holiday treats. Have small servings to get the flavor, without too much of the guilt. This will SORT OF allow you to have your cake and eat it too! And still reap the benefits of that healthy lifestyle you work so hard at.


Must Do #2: Reserve Just 3 Days a Week That You Will NEVER Miss for the Gym

You may not be able to hit up the gym your typical 5 or 6 days you normally do. But that’s no excuse not to make it AT ALL.

You want to try to maintain as much normalcy as you realistically can at this point. And with crazy travel plans, and for some folks, crazy winter weather to have to fight against, getting it all in can be a bit of a challenge in and of itself.

For that, I like to say to take a look at your schedule and see where you can set your workout as a standing appointment.

This is actually a GREAT idea, no matter what time of year. And a surefire way to ensure that you actually stay CONSISTENT with your training.

Just like a doctor’s appointment, job interview, or any other standing appointment or commitment you’d make. Scheduling in your workouts like it’s one of those important meetings in your life can be one of the biggest factors in whether you actually make it to the gym – and stay on path to your goals… Or not.


Must Do #3: See Your Goals BEFORE You SEE Your Goals

I’ll tell you what…

One of my BIGGEST key tools that has helped me to reach the levels of fitness I’ve been able to thus far is all due in part to visualization.

I’ve always been the type to know exactly what I want, and then close my eyes, and see what it would feel like to be there. To experience the triumph of accomplishing my goals – way before that state is my reality.

And what’s that done for me is enable me to develop and STICK TO the game plan I’ve set in motion for myself.

I feel inspired, I feel motivated to keep pushing. Even when the road gets tough.

But the number one thing that you have to keep in mind is that visualizing the end result, and allowing yourself to get lost basking in the pleasure of that accomplishment – before it has even happened – can be that ONE thing that keeps you going.

Even when things seem impossible, or obstacles suddenly appear in your way.

Try it right now!

  • What is your greatest desire when it comes to your fitness goals?
  • What will you look like at the end of this entire process and journey?
  • How does it feel?
  • When you see yourself in the mirror, as you imagine it, what is it that you like best about your body?

If you start doing just this ONE thing, I promise you, the results you see will almost instantly double.

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Must Do #4: Take the Dang Pressure Off

Ok, this one might totally shock you, but I want to implore you to take the pressure OFF!

Stop beating yourself up if you slip up!

Seriously, the guilt trips aren’t doing anything but making you feel WORSE. So why bother doing that to yourself?

Instead, simply do what you can in this time. Create a game plan to loosely follow, but allow it to be flexible so that you can adjust accordingly when life throws you unexpected curves.

To be honest, this is the way that REAL LONG-TERM change happens on any fitness plan. I think that too many people get locked into being 100% perfect.

But the truth is that perfection doesn’t exist!

So let the pressure off, do what you can, and let your goals work alongside your LIFESTYLE. Then watch how much further along in this game you’ll actually get.


Must Do #5: Draft Your Game Plan NOW – DO NOT WAIT

Talk about saving the best for last! This is probably the most important of the 5.

Why wait?

Why put off for tomorrow what you can do right here, right now?

I hear so many folks say, yeah, I’ll start in January… As though something magical happens then! And in the meantime, you’re putting on more weight, AND faster than ever, simply because you DON’T have a Pre-New Year game plan.

So start now. But simply focus on doing what you CAN – and what’s realistic in the moment.


What You Should Do Next…

I really hope that this article has enthused you, and more importantly, given you a little more guidance as to what you need to do in these final weeks of the year to set off 2017 to an AMAZING start… RIGHT NOW!

Hey by the way, in a few weeks, I’m going to be opening up my FIRST ANNUAL kick butt training and nutrition program focused on helping you to not only break free of the broken promises of failed New Year’s Resolutions… But to give you the tools you need to make January the BEST month of the year to get you on track, and then ALL of the tools you need to see even MORE results starting in February and beyond – through the rest of the year.

I’m SO excited to share this program with you, and to hopefully have you as a part of it! I invite you to sign up for more info below, which I’ll send you directly via email!


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